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In Sorare, people collect and trade football cards that are based on real teams and players. Sorare is a fantasy football game that is based on cryptocurrency. It has become popular because it is both realistically fun and profitable.

The free fantasy sports game SO5 from Sorare gives players a unique way to play. Players can make their own teams and get points based on how well real athletes do. Players who choose to invest can take part in contests and Play-to-Earn challenges that pay out more money. Sorare has access to all NBA and MLB players and all 247 football teams. There are also individual player cards for a number of competitions.This year, one of the most interesting things that happened was that the Premier League teamed up with the NFT game Sorare. This will make the Sorare trading card NFT game a lot more valuable. Also, the game’s creators are always adding new content for upcoming seasons. Follow them on social media to find out what’s going on.

Sorare Review

Sorare: Football is a one-of-a-kind game that lets you put together your own dream team from the best players in the German and Spanish leagues. The goal of the game is to run your team well and get points based on how well they do in real life. Sorare is always trying to get rights to all of Europe’s top five leagues, so it is always getting better. The game keeps you on your toes because you have to watch your players and put together your team carefully to get the most points. Sorare makes sure that the game is always fun, and special events like the Global Cup give players a chance to win valuable prizes.

The game lets players use real-life stats, player form, and skills to predict the outcome of games and compete against each other. As a blockchain game, Sorare gives its players a safe and clear way to own and trade cards. This game combines the fun of collecting and trading sports cards with the added strategy that comes from real player stats.

If you think you’re a football expert, then try your luck to manage a 5-a-side team and win big.  Sorare is a crypto-based fantasy football game that has surged in popularity because of its ability to be both realistically entertaining and profitable.

Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, two French software developers who founded the Sorare Company in 2018, created the game. Sorare’s major milestone allows it to expand its content to deliver a gamer’s experience with licensed football players from 227 teams across 39 famous leagues, like Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, FC Bayern, and Atletico Madrid.

Sorare’s gameplay is as straightforward as a typical football match, based on real-life player skills. As a football manager, you need to draft the right players since the same players’ real-life performance on the pitch will determine match results. To earn more from the game your goal should be to rack up the most points on the public scoreboard and in return, you can earn exciting prizes like ETH and spectacular/rare player cards.

There are 4 Card Types

Limited: This is a yellow card, and each player can only have up to 1,000 of them.

Rare: This red card is rare, and each player can only make 100 of them.

Super Rare: A blue card that can be minted and has 10 cards on it for a player.

One-of-a-kind: A black card that is one-of-a-kind and can only be made once per person. The legendary cards that every Sorare player wants are on these cards that can be traded.

Unlike the legendary Unique card, which you can only get by winning a game or doing a special task, this card can be found in any deck. On the other hand, there are many ways to get Super Rare, Rare, and Limited cards. Level 0 is the beginning for every card. If the football player does well, the level and stats of the cards can go up. This means you can sell the cards on the market or keep using them in the game to give yourself an edge. The better your rank, the more valuable you are on the market.

How to play Sorare?


Game Info:

Sorare has gained popularity for its unique blend of fantasy sports, blockchain technology, and the potential for players to earn real rewards by participating in contests and Play-to-Earn challenges. It offers an engaging experience for football enthusiasts who want to test their skills as football managers while also delving into the world of blockchain NFTs.


FAQ: How Does Sorare Gameplay Work?

Q1: What is Sorare, and how does it differ from traditional fantasy football games?

A1: Sorare is a crypto-based fantasy football game that combines elements of fantasy sports with blockchain technology. Players collect and trade NFT cards representing real-world football players. Unlike traditional fantasy football, these NFT cards hold real-world value, and players earn rewards based on real athletes’ performances.

Q2: How do I participate in Sorare?

A2: To get started with Sorare, you can sign up on their website ( You’ll need to create your teams using NFT cards, predict match outcomes, and earn points based on real-life player performances.

Q3: What makes Sorare unique?

A3: Sorare’s uniqueness lies in its blockchain technology, which enables the creation and trading of NFT cards. It’s a game where your strategic skills as a football manager and your knowledge of player performance can translate into real rewards, such as ETH and rare player cards. The partnership with major sports leagues, including the Premier League, adds to its appeal.

Q4: How do the NFT cards work in Sorare?

A4: NFT cards in Sorare represent real football players. There are four card types: Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and One-of-a-kind. Limited cards are yellow, with a limit of 1,000 per player. Rare cards are red, limited to 100 per player. Super Rare cards are blue and have 10 cards per player. One-of-a-kind cards are black and unique. Their rarity and uniqueness affect their market value.

Q5: How do I earn rewards in Sorare?

A5: To earn rewards, you must accumulate points through your team’s performance in real matches. These points are tallied at the end of each week, and the higher your rank on the weekly scoreboard, the greater the rewards you receive.

Q6: Can I trade NFT cards in Sorare?

A6: Yes, you can trade NFT cards in Sorare’s marketplace. Ethereum (ETH) is required to buy and sell these cards. The market dynamics involve supply and demand, and card values can fluctuate based on player performance and card scarcity.

Q7: What are the benefits of Sorare’s Play-to-Earn concept?

A7: Sorare’s Play-to-Earn model allows players to win valuable prizes like ETH and rare player cards by actively participating in the game. It adds a profitable dimension to the gaming experience.

Q8: How often does Sorare introduce new content and collaborations?

A8: Sorare developers regularly introduce new content and collaborations to keep the game fresh and exciting. For example, they recently partnered with the Premier League, expanding the game’s value.

Q9: How do I improve my cards’ level and stats in Sorare?

A9: Players’ performance in real-world situations can improve card level and stats. The better the football player performs, the higher their card’s level and stats, increasing its market value.

Q10: What do gamers need to excel in Sorare?

A10: To excel in Sorare, gamers should combine their football expertise with a deep understanding of blockchain NFTs. This blend of skills ensures that Sorare remains both entertaining and profitable for dedicated players.

These questions provide a comprehensive understanding of Sorare’s gameplay, NFT cards, trading, and the strategies required for success in this innovative fantasy football game.


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