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Superior is an exciting third-person rogue-lite shooter game made by Drifter and powered by NFT. It uses Web3 and is brought to you by Gala Games.

Superior is a game by Gala Games. It is a unique third-person co-op shooter in which former heroes have turned bad and are putting the city in danger. As a player, you have to beat impossible odds to make people safe again. The game has a roguelite structure with three superhero choices, procedurally generated levels, and ways to level up. Each try starts with no powers, weapons, or advantages, which encourages players to plan and get better as they earn EXP and Skill Points. Even though the game is still in early access on PC and the Gala Games website, its Web3 integration, which includes cryptocurrency payments and NFT characters, has gotten mixed reviews on its Steam page.

Superior Review

Superior is made more fun by a robot bartender who joins players on their journey and says funny things. The story is about you, a superhero who has to face down corrupted and evil versions of yourself. Even though it’s a simple idea, the robot bartender makes the story more interesting by guiding players and telling them interesting facts as they go. The game also has three different characters, each with their own set of skills and way of playing. Ronin is a fierce berserker who is great with SMGs and melee weapons in close combat. Nomad is a skilled sharpshooter who rules from a distance with a rifle and satellites that he has hacked. Lastly, Murmur is a skilled mechanic who uses explosives and holograms to fool and beat his enemies. Pick your hero with care!


The player in Superior is a lone adventurer who goes on exciting runs with heroes like Ronin, Nomad, and Murmur. Each hero has different skills and ways of playing. Ronin is good at close combat, while Nomad is a sharpshooter with an ultimate ability that works like an aimbot. Murmur, the tech genius, keeps his enemies guessing by using holograms and other clever tricks. There are many different kinds of missions in the game, from protecting juice extraction to fighting strong bosses. Upgrades that have different effects, like fire-based skills, make the game more difficult to play. As players form groups of three to explore procedurally generated levels, the focus on working together is clear. The goal is to finish tasks, beat enemies, and get to extraction points, all while opening up new stages. In this exciting third-person roguelite shooter, you can plan your moves and equip yourself with different power-ups and weapons.


Since Gala Games made the game, the in-game token is the $GALA coin, which is used for voting and other purposes.

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Best Game Review – Superior

Superior brings a comedic touch through the witty commentary of a robot bartender accompanying players on their journey. The plot revolves around you, a superhero tasked with confronting corrupted counterparts turned evil. Though a straightforward concept, the robot bartender adds flavor to the narrative, guiding players and offering intriguing bits of lore along the way. Additionally, the game features three distinct characters, each with unique attributes and gameplay styles. Ronin, an aggressive berserker, excels in close combat with SMGs and melee weapons. Nomad, a skilled sharpshooter, dominates from a distance using a rifle and hacked satellites. Lastly, Murmur, a cunning mechanic, deploys explosives and holograms to outwit and defeat enemies. Choose your hero wisely!


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