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Hit Factor is making War Park, a free-to-play MOBA-style PC game with fast-paced battles between military vehicles that is backed by blockchain and is based on the blockchain.

War Park is different from other tank games because it focuses on realistic simulations instead of tanks from the future or from fantasy worlds. Fans of historical tanks talk about the game a lot on the Discord platform for it. Even though War Park is not a real-life simulation, the tank models used to show battles are accurate to the time period. The game is a team-based brawler with modes like deathmatch, king of the hill, and capture the flag.

One interesting thing about War Park is that the maps change as battles go on. If this is done well, it could be a very engaging game. Players level up by gaining experience, completing quests, and unlocking new tanks and crew. This is the standard way for games to progress. Tokens ($CRUDE) and resources that you earn while playing can be used to upgrade tanks, make new crew and equipment, and even turn crew into NFTs so that you can play to earn.

War Park Review

War Park plans to have a rental system from the start, so that NFT owners can rent out their tanks and make money without doing anything. Also, players will have a home base that they can improve and level up. This base will have things like storage, crafting, and customization. War Park is a big and interesting place to play tank games.

In War Park, players can sell NFTs to make money. It also lets them keep these things because they are important to them. Matt Reed, Hit Factor’s Chief Business Officer, talked about how successful the platform is at making people aware of games and letting them really own them. The business is also interested in getting into esports.

Reed, an experienced game developer at the company, said that the fast growth of Web3 in the gaming industry was similar to the rise of free-to-play games in 2010. He said that Web3 is the “next evolution” of games.

But some people say that Web3 isn’t needed because NFTs lose their value when a game is turned off. Reed defended his position by saying that developers of free-to-play games are the real drivers of market growth, while “click-to-earn” models that take advantage of players are the odd ones out. He thinks that the Web3 gaming industry will get rid of bad people in the same way that free-to-play games did. Reed said he was sure that the gaming community could solve problems by building strong communities and giving players the power to really own their in-game assets. Participation rates are expected to go through the roof as long as the gaming industry keeps building communities and giving experienced players chances to own their own games.

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Best Game Review – War Park

War Park offers players the opportunity to earn through NFT sales. It also allows them to hold onto these items for sentimental value. Matt Reed, the Chief Business Officer at Hit Factor, emphasized the platform’s success in raising awareness for the game and enabling true game ownership. The company is also setting its sights on esports adoption.

Reed, one of the experienced game developers who founded the company in 2020, drew a parallel between the rapid growth of Web3 in the gaming industry and the surge of free-to-play games in 2010. He sees Web3 as the “next evolution” in gaming.

War Park

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