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Gaming Goldmine: Recent Big Moves in the Play-to-Earn World

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Gaming Goldmine: Recent Big Moves in the Play-to-Earn World

In a whirlwind day for play-to-earn gaming, significant shifts occurred. NFL Rivals soared to 2 million users, signaling Web3 gaming’s growth. MixMarvel and Yeeha Games partnered to democratize decentralized gaming. Alien Worlds introduced the exclusive ‘Emergence Collection’ for NFT points enthusiasts. GamePhilos Studio secured $8 million in seed funding, promising groundbreaking gameplay in “Age of Dino.” Animoca Brands raised $20 million to boost Mocaverse and drive Web3 adoption across its projects. The play-to-earn gaming future is here, marked by interactivity, decentralization, and user focus.

Here’s a roundup of the top five seismic shifts in just 24 hours.   

NFL Rivals Scores with 2 Million Active Users 

Mythical Games, teaming up with the NFL, saw their mobile NFT game, NFL Rivals, skyrocket to 2 million active users. Thanks to its spot as the App Store’s ‘Game of the Day,’ the timing couldn’t be more perfect with the NFL season kickoff. John Linden, the CEO of Mythical Games, didn’t hold back his excitement and took to Twitter to share the news. This surge is more than just numbers; it’s an affirmation of Web3 gaming’s growing traction, especially since Mythical Games recently switched from Ethereum to Polkadot to amp up scalability and performance.

Yeeha Games and MixMarvel: A Match Made in Blockchain Heaven  

MixMarvel, a leading blockchain gaming platform, and Yeeha Games, a gaming publisher with extensive experience in the blockchain space, have announced a strategic partnership to democratize decentralized gaming.

Under the terms of the partnership, MixMarvel will provide its blockchain expertise and gaming IP, including the popular game MetaCene, to Yeeha Games. Yeeha Games will contribute its cloud technology and gaming ecosystem to the partnership.

Yeeha Games and MixMarvel- A Match Made in Blockchain Heaven
Yeeha Games and MixMarvel- A Match Made in Blockchain Heaven

The partnership will accelerate the development and adoption of decentralized gaming. It will also help to bring high-quality blockchain games to a wider audience.

Alien Worlds’ ‘Emergence Collection’ Lands with a Bang

Alien Worlds didn’t just announce a new collection; it set the Trillium mining scene abuzz with its ‘Emergence Collection.’ Ten new mining tools are about to drop, but there’s a catch: they’re available exclusively through NFT points. 

Whether the solid Shiny Explosive or the rare Ether Convertor, these tools can be upgraded to premium versions like Gold, Stardust, or Antimatter. The collection is coming on September 12, and it’s aimed squarely at those stacking up NFT points. Time to mark that calendar!

GamePhilos Hits Jackpot with $8M Seed Fund 

GamePhilos Studio, the Singaporean MMO maestro, clinched an eye-watering $8 million in seed funding. Heavy hitters like Xterio and Animoca Ventures are backing this venture, signaling a promising future for their flagship game, “Age of Dino.” Consequently, Jeremy Horn, COO of Xterio, was visibly ecstatic about the collaboration, hinting at state-of-the-art gameplay and Web3 features. 

Moreover, FunPlus’s gaming engine and art direction by ex-Blizzard artist Wang Wei add more firepower to this already blazing game. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for what promises to be a groundbreaking release set for 2024.

Animoca Brands Banks $20 Million for Mocaverse

Animoca Brands hit the jackpot with a $20 million funding round, led by CMCC Global. Consequently, the company is issuing shares at A$4.50 each, accompanied by free-attaching utility tokens. This cash inflow is targeted at boosting Mocaverse, an innovative NFT project. Furthermore, the funds will drive Web3 adoption across Animoca’s extensive portfolio of over 450 projects. Therefore, get ready for Moca ID, an on-chain identity feature that offers a novel way to earn loyalty points in the burgeoning Mocaverse ecosystem.     

Animoca Brands Banks $20 Million for Mocaverse
Animoca Brands Banks $20 Million for Mocaverse

In a whirlwind day that most sectors would call a busy year, the play-to-earn gaming world is making it abundantly clear: the future is now, and it’s more interactive, decentralized, and user-focused than ever.

FAQ Play-to-Earn Gaming News September 12th 2023:

1. What were the major developments in the play-to-earn gaming world within 24 hours?

  • In a single day, several significant shifts occurred, including NFL Rivals reaching 2 million users, a partnership between MixMarvel and Yeeha Games, Alien Worlds’ ‘Emergence Collection’ announcement, GamePhilos Studio securing $8 million in seed funding, and Animoca Brands raising $20 million for Mocaverse.

2. Why is NFL Rivals’ achievement of 2 million active users significant?

  • NFL Rivals, a mobile NFT game by Mythical Games, achieved this milestone, signifying the growing traction of Web3 gaming. It was propelled by being featured as the App Store’s ‘Game of the Day’ and coinciding with the NFL season kickoff.

3. What’s the importance of MixMarvel and Yeeha Games’ partnership?

  • The partnership aims to democratize decentralized gaming by combining MixMarvel’s blockchain expertise and gaming IP with Yeeha Games’ cloud technology and gaming ecosystem. This collaboration will accelerate the development of high-quality blockchain games.

4. What is Alien Worlds’ ‘Emergence Collection,’ and how can players obtain it?

  • Alien Worlds introduced the ‘Emergence Collection,’ featuring ten new mining tools, available exclusively through NFT points. Players can upgrade these tools to premium versions like Gold, Stardust, or Antimatter. The collection is set to release on September 12.

5. Why is GamePhilos Studio’s $8 million seed funding significant?

  • GamePhilos Studio secured $8 million in seed funding, with backing from industry leaders like Xterio and Animoca Ventures. This funding promises state-of-the-art gameplay and Web3 features in their flagship game, “Age of Dino,” set for release in 2024.

6. What does Animoca Brands intend to achieve with the $20 million funding it raised for Mocaverse?

  • Animoca Brands aims to boost Mocaverse, an innovative NFT project, and drive Web3 adoption across its extensive portfolio of over 450 projects. This funding will also introduce Moca ID, an on-chain identity feature offering a unique way to earn loyalty points.

7. What does the whirlwind of developments in play-to-earn gaming signify for the future?

  • These developments underscore that the future of play-to-earn gaming is now. The industry is becoming more interactive, decentralized, and user-focused, offering exciting opportunities for both gamers and developers.

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Gaming Goldmine: Recent Big Moves in the Play-to-Earn World

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