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Gods Unchained Launches On Epic Games Store

Gods Unchained Launches On Epic Games Store

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Gods Unchained is a collectible Web3 card game available on the Epic Games Store and, soon, mobile platforms. It is driven by NFT.

Gods Unchained, the most successful TCG Web3 game, makes it to Epic Games Store. This massive move by Immutable Games comes ahead of its trailblazing TCG game’s mobile expansion. Gods Unchained is arguably one of the longest-successful card battler NFT games around and reaching a wider and broader audience will only add to its life. Epic Games Store boasts 230 million users as of March this year. Furthermore, the active monthly user count stands tall at 68 million. So, this move by Immutable Games is significant and potentially revolutionizing, placing it alongside traditional gaming juggernauts. More specifically, Gods Unchained will stand beside successful traditional card battlers games like Yu Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering.

Web3 Games Going Mainstream, Gods Unchained Leads

Gods Unchained, a popular game that uses Ethereum, is now available on Epic Games Store. This is a big deal because Epic Games has over 230 million PC players around the world. The Executive Producer of Gods Unchained, Daniel Paez, is really happy about this launch. He thinks it’s an important step in making the game more popular outside of the crypto gaming world. He said, “We are very excited to show our game to a whole new group of PC gamers and people who love trading card games. This is the next step in our journey and it’s keeping our promise to our community to bring Gods Unchained to more players.”

Immutable’s collectible card game, which uses NFTs, will now be available on the Epic Games Store. This means that the game will be sharing space with popular games like Fortnite and other high-budget games in the store. Previously, the game was only accessible through the Gods Unchained website. Additionally, it will also be joining other Web3 games that have already been launched on the Epic Games Store, such as Blankos Block Party and Grit.

Daniel Paez on Epic Games Hosting Gods Unchained

Daniel Paez, the executive producer of Gods Unchained, mentioned that launching the game on the Epic Games Store has multiple advantages. Firstly, it allows the NFT card game to reach a much larger player base, potentially millions of new players. Secondly, it provides players with a familiar interface, similar to popular PC gaming platforms like Steam,, and Epic Games. Paez explained that players have grown accustomed to these consolidated platforms, where they feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the games they choose to play. This familiarity is particularly crucial for blockchain games like Gods Unchained.

Daniel Paez says that the version of Gods Unchained on the Epic Games Store will look and feel the same as the version on the game’s website. The focus will be on competitive play and games that are like Hearthstone. Importantly, players won’t have to sign up for a wallet or deal with crypto assets right away. This will make blockchain gaming easier for people who are new to it and more accessible.

Gods Unchained Mobile Expansion

In addition to its launch on the Epic Games Store, Gods Unchained is also getting ready to release on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The game had a successful pre-alpha phase with over 60,000 sessions.

This mobile expansion, which is coming later this year and will have a soft launch, will go with the game’s Epic Games Store expansion. Gods Unchained will not only be put next to popular games like Fortnite, but it will also be easier for more people to play, making it more appealing to a wider range of people.

Gods Unchained Upcoming Roadmap

This year, Immutable has put a lot of effort into making Gods Unchained bigger. They have a lot of plans for the future, like adding new game modes in the next few months. Later this year, they also plan to release a “very large” expansion pack, which will add new cards and change how the game is played. The studio also wants to add more to the story of Gods Unchained so that players can have a more immersive and in-depth experience.

Gods Unchained is also coming to phones and tablets. The iOS and Android versions of the game are being made with the help of a partner studio, iLogos. Earlier this year, when Android was being tested, players gave positive feedback, and more than 60,000 game sessions were played and enjoyed. This is a good sign for the mobile version of Gods Unchained.

App Store Complexities for Web3 Games

Because Apple and Google’s app stores are run by a single company, Immutable and other NFT game and app developers have had trouble. These stores work as closed ecosystems with strict rules and fees for buying things inside apps.

Gods Unchained won’t have an in-game NFT market on mobile platforms because it would be too hard to manage. Instead, the focus is on following the rules of each platform and giving users a way to play the game that is easier to use. The goal is to get more people to play while also growing the community around the game.

Daniel Paez agrees that Apple and Google have a lot of power over the ecosystem and how it works. But he says that when Hearthstone went from PC to mobile, Blizzard saw a big jump in the number of play sessions from PC users who now played it on their phones. They also got more players because people found out about the game through the App Store or Play Store. Paez wants the same thing to happen with Gods Unchained.

He thinks that Gods Unchained will be a bigger success overall if more people play it and enjoy it.

Discover the epic journey of Gods Unchained! Experience the NFT-driven collectible web3 card game on Epic Games Store and soon on mobile platforms.
Gods Unchained Launches On Epic Games Store 2

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Gods Unchained Launches On Epic Games Store

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Gods Unchained Launches On Epic Games Store

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