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How Web3 Technology Seamlessly Addresses Web2 Gaming’s Long-Standing Challenges

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How Web3 Technology Seamlessly Addresses Web2 Gaming’s Long-Standing Challenges

How Web3 technology is revolutionizing gaming by tackling Web2’s issues, from multiple logins to security, enhancing player experiences.

Video games have gone online since the internet happened. Now, with online gaming comes a challenge of several different virtual identities, usernames, passwords, and subsequent security challenges. Players playing several Web2 games have to come up with the same number of subscriptions, registrations, usernames, and passwords. This sometimes becomes cumbersome and to top it all off, the security concerns are always there. These challenges exist to the present day, however, with video games under constant evolution, there is a solution to it.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the next thing happening in gaming called “Web3 gaming.” It’s basically a new kind of video game that uses cool tech like blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It lets you own things in the game for real and offers valuable rewards for your time in the game.

Web3 Gaming has grown so quickly lately that it’s crazy! DappRadar says that it went up a huge 2,000% from 2021 to 2022. And in the first half of 2023, almost half of all blockchain activity was in the gaming industry. Also, people are spending a lot of money on these new games, like $739 million this year, which is almost 13% more than in the past.

So, what is the link between Web3 technology and video games? Web3 technology offers solutions to some of the long-standing issues in video games.

Hurdles in Conventional Video Games

Even though Web2 online games are astronomically popular in the world, they do have some problems. Players who play online video games faces these problems every now and then and they can strongly relate to it.

New Usernames, Log-ins, and Passwords for Games

First of all, in Web2, you usually have to make a new login and password for each game. People who play a lot of games may find it hard to keep track of all these logins and passwords. It’s like having too many streaming service accounts: it’s hard to keep track of all of them. So what happens is that players forget the credentials altogether and lose their valuable accounts.

Security and Privacy Concerns

Security and privacy are also very important. A study by Kaspersky Labs found that the number of gamers who were attacked rose by 13% between 2021 and 2022. These attacks can cause players to lose money and put their personal information at risk. Most modern online games collect information about players. It may include and not limited to where you live, how you act in the game, and who you play with. If there’s a data breach or unethical behavior, your private information could get out and be used against you, which is a big worry.

Bots and fake accounts made by AI are becoming more common, which makes security and privacy concerns worse. This problem goes beyond online games and also affects social media sites. A worrying trend is the rise of deepfaked accounts and scams on these platforms.

Bots have been a problem in Web2 gaming for a long time, and this problem is getting worse as more advanced AI platforms like ChatGPT come out. Because virtual worlds now have real-world value, it’s important for both new and old users to know about the risks this technology could pose.

Web3 Tech, A One-Stop Solution to Web2 Gaming Problems

Web3 technology has the potential to fix some of the biggest problems with Web2 gaming and make gaming more fun in the future. The key to this improvement is giving players identities that are encrypted and secure. This will fix many of the problems with Web2.

These Web3 identities bring a one-stop solution to all the challenges. They not only serve as your digital wallet, but they also give you one place to access all Web3 games. They also serve as your profile and credentials, and they protect you as a gamer. So, you don’t have to create multiple IDs to play Web3 games, one ID will work in every game. Additionally, it will also act as a web3 wallet where all your valuable NFTs and rewards will come from all web3 games.

Web3 identities will help you log in to any game or service, so you don’t have to keep track of multiple accounts for different games. This makes it easier for people to join, so it also solves the onboarding issue with ease of accessibility. Moreover, this broadens their gaming options but this convenience doesn’t make security less safe. The security of Web3 identities is known to be very good. You cannot change the data on the blockchain and it is also encrypted. So, it’s almost impossible to compromise a decentralized identity. Your money stays safe in your wallet, and you can only get to it when you want to.

Also, Web3 identities give players control over the privacy of their data. These IDs store credentials and private information, but users can choose which platforms can access their data. They can also take away permission at any time. This makes it harder for third parties to get access to personal information and gives users more freedom and security.

Web3 IDs can use a one-time “humanity check” during setup to stop bots from being used. This can be done with biometrics, a personal video chat with an approved validator, or some other way to prove that a user is a real person. Once a Web3 ID has this certification, it is easy to show it on any platform. Even the most convincing deepfaked bot accounts would have a hard time making up such information, so cyberattacks would go down.

FAQ: Web3 Gaming – Addressing Key Issues in Video Games

Q1: What is Web3 gaming, and how does it differ from Web2 gaming?

A: Web3 gaming represents the next evolution of online gaming, incorporating blockchain and NFT technologies. Unlike Web2 gaming, Web3 gaming allows players to own in-game assets and offers valuable rewards for their time in the game. Web3 gaming introduces secure and universal Web3 identities, making it easier for players to access multiple games with a single identity and wallet.

Q2: What are the primary challenges faced by players in Web2 gaming?

A: In Web2 gaming, players encounter several challenges, including the need to create numerous usernames and passwords for different games, leading to difficulty in managing these credentials. Additionally, security and privacy concerns are prevalent, with a rising number of cyberattacks targeting gamers. Bots and fake accounts, often powered by AI, further exacerbate these issues.

Q3: How does Web3 technology address the problems of Web2 gaming?

A: Web3 technology offers a comprehensive solution to Web2 gaming issues. It introduces Web3 identities that serve as encrypted digital wallets, universal access points to Web3 games, and security safeguards. With Web3 identities, players only need one identity for all games, simplifying the login process and enhancing security. These identities also protect user data privacy, allowing users to control data access and revoke permissions as needed. Furthermore, Web3 identities implement “humanity checks” to combat bots and ensure the authenticity of users.

Q4: What is the growth and popularity of Web3 gaming?

A: Web3 gaming has experienced rapid growth, with DappRadar reporting a 2,000% increase from 2021 to 2022. In the first half of 2023, nearly half of all blockchain activity was related to the gaming industry. Players have invested substantial amounts, with spending reaching $739 million in a single year, marking a 13% increase compared to the past.

Q5: How can Web3 gaming benefit both new and experienced players?

A: Web3 gaming benefits new players by streamlining the onboarding process with a single identity for all games, making it easier to join and explore various titles. For experienced players, Web3 gaming offers increased security and data privacy, protecting their valuable assets and personal information. Additionally, the potential for valuable rewards in the form of NFTs adds a new layer of enjoyment and engagement to the gaming experience.

Though Web2 online games are popular in the world, Web3 technology offers solutions to the long-standing issues in video games.
How Web3 Technology Seamlessly Addresses Web2 Gaming's Long-Standing Challenges 2

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How Web3 Technology Seamlessly Addresses Web2 Gaming’s Long-Standing Challenges

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