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Game Activity Blockchain: DappRadar

Game Activity Blockchain: DappRadar

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The bullish run continues in the blockchain gaming sector and we have a report to back it up. The first month of 2023 flew by in a wink but the Web3 gaming sector has utilized it to its fullest. According to market analysis firm DappRadar, gaming accounted for 48% of all blockchain activity in January, a rise from 45% in the previous month of December. In January 2023, the number of daily unique active wallets in gaming reached 839,436. The numbers indicate that many users made transactions in blockchain games during the month.

DappRadar Report on January 2023

According to DappRadar’s latest report, the growth in gaming activity is a positive sign for the long-term prospects of blockchain gaming. However, the low number of users suggests that blockchain gaming still has a long way to go before it becomes widely adopted.

The report read, “The game alphas and updates keep coming in the blockchain space, and there is a growing sense of excitement and anticipation for what the future holds.” “As the sector continues to mature, we can expect to see even more exciting developments in the months to come.”

The outlook may appear optimistic, given the current state of the cryptocurrency market and the global economic recession. Nevertheless, relative to the challenging conditions of 2022, it is time for some optimism in the blockchain gaming industry. There is a possibility that the situation may be improving.

According to DappRadar, the start of 2023 has been marked by a bullish trend, especially in the NFT market. The significant growth and increased activity in on-chain metrics indicate a thriving and promising quarter for NFTs. The total value locked in blockchain protocols (DeFi TVL) reached $74.6 billion, a rise of 26.8% from the previous month.

The NFT Market Recovery

The NFT market saw $941 million in trading volume and 9.2 million in sales count. Polygon was the standout performer, with a 124% increase in trading volume and 157.39% increase in sales count. This was driven by the popularity of its NFT collections such as Collect Donald Trump Cards and the launch of Mocaverse Realm Ticket Pass.

Opensea saw a 66.58% rise in trading volume, reaching $495 million in January 2023, which accounts for 58% of the total NFT market trading volume. Additionally, the amount lost due to exploits in January 2023 was $14.6 million, the lowest recorded since January 2022. DappRadar views these data points as evidence of a recovery.

The NFT market showed signs of recovery in January 2023 with a boost in NFT trading volume and sales count. The NFT trading volume recorded a 37% increase from the previous month, reaching $941 million, which is the highest recorded since June 2022. The sales count of NFTs also rose by 38% from the previous month to 9.2 million.

Ethereum continues to lead the NFT market with a market dominance of 78.5%. Its trading volume saw a significant increase of 37.29% in January 2023, reaching $659 million. Additionally, the sales count of Ethereum-based NFTs rose 7.37% from the previous month to over 2 million. The growth of the Ethereum ecosystem is largely attributed to the success of Yuga Labs’ NFT collections, particularly the highly popular Sewer Pass access pass NFT for an online game.

Unique Active Wallets Stats January 2023

In January, the number of active gaming wallets increased, however, the number of daily unique active wallets decreased, falling 9.55% to 1,730,542 in comparison to December.

In January, WAX was the most widely used blockchain. The gaming and NFT blockchain saw an average of 394,480 daily unique active wallets, a rise of 3.39% from the previous month. The top dapps on the WAX blockchain were the blockchain game Alien Worlds and the NFT marketplace Atomic Assets.

Polygon came in third place with 191,985 daily unique active wallets. Despite making a significant impact late in 2022, the blockchain ecosystem saw a 5.22% decrease from the previous month. The most popular dapps on Polygon were Benji Bananas and Planet IX.

Planet IX had a successful month, experiencing a 44% increase to reach 141,580 daily unique active wallets. Hive came in fourth place, seeing a 12.31% rise to reach 182,800 daily unique active wallets. The trading card game Splinterlands dominated the activity on Hive. It saw a 5.87% increase in its daily unique active wallets, reaching 340,520.

Solana Blockchain Recovers

In January, the best-performing blockchain was Solana. It experienced a 70% increase, it reached an average of 53,683 daily unique active wallets. The growth was driven by the growing usage of Solana DeFi dapps such as Raydium, MeanFi, Saber, and Orca. According to DappRadar, it appears that the Solana ecosystem is recovering from the impact of the FTX collapse. This could mean a lot of positives for blockchain games.

Solana experienced a 57.33% growth in its total value locked (TVL) to reach $548 million, according to the latest analysis. The success of Marinade Finance, whose TVL rose by 84.32% over the previous 30 days to $152 million, helped to drive this growth. Users who deposit Solana (SOL) tokens with mSOL, a liquid staking derivative, are rewarded as part of a token incentive scheme launched by Marinade Finance. Additionally, Orca and Raydium saw gains in their TVL of 37% and 33%, respectively, for a total of $46 million and $38 million in TVL growth.

Ethereum Blockchain and UAWs in Blockchain Games

The daily average number of unique active wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem in blockchain games increased by 39% to 116,255. This surge comes from the growing popularity of NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Manifold plus increased activity on these platforms.

Ethereum’s move to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) has sparked a growing interest in staking solutions, and Lido has seized the opportunity. Its fee revenue has closely aligned with Ethereum PoS earnings, as it directs the received ETH to the staking protocol

Although the overall daily unique active wallets in the industry decreased, NFT’s on-chain metrics indicate increased activity. It is a positive sign for the market.

OpenSea Remains the Leading NFT Marketplace for Blockchain Games

OpenSea maintained its lead in the NFT market with a 66.58% surge in NFT trading volume. It topped reaching $495 million in January 2023. This dominance of the NFT space was evident with OpenSea accounting for 58% of the total NFT trading volume. The trading volume and the 2.5% transaction fee charged by OpenSea resulted in an estimated revenue of $12.3 million.

DappRadar Concludes About Blockchain Games

“In conclusion, 2023 has started on a high note, with bullish on-chain metrics in the DeFi and NFT markets,” DappRadar said. “The decrease in money lost this month due to exploits, the lowest amount ever recorded in 2022, is a positive indication of the increase in blockchain security.”

“The upward trend in the NFT market and the growth of DeFi platforms give us reason to be optimistic about the future of the crypto market. With these promising developments, we can expect a recovery and continued growth in the coming months.”

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Game Activity Blockchain: DappRadar

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Benji Bananas – Game Review

In Benji Bananas, you play as a monkey who loves swinging on vines and eating bananas. The game is presented in 2D and allows you to control the monkey as it navigates through the jungle. As you progress through the levels, you’ll need to use your skills to avoid obstacles and collect as many bananas as possible. As a crypto game, Benji Bananas offers players the chance to earn rewards through gameplay. The combination of fun, fast-paced action and the opportunity to earn rewards make this game a must-play for fans of 2D platformers. Benji Bananas, the monkey, is a fun and free adventure game in which players assist Benjo on a banana-collecting expedition. It’s jam-packed with entertaining animation and graphics that provide a very immersive gaming experience. Players can control monkey as he soars across a variety of landscapes by jumping from vine to vine using physics-based movements. You can customize your monkey with several clothes and special abilities such as a jetpack and eagle ride. Collect as many fruits and chilis as you can to gain access to further upgrades. Don’t give up until you’ve completed all the tasks! The gameplay is straightforward: touch the screen to have Benji hold a vine, then remove your finger to make Benji fall from the vine. Your hero may travel forward quicker and faster thanks to inertia and gravity, scooping up all the bananas along the way. The more bananas you collect along the way, the higher your final score will be. Furthermore, as you play, you will be able to acquire equipment that will allow you to travel further and receive higher rewards, which is quite necessary in order to access the game’s best features.

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Tearing Spaces – Game Review

“Tearing Spaces” is an animated 3v3 MOBA game that combines both PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player) interactions in an anime-themed world. Players engage in fast-paced battles against both AI-controlled mobs and other players, while also encountering epic boss fights and strategic confrontations with opponents. Developed by Sino Global Games, a subsidiary of Sino Global Capital, “Tearing Spaces” offers a diverse and inclusive gaming experience at no cost. The game features six unique anime-styled characters, six powerful boss enemies, a variety of unlockable maps, and a selection of standard and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) weapons, each with distinct skill animations. Set in the fantastical realm of Atus, the game transports players into procedurally generated dungeons where they compete in 3v3 battles against teams from around the world. The captivating art style of the game immerses players in its captivating universe. The backstory of “Tearing Spaces” revolves around ancient deities with cosmic power who were plagued by human-like weaknesses, leading to the emergence of a powerful goddess. This goddess was sealed away, and her essence became the foundation of the world of Atus, giving rise to Magic Crystals and Magic Essence, sources of life. The game’s narrative involves battling monsters to restore the goddess’s energy and harnessing Crystal Ores to forge powerful weapons. In terms of gameplay, players select a hero and a weapon, each with unique abilities that shape combat. The game progresses through stages involving defeating monsters and culminating in boss battles. The team that conquers the boss emerges victorious, and portals introduce strategic elements by enabling surprise attacks. There are six distinct heroes to choose from, each with their own traits and abilities, as well as a range of weapon choices for various strategies. The in-game economy introduces utility tokens ($TSC for earnings and transactions, and $TSG for governance) which can be earned through various in-game activities. The tokens contribute to the game’s ecosystem and provide players with opportunities for engagement beyond the battles themselves. Overall, “Tearing Spaces” offers a dynamic and visually appealing gaming experience that blends PvE and PvP gameplay elements in an anime-inspired world, making it a unique addition to the MOBA genre.

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Providence – F2P Web3 Game, Survival, and Rogue-Lite Elements

“Providence” is a third-person video game that combines survival and rogue-lite elements set in shattered alien worlds. It is a free-to-play web3 game where players start from scratch by gathering resources and crafting. What sets Providence apart is its utilization of blockchain technology, giving players control over the in-game economy and markets in a transparent manner. This approach aims to eliminate exploitative microtransactions and empower the gaming community. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Providence boasts impressive visuals and presents a universe scarred by catastrophe. Players explore lush alien biomes, encounter unique monsters, and scavenge for blueprints across diverse worlds. In the game, players assume the role of Trailblazers, exploring remnants of shattered planets above a singularity abyss. They establish bases on stable asteroids, gather resources, and embark on expeditions to perilous Slipworlds, each run posing strategic challenges. Providence offers a dynamic and survival-focused loop, encouraging smart decision-making and growth. Survival in this universe hinges on resilience, and players must tame untamed extraterrestrial terrains and establish bases on stable asteroids, known as Homesteads. Expeditions into Slipworlds offer rare resources and blueprints crucial for thriving but come with fierce competition from other Trailblazers and enigmatic cosmic life forms.

Gameplay involves exploration of the remnants of shattered planets, teeming with untamed flora, exotic creatures, alien vaults, and rare resources. Trailblazers start on Homesteads, forging their bases using available resources, preparing for treacherous adventures on Slipworlds. Each expedition requires strategic planning to maximize gains before the Slipworld’s inevitable demise. Providence offers both PvE and PvPvE scenarios, allowing players to tailor their adventures.

The game’s graphics and immersive experience are powered by Unreal Engine 5, promising a 3D sci-fi odyssey on PC. Additionally, the game plans to release its token on the Avalanche blockchain, with likely involvement of NFTs.

The community response to Providence appears positive, with users expressing interest and drawing comparisons to games like No Man’s Sky with a Web3 element.

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Trident MMO – Innovative Blockchain Game with R2E Structure

Trident MMO, a blockchain-based Free-to-Play game developed by Geyser Forge Studios. Trident aims to offer players an open, procedurally generated universe where they can explore, gather resources, battle bosses, complete quests, and engage in various activities. One of Trident’s standout features is its innovative GameFi Structure called Risk-to-Earn (R2E), which allows players to wager tokens on in-game matches, introducing an element of risk and reward to the gaming experience. The goal of R2E is to attract players who are genuinely interested in gaming rather than solely focusing on monetary gains, addressing issues seen in Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Free-to-Earn games. Trident MMO’s gameplay takes place in a procedurally generated open world, offering diverse activities such as exploration, resource collection, creature hunting, boss battles, and more. There’s also a risk factor involved, as players risk losing items upon death. The alpha launch for Trident is planned for March, promising an exciting gaming experience. In addition to the MMO, Trident offers mini-games like Sprite Duels, which are turn-based battles with sprite teams inspired by Pokémon. The creatures used in Sprite Duels are set to come from the Trident MMO during the beta phase. The article also provides a brief overview of how to start playing Trident, including creating an account linked to an Ethereum wallet and participating in Sprite Duels, where players assemble teams of sprites with unique attributes and engage in strategic battles. Tokenomics play a crucial role in Trident, with $PSI serving as the primary gaming token for item exchange and R2E gaming elements. $INK, on the other hand, functions as the principal DeFi token with a straightforward tokenomics structure, supporting experimental DeFi and derivatives within the Trident MMO’s gameplay and economy. The article concludes with some positive community responses, with users expressing excitement about Trident’s potential and the performance of its native token, $PSI, on the MEXC exchange. Overall, Trident MMO aims to blend blockchain technology and traditional gaming to create a unique gaming experience, with a focus on gameplay and innovation in the GameFi space.

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Game Activity Blockchain: DappRadar

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Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a gaming model that has gained immense popularity within the crypto and blockchain communities. In P2E games, players can earn cryptocurrencies or NFTs by participating in the game, often through activities like completing quests, collecting items, or trading assets. P2E News covers developments, announcements, and trends related to these innovative gaming experiences that allow players to monetize their in-game efforts.

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