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Justin Hulog Of Immutable Games On Mobile Video Gaming Future!

Justin Hulog Of Immutable Games On Mobile Video Gaming Future!

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In an interview with Pocket Gamer, Immutable Games, developer of Gods Unchained shares insight on web3 and future of mobile and video gaming.

Web3 gaming is on the rise and its meaning varies from person to person. Some take it as a scheme to get rich quickly, while others believe that it helps in retaining the value of time and money. In a recent interview with Pocket Gamer, Immutable Games’ Chief Studio Officer Justin Hulog shares his insight on web3 gaming and the future of mobile gaming. Immutable Games is a leading web3 game developer in the industry and it already has a pretty successful NFT trading card game Gods Unchained. The game has a solid community and player base and the game’s new and fun in-game content retains this player base. Recently, the studio decided to bring their successful web3 game to mobile devices and expand their user base even more. Besides Gods Unchained, Immutable Games is also working on a promising mobile RPG Guild of Guardians.

What Web3 Games Has to Offer to Gamers?

According to Hulog, web3 games’ philosophy isn’t making gamers rich, rather it is about giving value to the time and money of gamers. Money is a by-product that comes after retaining value for time and money. Gamers nowadays are well aware of the fact that their time has value. This is where web3 enters with a rewarding system that gives back to gamers. On the contrary, this is where Web 2 games are currently lacking. They do have an in-game reward system in place but it vanishes as soon as the developers decide to shut down the servers. Additionally, traditional in-game items do not provide gamers with any licenses nor they are tradable. We have numerous examples from popular games like CSGO, COD, where players having valuable skins or in-game items lost them in a blink of an eye after receiving a ban from the developers.

Web3 Games Brings Value and Genuine Ownership

Hulog adds that in the realm of web3, you possess genuine ownership of an item, with the freedom to transfer it beyond the confines of a single platform and even sell it when it no longer serves your purpose. This grants users the full experience of owning content in a web2 game, while their time and financial investments are respected and enhanced, as they have the option to trade that content as desired. Web3 gaming goes beyond enriching individuals. Its true essence lies in empowering users to preserve and capitalize on the value of their time and money.

Transitioning from Web2 to Web3

As for the gaming part, traditional video game developers are already developing exciting, fun, and blockbuster games. So, the fun element is pretty much there, however, to carry out a successful transition, they need web3 technology experts. In this case, ready-to-use product suites with built-in solutions may come in handy. These solutions are designed to prioritize seamless usability, enabling new web3 developers to enter the market swiftly, all while maintaining top-notch security and delivering an exceptional gaming experience. Additionally, developers will have access to web3 guidance and real-time support for their communities, specifically tailored to their individual projects.

Immutable Games on the Future of Web3 Mobile Gaming

Hulog shares insights on the mobile gaming industry and how web3 gaming will play a major part in it. The mobile gaming business model is also witnessing its evolution. From free to play business model which uses loot boxes and in-game transactions to generate revenue, to the model of playtoearn and now moving towards Play and Own, mobile gaming is undergoing evolution. The recent approach of Play and Own brings a lot for mobile gamers. This approach maintains the flexibility and monetization elements of the current model. However, with a reduced emphasis on them as the central focus. Instead, it enables the community of players to preserve and create value. Furthermore, it fosters an environment where both retention and value generation thrive.

Building on mobile gaming, Hulog further affirms that Immutable Games thinks that Web3 will play a significant role in it. With the influx of new players and developers, we will witness continuous growth and enhancements. It will result in a greater number of engaging and enjoyable titles. These games will cleverly integrate subtle web3 elements into their designs. They will provide players with seamless experiences without necessitating an understanding of the intricate blockchain technology.

More From Justin Hulog of Immutable Games

Hulog further highlights the ongoing collaboration with development teams. These enhancements ensure a harmonious blend of gameplay mechanics, tokenomics, and asset management across all projects. The company works both independently and in partnership with renowned entities such as Studio 369 and Bazooka Tango.

The CSO brings valuable experience from their previous role as General Manager for South East Asia at Riot Games. During their tenure, they played a pivotal role in expanding Riot’s portfolio beyond the renowned League of Legends. Notable achievements include the successful launch of League of Legends: Wild Rift, a mobile adaptation. Moreover, the introduction of other significant titles like Valorant and Legends of Runeterra.

FAQ: Immutable Games and the Future of Web3 Gaming

What is Immutable Games, and what games are they known for?

Immutable Games is a prominent web3 game developer in the industry. They are renowned for their successful NFT trading card game called “Gods Unchained.” Additionally, they are working on a promising mobile RPG titled “Guild of Guardians.”

Who is Justin Hulog, and what role does he play at Immutable Games?

Justin Hulog is the Chief Studio Officer at Immutable Games. He is a key figure responsible for providing insight into web3 gaming and the future of mobile gaming, as discussed in the Pocket Gamer interview.

What is the philosophy behind web3 games, according to Justin Hulog?

According to Justin Hulog, the philosophy of web3 games is not about making gamers rich but rather about giving value to the time and money of gamers. It aims to reward players for their time and financial investments, acknowledging the value of their time spent in the game.

How do web3 games differ from traditional Web 2 games in terms of ownership and rewards?

In web3 games, players have genuine ownership of in-game items, which can be freely transferred across different platforms and even sold when no longer needed. This contrasts with traditional Web 2 games where in-game items lack ownership rights, cannot be traded, and can disappear if the game servers are shut down.

How can traditional video game developers transition from Web 2 to Web3 gaming?

To transition successfully to Web3 gaming, traditional game developers need web3 technology experts and ready-to-use product suites with built-in solutions. These solutions prioritize usability, security, and community support, enabling developers to enter the web3 market swiftly.

How is the mobile gaming industry evolving, and what role does web3 gaming play in it?

The mobile gaming industry is evolving from the traditional free-to-play model to “Play and Own,” which emphasizes community-driven value preservation. Web3 gaming is expected to play a significant role in this evolution by integrating subtle web3 elements into game designs, creating engaging titles, and enhancing player experiences.

What collaborations and partnerships does Immutable Games have in the gaming industry?

Immutable Games collaborates with various development teams, including renowned entities like Studio 369 and Bazooka Tango. These collaborations ensure a harmonious blend of gameplay mechanics, tokenomics, and asset management across their projects.

What previous experience does Justin Hulog bring to Immutable Games?

Justin Hulog previously served as the General Manager for South East Asia at Riot Games. During this time, he played a pivotal role in expanding Riot’s portfolio with titles such as League of Legends: Wild Rift, Valorant, and Legends of Runeterra.

In an interview with Pocket Gamer, Immutable Games, developer of Gods Unchained shares insight on web3 and future of mobile and video gaming.
Justin Hulog Of Immutable Games On Mobile Video Gaming Future! 2

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Justin Hulog Of Immutable Games On Mobile Video Gaming Future!

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Justin Hulog Of Immutable Games On Mobile Video Gaming Future!

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