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Last Remains- Best Play To Earn Game 2024

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Last Remains- Best Play To Earn Game 2024

The Battle Royale genre was founded by the Player Unknowns Battle Grounds MOD and popularized beyond the masses by Fortnite. In the game, you drop into a map with 100 other players and a powerful electrical sphere randomly shrink in size every few minutes, eventually forcing all players to meet on the map for the final showdown. Players start with nothing but can take risks by entering buildings during their journey in search for gear; risks being, someone might be in that house ready to wak yo face off. These games are heavily built around shooting.

Stealth games force players to use the environment to get around obstacles versus running out in the open shooting people or using highly tuned reactive skills to outplay your opponent. Most popular ones are Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed (also was made into a movie) and the gorgeous Last Of Us.

Combining the above, what do you get? Well, let’s just say, you’d prefer to throw an alarm clock to distract some zombies than go out on a shooting spree attracting a horde to your death. Combining with web3 gaming elements, players will compete in a PvPvE world (with a heavy focus on the environment) taking risks to find mintable NFTs while being one of 3 survivors who are picked up by the rescue helicopter.

In Last Remains, you wake up to a radio message telling you the first hint of where the rescue helicopter will arrive within 30-40 minutes. For security purposes, the rescue team tips the player more direct information about where the helicopter will land.

To win the game, you need to be one of 3 survivors to get to the helicopter first. As the player works towards the rescue point, they will have the choice to take risks by going into different buildings in search of water, food, equipment, weapons, and skins. Skins mintable cosmetic NFT

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Last Remains- Best Play To Earn Game 2024

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Mojo Melee, a Web3 NFT game, is now available on Amazon Prime Gaming

Mystic Moose, the developer behind the game Mojo Melee, has joined forces with Amazon Prime to introduce web3 gaming to a broader audience. This collaboration brings the NFT (non-fungible token) game, utilizing Polygon, an Ethereum blockchain network, to the Amazon Prime platform. Mystic Moose’s partnership with the e-commerce giant paves the way for the integration of their web3 deck-building game into Amazon Prime’s offerings. As part of this partnership, Amazon Prime Members will receive monthly NFTs and valuable in-game items such as currency packs and Spellstones. These NFT drops will showcase distinctive skins and champion characters, with the free distribution lasting for six months. Players have the option to trade these NFTs on open NFT marketplaces or retain them for future use in Planet Mojo games.

To access the complimentary package, members of Amazon Prime Gaming can create a new player account on Mojo Melee. The initial package encompasses 885 units of in-game currency known as “Ore,” along with an NFT champion character named Gwyn Rockhopper. This exclusive champion NFT offer holds exceptional value, as it allows players to obtain a champion as an NFT without the need for extensive in-game progression.

Mojo Melee is a unique gaming experience that combines elements of auto chess battles and deck-building games. Developed by industry veterans from major studios like EA, Activision, and LucasArts, the game is designed to be easily accessible while offering layers of complexity for mastery. What sets Mojo Melee apart is the incorporation of team choice, deviating from the uniform units present in traditional auto chess games. This introduces real-time strategy elements to the gameplay. Additionally, Mojo Melee is playable on both browsers and Android devices.

The game represents the first installment in the Planet Mojo metaverse, offering a fresh perspective on the auto chess genre inspired by titles like Dota Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics. Players engage in head-to-head tournaments, strategically planning and deploying their teams in combat. The game’s innovative features aim to redefine the auto-battle genre and challenge established giants.

In addition to NFT drops, Amazon Prime players will gain access to upcoming Mod-able Mojos, a mode enabling players to customize the appearance of their Mojos. These magical plant beings, known as Mojos, possess unique abilities based on subclasses like Moss, Leaf, Flower, or Vine. This new mode enhances personalization and showcases creations in both the game and on the blockchain.

The partnership between Mystic Moose and Amazon Prime exemplifies the increasing prominence of web3 gaming, marked by the adoption of blockchain technology. Urvit Goel, VP at Polygon Labs, emphasizes the mainstream trajectory of web3 gaming and commends Mystic Moose’s player-centric approach. Mystic Moose’s CEO, Mike Levine, expresses excitement over collaborating with Amazon Prime Gaming, underlining the potential of web3 gaming assets and the opportunity for players to engage with Mojo Melee.

In summary, Mystic Moose’s collaboration with Amazon Prime marks a significant step in bringing web3 gaming to the forefront. Through this partnership, Mojo Melee, an NFT game utilizing Polygon, is introduced to Amazon Prime Members, providing them with exclusive in-game content and NFT rewards. This partnership highlights the fusion of gaming and blockchain technology, propelling web3 gaming into wider recognition and adoption.

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