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MAD Metaverse- Best Play To Earn Game

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MAD Metaverse starts with MAD Metascientists. A collection of utility-first dynamic NFT characters, playable only in the post-singularity universe known as the MAD Metaverse, a collaborative ecosystem that will house every aspect of this brand new, highly immersive P2E game.

The MAD Metascientists are the curators of unique and powerful creatures, influenced by your pre-existing NFT collection, these creatures will mutate one of a kind traits and abilities based on your favourite art and made playable in the MAD Metaverse.

These mutated creatures will battle for survival, search for fuel to carry on their bloodline and continuously evolve.

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MAD Metaverse- Best Play To Earn Game

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Parallel NFT Trading Card Game Preview

Parallel is an upcoming NFT trading card game that stands out in the realm of web3 gaming. While popular games like Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, and Axie Infinity have already made their mark, Parallel aims to raise the bar with its unique features. The game boasts exceptional graphics set in a captivating sci-fi world, offering players an enticing blend of futuristic aesthetics and a space opera narrative. What truly sets Parallel apart is its incorporation of five distinct “parallels” or factions, each with its own style and strengths.

In Parallel, players construct custom decks of 40 cards to engage in battles where the objective is to reduce the opponent’s HP to zero. The gameplay involves tactical decision-making and strategic card play. The game’s addictive nature is fueled by its innovative mechanics, high-quality 3D graphics, and the diversity of its factions.

The game’s visuals distinguish it from other web3 card games, leaning towards a dark and serious sci-fi aesthetic reminiscent of Hearthstone. While seasoned trading card game players will find the mechanics familiar, new players might face a steeper learning curve due to the unique faction mechanics.

Parallel features five distinct parallels, each with its own backstory, aesthetics, and play style:

Earthen Parallel: Focused on defense and strategic gameplay with self-healing abilities.
Marcolian Parallel: Emphasizes offense over defense, favoring quick, aggressive matches.
Kathari Parallel: Utilizes clones to overwhelm opponents quickly.
Augencore Parallel: Offers card upgrades and the creation of powerful unique cards.
Shroud Parallel: Unique “Singularity” mechanic enables card theft and mysticism.
Strategic deck management is crucial across all parallels, involving careful sequencing and decision-making. The game’s balance and how the inclusion of strong cards as NFTs might impact gameplay remains a question.

Parallel’s ecosystem includes Ethereum-based NFT cards and its native cryptocurrency, PRIME. Avatar NFTs provide customization options for profiles, and most playing cards are available as NFTs, with customizable abilities. Winners of ranked matches earn PRIME based on their deck composition and ownership of Avatar NFTs.

Parallel’s universe expands into comic books, further enriching its sci-fi world. In closed beta, Parallel offers a promising blend of competitive card gameplay and crypto elements, offering a fresh take on the NFT-driven trading card game genre.

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MAD Metaverse- Best Play To Earn Game

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MAD Metaverse- Best Play To Earn Game