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Medieval Empires Ertugrul: Game Review

Medieval Empires Ertugrul: Game Review

Game Review 

In today’s gaming news, we flip back the pages and delve into the history of medieval times. A game that has taken the blockchain gaming industry by storm and carries a lot of expectations and promises on its shoulders is Medieval Empires: Ertugrul game. The Medieval Empires Ertugrul game is a historical narrative, “play-and-own,” multiplayer, online strategy blockchain game. The game has a lot to offer: you will explore the vast historical world, build your own empire, and lead your forces to expand, grow, and conquer the land. It’s all about God, glory, and gold; hop on to your horse and fight with honor like a warrior, just like in the olden days. Whatever you get in the game is yours in this polygon-powered blockchain game. The game offers exciting opportunities to “play and own” physical and digital NFTs.

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The game is also based on the popular TV series based on Ertugrul Gazi. The lead character of the game is also played by the same actor who starred in the lead role of the astronomically popular TV series. So, you will experience the same voice as Engin Altan in the game as well. Isn’t it exciting? The game is roping in lead actors, and in the future, we may see many more popular actors in this game.

Medieval Empires Game Overview

The game is set in the late 13th century in the land that is now modern-day Turkiye. The game takes you back in time where there are different forces, tribes, barbarians, and new factions that are always on the prowl to expand and conquer lands. You can choose between four different factions to play as: the Turkic tribe, an English crusader, the Mongol hordes, or an upcoming hidden faction. The game has a gripping storyline, just like in the historical accounts. However, the developers have made it a bit more interesting by adding twists to the story, so not everything represents fact in this game.

The game involves Ertugrul Gazi, a Turkish tribal warrior and a celebrated leader. He was a simple man at first, but he helped his family and tribe get rich by making good deals, moving to a better place, and eventually making strong alliances. The famous and powerful Ottoman Empire was built on the back of his clever planning, unmatched bravery, and complete honesty. In the game, Ertugrul faces off with the future King of England, Edward 1st. Edward 1st, on the other hand, is leading a successful ninth crusade across Europe to one of the holiest places on Earth.

Medieval Empires Gameplay

The game places you in the shoes of a medieval war hero, starting in a small village. At first, the game is a passive PvE where players build a town and trade, train, fight, and make alliances. The aim is to build a powerful empire with the help of alliances with other online players. Also, people will keep trying to invade your land, which you will have to deal with over and over. The game also offers you ownership rights to the land once you buy it as NFTs. You, as the landowner, can charge taxes to other players, so there is a great chance of building up a passive income stream.

Medieval Empires Ertugrul, blockchain nft game, play-and-own
Medieval Empires Ertugrul Art work

In-game Events and Player Goals

The game will also have regular events with PvP battles and hard PvE missions that give players valuable rewards. These events will take place in different provinces or counties in other players’ lands. However, you can camp on these lands and play the events, claim the prize, and head back to your homeland.

Also, if you don’t care about the events or battles, you can play the game without doing anything. You can be a merchant, take care of land, or just take care of your clan. As a merchant, you can exchange in-game assets for cryptocurrencies. So, there is a lot for every type of player.

You can also take part in short-, medium-, and long-term goals as a player in the game.

Short-term goals include fighting off invaders, doing daily tasks, gathering resources, making NFTs, making trades, and upgrading low-level buildings. 

Buildings will need to be upgraded to higher levels, new game elements will need to be unlocked, and events will need to be taken part in. Mid-term goals span over a month. Then we have long-term goals that take up to a year and involve running a clan, leading leaderboards, and attaining in-game prestige.

Medieval Empires Tokenomics and Land NFTs

The game has its own token called $MEE. It just came out this month, and the gaming community has been very excited about it. The initial $MEE token launch was a sell-out, and the community has shown tremendous trust in the project. The token is listed on the ByBit exchange, and players are excited about it. The token is one of the game’s two currencies, and it can be used to do things in the game. The total sale of the token stands at 24% of the total tokens, i.e., 3,000,000,000.

Medieval Empires Ertugrul, blockchain nft game, play-and-own
Medieval Empires Ertugrul

The game also offers land NFTs in two forms: NPC-owned lands and player-owned lands. This means that certain parts of the lands on the world map will remain with the developers. The lands are divided into five tiers, each with its own set of benefits, boosts, resources, and more. 

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Medieval Empires Ertugrul: Game Review

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Medieval Empires Ertugrul: Game Review

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