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Mist: Pre-Alpha Game Review

Mist: Pre-Alpha Game Review

Game Review 

Welcome back to another game review news article where we will discuss one of the most sought-after and promising blockchain metaverse NFT games, Mist. Mist is an upcoming open-world, action RPG MMO with a unique combat mechanic. The game uses blockchain technology and centers around NFTs, staking, and farming. The game has silky-smooth and eye-pleasing graphics running on Unity. Additionally, the game offers an open-world metaverse with an immersive environment for players.

So, the game offers players the chance to create their own adventures, explore the massive open world of Mist, and earn rewards in NFTs and more. Furthermore, in today’s game news, we will discuss the earning potential of Mist and how you can cash in the game. 

Mist Game Review

Mist is an open-world metaverse game with many zones and environments that can be explored in an endless number of ways. The game has an interesting storyline with two groups, eight races, and nine character classes. You have the liberty to choose a character that suits your style of play. You can choose between demons, humans, and dwarfs, or animal kin, Orcs, and Elfs. 

Each race has its pros and cons, as well as unique abilities and prowess. Moreover, the game revolves around an unexpected and ferocious rivalry between warriors and demons. An unlikely kill at the hands of a warrior, a kill that the Orcs had never seen before. This single incident brought havoc to the occupants of Dunia and Okhron.

Mist: Character Races and Factions


If you are coming into the Mist metaverse with the aim of collecting gold, then opt for Mousekins. Mousekins is a swashbuckling pirate who is always on the hunt for gold. These little creatures are cunning tricksters with a lot of speed at their disposal. Moreover, they can jump pretty high and leave their opponents behind quite easily.

Mist: Pre-Alpha for this Blockchain Metaverse NFT MMORPG Game Has Begun
Mist: Pre-Alpha for this Blockchain Metaverse NFT MMORPG Game Has Begun


The Rhinokin race is a passive one with a motto of “live and let live,” or, to be more precise, “don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.” This race has gentle giants in it that love to live in peace and close to nature. Their defense is strong, but the offense is even stronger. Their superpower lies in belly bumps and horn attacks.


The elf race is super intelligent, clever, and a top strategist. Their combat strategy, weaponry, and battle tactics are popular in the Midrim region. They also have very strong and well-trained armies that focus a lot on violence to make their enemies afraid. Elves have vampiric essence, which drains the opponent’s mana and heals the elf.


Orcs are born warriors, and their aim in life is to become victorious over enemies. They revere their great warriors and wish to die fighting opponents on the battlefield. Their opponents are duped by their outright and pure battle tactics. Orcs’ death stares and headbutts cause a lot of trouble for the enemies.


The lion race is protective, respectful, and decisive. They barely interact with other races and only live with their own pride. The lion race is always willing to protect family, pride, and territory. Their claw attack is super effective against enemies. Moreover, their movement and speed are also unmatched when they are on the prowl.


The fallen are rare, one-of-a-kind physical beings with characteristics that are strikingly similar to those of the human race. However, their bodies are in tune with the energy in the universe. These blue beings are always on the lookout for the truth and will go to any length to obtain it. They have a superpower of teleportation as well as granting wishes like a genie.

Mist: Pre-Alpha for this Blockchain Metaverse NFT MMORPG Game Has Begun
Mist: This Blockchain Metaverse NFT MMORPG Game’s Pre-Alpha Has Started


Then we have the dwarf race, which has traits of creativity and persistence. They are friendly beings, and if you make them angry, you better watch your back. This race has a strong melee attack and can cause damage at a range of 10 meters.


Finally, there is the human race, which is ambitious but has a short lifespan. Human willpower is their biggest positive trait that helps them face any adversity. They are also quick learners, motivators, and leaders, and can increase damage through the use of words.

Character Classes in Mist

The game offers 9 character classes:

  • Adventurer
  • Bard
  • Berserker
  • Crusader
  • Enchanter
  • Priest
  • Ranger
  • Shapeshifter
  • Witchhunter

Earning Opportunities in Mist

You can earn money by purchasing in-game mines, farms, and some other resources. Moreover, you can also make money by fighting monsters, winning against other players, winning world battlegrounds, and more. The main idea is to earn in-game tokens. However, the developers will employ the test phase for the earning mechanism during the Pre-Alpha of the game.

Some of the Passive staking Rewards in the game include:

  • Land (Mining) Staking
  • Land (Lumber Mills) Staking
  • Land (Fishery) Staking
  • Land (Farms) Staking

The game also allows for passive income through NFT Passive-Ownership Rewards. 

As for the active rewards, the game offers:

  • Killing Monsters
  • Finding Treasure
  • Trading in-game items
  • Winning PvP
  • Winning PvP battlegrounds
  • Finishing Quests
  • And Guild Loot

The game also offers creative ways of earning, which is something for the future.

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Mist: Pre-Alpha Game Review

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Mist: Pre-Alpha Game Review

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