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NFT Games List 2023-2024

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NFT Games List 2023-2024

In this extensive collection, we’ve meticulously curated a vast array of NFT games that are bound to ignite your passion for gaming. Each game is accompanied by a concise description, providing valuable insights into its unique storyline and gameplay mechanics. Craving even more in-depth information? Simply head to the top menu and choose between “Games” or “News.”

In today’s ever-evolving gaming landscape, the emergence of NFTs has ushered in a revolutionary fusion of gaming and cryptocurrency. Players who venture into these captivating virtual realms not only embark on thrilling adventures but also reap real-world rewards and cryptocurrency tokens. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the NFT gaming universe, our comprehensive list serves as your portal to exploring, understanding, and immersing yourself in this captivating domain.

Prepare for an incredible journey through a diverse array of digital realms, where your skills, strategies, and creativity can translate into tangible rewards. Delve into various game genres and let your gaming adventures lead you to exciting opportunities for financial gain, unveiling the future of interactive entertainment. And be sure to stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter!

NFT Game List 2023-2024

Check out our NFT Gaming list. We will keep adding daily new games to this longlist:

Castles NFT Game:

Castles NFT Game offers an enchanting world where you can construct your own realm, blending and forging territories to expand your fortune and sway. The scarcity-driven ecosystem adds an exhilarating challenge as you compete against time and fellow players to craft valuable NFTs. Limited-time crafting events and the concept of Wonders make it a thrilling journey to dominate the in-game economy. Delving into dungeons with heroes adds another layer of excitement, making Castles NFT Game a must-try for strategy and simulation enthusiasts.

Rising Star:

Rising Star presents an immersive odyssey from a street performer to a global sensation. The game’s integration with NFTs and STARBITS rewards enriches your career progression. Crafting musical instruments, accomplishing missions, and taking part in festivals make the game engrossing. The in-game radio and live interactive shows foster a sense of community. If you aspire to music stardom, your stage awaits in Rising Star.

Monsters Clan:

Monsters Clan introduces an innovative concept of concocting baby monsters through elixirs. The Monster Laboratory and the marketplace for Monster Potions provide captivating gameplay. The fusion of chemistry and creature creation delivers a fresh and entertaining adventure for those intrigued by monster-themed escapades.


Minerio combines cryptocurrency mining with strategic gameplay. It welcomes newcomers while offering a steep learning curve for veterans. The linkage to the Oasis network and the assortment of miner NFTs deepen the experience. Accumulating RIO tokens by optimizing your mining operation is the ultimate goal. Minerio is a captivating blend of crypto economics and strategy gaming.

Chain of Alliance:

Chain of Alliance promises an immersive on-chain role-playing and strategy game set in a fantastical science fiction realm. Engaging in party battles, looting, and hero leveling provides a classic RPG experience. The integration of NFTs brings uniqueness to character development. Whether confronting AI monsters or fellow players, the game’s emphasis on loot and XP ensures boundless adventures.

Wizards and Dragons:

Wizards & Dragons fuses utility-focused NFTs, DeFi elements, and immersive gameplay. The prospect of evolving NFT characters over time adds a strategic dimension. Thousands of wizards and dragons competing in a towering challenge offers high-stakes excitement. The fully on-chain approach ensures ownership and security. It’s a must-try for collectors and strategy enthusiasts.


BitstarWar introduces an innovative amalgamation of blockchain principles and gameplay mechanics inspired by Bitcoin mining. The simulated economic gameplay, valuable NFT collections, and distinctive combat systems provide a unique experience. Managing miners and power generation adds strategic depth. If you’re passionate about both blockchain and gaming, BitstarWar is a promising fusion.

Lowlife Forms:

Lowlife Forms is a thrilling looter-shooter with a twist, offering NFT modularity and cosmic smuggling. Interoperable NFTs across the Gameverse and the promise of limitless gaming possibilities are exhilarating. Community-driven IP building and modding options set it apart. Immerse yourself in epic gunfights and mystical battles in this evolving Gameverse.


Zomfi blends the popular zombie genre with blockchain gaming and 3D immersion. Navigating a city, collecting gear, and fending off zombies offer a unique twist. The use of digital tokens for gear and rewards adds a crypto layer. If you’re a fan of zombies and immersive gameplay, Zomfi promises a fresh experience.


DexGo introduces a fascinating blend of minimalist footwear, content creation, and earnings through sharing impressions. Purchasing and renting NFT sneakers, producing films, and sharing content with followers offer a diverse range of activities. DexGo’s unique approach to gameplay and income generation makes it worth exploring. immerses players in the world of strategic MMO fantasy, offering kingdom expansion, troop management, alliances, and epic battles. The ability to conquer and negotiate with other players adds depth to the experience. It’s a challenging game for strategy and conquest enthusiasts.

Dark Country:

Dark Country melds collectible card games and NFTs, enabling players to explore the power of NFTs in a free-to-play game. Support for various blockchain networks ensures accessibility. With a focus on trading cards and battles, Dark Country offers a unique CCG experience.

Battle Craft:

Battle Craft launches space battles into the metaverse, offering both P&E and P2E gameplay with a diverse array of spacecraft. The dual-token system and the competition to establish a legacy in space make it an alluring choice for space and strategy gaming enthusiasts. Soar to new heights and forge your legacy in the Battle Craft metaverse.


WonderLand ushers in the future of metaverse shopping, enabling 3D and VR shopping experiences. It serves as a versatile platform for showcasing NFT collections and physical items in a distinctive manner. The creation of themed cities and engagement with communities adds depth to the metaverse journey. It’s a game-changer for virtual commerce.


Metarush offers uproarious multiplayer gameplay with bouncing, tumbling, and spirited competition. The elimination-style gameplay and whimsical landscapes promise laughter and excitement. With a hint of mystery and the Myriaverse concept, Metarush injects an intriguing twist into multiplayer gaming.


BYOPills introduces land ownership in the Byoverse open-world game, where land expansion and treasure collection take center stage. It’s an enticing concept for those looking to invest in virtual real estate and participate in a unique gaming ecosystem.

Enders Gate:

Enders Gate is a play-to-earn NFT trading card game inspired by popular TCGs. Collecting, trading, and dueling with unique decks offer a rich gaming experience for card game enthusiasts.

Sugar Kingdom:

Sugar Kingdom melds fantasy with blockchain, offering an addictive gaming experience. Players can possess in-game items, trade them, and earn rewards, presenting a unique concept in blockchain gaming.


G-BOTs ushers Polygon-based NFTs into a decentralized platform for play-to-earn experiences. Upgrading NFTs, engaging in games, and challenging other players in the G-BOTs Metaverse offer diverse avenues to earn income and connect with the community.


IMPERIVM is a strategic MMO fantasy game set in a medieval world with blockchain integration. Building armies, forging alliances, and conquering kingdoms provide endless gameplay possibilities for strategy enthusiasts.


Bitmates invites players into a world of monkeys and exploration. This MMO offers missions, resource gathering, crafting, boss battles, and social interactions, creating a captivating and interactive experience.

Raven Quest:

Raven Quest offers player freedom in earning token rewards through various playstyles, from trading to adventuring. The game’s open-ended approach allows you to shape your path to success.


Caveworld is a role-playing P2E game set in a fictional fantasy world where neanderthal Cavemen engage in battles and evolve. It’s a unique concept for those intrigued by both medieval settings and blockchain gaming.

Crystals of Fate:

Crystals of Fate combines a revolutionary combat system with tactical battle maps and fast-paced gameplay. Constructing unique decks and participating in simultaneous battles offer a fresh perspective on CCGs.


DeepMine delivers a sophisticated NFT Sci-Fi metaverse experience with diversified economics. Trading assets, staking NFTs, and interacting with the community make it a distinctive and evolving game.

Brave Nine Global:

Brave Nine Global presents a captivating blend of strategy and stunning artwork featuring over 300 unique Mercenaries. Create formations, engage in decisive battles, and challenge other Captains in various game modes. Join a global community to earn rewards, participate in events, and assemble the ultimate team. It’s a strategic delight!

Rise Online:

Rise Online elevates MMORPG gaming by integrating blockchain technology. Earn crypto assets while battling, trading, and leading your way to victory. With innovative gameplay and the potential to earn assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s time to level up your gaming experience.

Riot Racers:

Riot Racers invites you to plunge into the exhilarating realm of play-to-earn car racing. Possess verifiable NFTs, participate in races, and actively or passively accumulate RIOT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Utilize these tokens to enhance your vehicles, partake in races, and reap in-game rewards. It’s an electrifying journey for crypto enthusiasts.


KEROZ introduces heart-pounding hack-and-slash action within a crypto-powered roguelike environment. Engage in epic battles, vanquish countless foes, and embark on thrilling adventures. With action-packed gameplay, KEROZ is a must-play for action RPG aficionados.

Sweet Monster Guardians:

Sweet Monster Guardians offers a delightful fusion of strategy and defense. Safeguard Tournament Town using playful toy dolls and strategic card-based gameplay. It’s a straightforward yet profound experience that will captivate fans of the genre.

Verse Warriors:

Verse Warriors beckons you to join the fray with three distinct factions, each boasting its own advantages and starting positions. Construct your army, conquer territories, and engage in strategic warfare. With thousands of balanced warriors, this game promises an epic conflict.

Project GD:

Project GD unveils ambitious plans for game development utilizing NFTs. In its maiden title, TCG enthusiasts can duel with their NFT card decks. Ownership of Project GD NFTs also bestows rewards in related games. Brace yourself for a unique gaming adventure in the crypto realm.

Whack the Demon:

Whack the Demon blends point-and-click action with survival gameplay. Developed by Whack It Games, it guarantees a brutal and intense experience with play-to-earn opportunities. Whether you prefer the story mode or endless nightmare mode, it’s time to confront the demons.


HOLA CITY is a virtual crypto metaverse where adventure and earnings converge. Invest in commercial properties, farm, raise animals, engage in shipping, and more using the HOLA token. With a multitude of income prospects and a burgeoning virtual universe, it’s time to push the boundaries of the crypto realm.


MetaRivals presents an addictive arcade-style beat ’em up game where warriors draw inspiration from Crypto coins. Clash with other players, express your devotion to your preferred coins, and earn $MRVL rewards. It’s a fun method to unite various Crypto communities on a single platform.


Chaino is the Crypto Uno you’ve longed for. Wager Chain-Games tokens and triumph over others in exhilarating matches or play with friends for free. It’s a perfect blend of competitive gaming and social interaction.

Galaxy Fight Club:

Galaxy Fight Club elevates PvP MOBA gaming to unprecedented heights. Engage in battles across diverse avatar collections and witness epic showdowns like never before. With Ethereum and NFT rewards, it’s an exciting addition to the metaverse.

Definity Legend:

Definity Legend stands as a groundbreaking cryptocurrency sandbox gaming platform. Immerse yourself in a dynamic virtual world, partake in thrilling battles, and earn rewards through blockchain technology. It’s a game-changer for the gaming community.


CryptoTanks is a play-to-earn game inspired by the classic Battle City game. Dive into nostalgia with upgraded graphics and explore a gamified DeFi ecosystem. Upgrade and trade NFT tanks, and enjoy gamified yield farming. Play and earn with CryptoTanks.


Polygonum is a DeFi game with NFT items and in-game tokens. Explore a free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer game with an NFT marketplace. Control supply and demand as you earn money through various activities in the open world.

Soccer Crypto:

Soccer Crypto blends a love for football with blockchain technology. Play for free and accumulate tickets for exclusive fiery matches with lucrative rewards. Build your NFT character, collect valuable items, and challenge players worldwide for glory.

NFT Worlds:

NFT Worlds offers limitless, customizable worlds with Minecraft compatibility and developer APIs. Forge unique communities, environments, and resources in a player-driven metaverse. It’s a world-building adventure unlike any other.


GAME DOSI stands as a gamer-centric next-gen game platform with a Web3 focus. Discover a new era of gaming with a strong emphasis on user experience.


XALTE: Vengeful Heroes is a fast-paced MOBA game where you can compete solo or as part of a team. Earn XALTE Points and daily dividends of XALTE tokens. With various gameplay modes, it offers something for every player.


Medabots promises a revolutionary P2E gaming experience with tactical 3v3 battles and NFT customization. Join the Medabots community for engaging events and contests.


MetaWars stands as a multiplayer strategy/roleplaying game set in a vast universe powered by blockchain technology. Chart your own course, shape pivotal events, and claim your slice of the digital economy.


Impostors offers a player-owned social gaming metaverse with an inventive approach to social deduction. Engage in murder mystery-themed gameplay modes, complete tasks, and immerse yourself in this thrilling, equitable, and engrossing metaverse.


GalaxyWar represents a Defi + Multichain space strategy NFT game. Conquer planets, advance your technological prowess, and partake in grand space conflicts. Begin as a small force and ascend to dominance in this expansive cosmos.

Baseball Superstars 2022:

Baseball Superstars 2022 merges fantasy elements with baseball, delivering 3D visuals and immersive gameplay. Collect Trainers, nurture players, and earn utility tokens for endless baseball enjoyment.


Ookeenga presents a mesmerizing fusion of blockchain technology, stunning visuals, and addictive gameplay. It immerses players in a captivating realm while offering opportunities to play, own, and earn through NFTs.

RPS League:

RPS League brings the timeless Rock Paper Scissors game to the blockchain. With its unique team-building aspect using NFTs, players can partake in both PvE and PvP encounters, crafting an exciting play-to-earn experience.

The Wasted Lands:

The Wasted Lands beckons players to explore a post-apocalyptic realm with exhilarating PvP gameplay, making it a must-try for NFT game enthusiasts.


AgeOfGods unfolds boundless strategic possibilities as players assemble teams of gods and experiment with various tactics. Its offline battles add depth to the gameplay, rendering it an engrossing experience.

Polychain Islands:

Polychain Islands blends riveting battles with resource management and entrepreneurship, delivering an all-encompassing play-to-earn adventure that keeps players engaged on multiple fronts.

War Riders:

War Riders invites players into an apocalyptic blockchain adventure where they forge customized war machines for mining and combat. It’s a high-octane journey for blockchain aficionados.

Cubix Fantasy Game, Card Game:

Cubix Fantasy Game, Card Game introduces players to a realm of NFT fantasy sports and prediction games, offering an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.


ApeGang whisks players on a wild odyssey where apes vie for control over Ape City. With diverse gangs and captivating gameplay, it guarantees hours of amusement.


MAFIAFOOT merges football management with NFTs, enabling players to collect cards and build their clubs while generating income through trading.


Highstreet seamlessly bridges the physical and digital worlds with an MMORPG that transforms real products into in-game items, infusing a unique twist into the genre.

Camelot Guardian:

Camelot Guardian delivers tower-defense action on the blockchain, allowing players to safeguard their kingdom using NFT characters and earn valuable in-game assets.


Khosmium amalgamates RPG, RTS, and MOBA elements in a play-to-earn universe. With a thriving economy and captivating gameplay, it’s a treat for gaming enthusiasts.

Angels Creed:

Angels Creed serves as a fantastic play-to-earn RPG on the Binance Smart Chain, immersing players in a world of light and darkness. Build formidable teams and master unique skills.

Chicken Derby:

Chicken Derby lets players accumulate ETH by racing and breeding chickens, injecting a competitive edge into the NFT gaming arena.


Starwin transforms gaming time into cryptocurrency earnings, presenting a novel way for gamers to monetize their passion.

Meta Nomads:

Meta Nomads transports players to a post-apocalyptic world where survival and alliances are paramount. With third-person shooter mechanics, it promises intense battles and high stakes.


TheMEGLAND presents a versatile virtual world where players can craft, possess, and monetize their gaming adventures, all powered by the Ethereum blockchain and the MEG token.

Fight of the Ages:

Fight of the Ages combines MOBA and RPG elements with Microsoft Mesh technology, crafting an authentically immersive gaming experience.

Dragon Wars:

Dragon Wars melds turn-based strategy with play-to-earn attributes on the Solana blockchain, offering a rich gaming encounter for strategy aficionados.

Clash of Lilliput:

Clash of Lilliput plunges players into a realm where miniature tribes vie for survival and prosperity. It boasts a blend of city-building, warfare, and strategy.


DracooMaster delivers a strategic roguelike deck-building adventure, enabling players to partake in both PvE journeys and PvP arena battles.


EXO introduces a multi-chain P2E MMORPG emphasizing strategic evolution and trading within a web3 universe. Engage in PVE conflicts and strategic decision-making for a gratifying experience.


0xUniverse stands as an innovative blockchain-based game that invites you to explore a galaxy filled with unique, collectible planets. As an explorer, your mission is to colonize these planets, extract valuable resources, and construct powerful spacecraft. The game’s captivating universe keeps you engaged as you expand your fleet and uncover the mysteries of the cosmos.


CivD serves as a 4X strategy game set in a 3D world, reminiscent of the beloved Civilization series. This game offers players the opportunity to claim territory, amass resources, research advanced technologies, and construct sprawling empires. Engage in epic battles against other players on a vast world. Just ensure you have a decent graphics card to fully savor this immersive experience.

Golf Impact:

Golf Impact marks a groundbreaking Web3 mobile golf game that globalizes your golfing skills. Tee off and compete with players worldwide in real-time matches to earn tokens. Immerse yourself in popular destinations and landmarks, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your golfing adventures. Swing, triumph, and earn right from your mobile device!

Cyber Galz:

Cyber Galz introduces futuristic humanoid companions from AD 2136. These AI-powered Galz offer exceptional capabilities, including processing skills, combat prowess, and metaverse utilities. Each Galz possesses a unique charm, making them coveted NFT items. Built on Immutable X, an Ethereum layer 2 protocol, this game allows Galz owners to trade their NFTs with zero gas fees, enhancing their desirability.

Aspo World:

Aspo World immerses players in a captivating realm where they choose from three character classes and form teams with companions to battle and claim NFTs. The game emphasizes community and player connections, with guilds and tournaments in development. Featuring PvE, PvP, and guild battles, Aspo World embraces the play-to-earn model, allowing players to claim valuable items through daily activities and battles.

Bionic Owls:

Bionic Owls transports you to a frigid, extraterrestrial world where intelligent alien beings, the Night Owls, have received robotic augmentations to traverse between planets. These Bionic Owls return to conquer their home planet after Earth’s destruction. This NFT-enabled play-to-impact, play-to-earn game offers limited edition 3D avatar characters with real usability in the game and metaverse.

Metagalaxy Land:

Metagalaxy Land beckons players to explore a vast metaverse, mine resources, and collaborate with space cowboys. Create and personalize your own planet, take on the role of a space cowboy, and collect bounties in the metagalactic universe. Exchange $megaland on various platforms and engage in trade, alliances, and battles to earn tokens while navigating this thrilling space adventure.

Derby Stars:

Derby Stars unfolds as a horse racing metaverse game that offers a distinctive play-to-earn experience. Train and breed your horses, participate in races, and use special food to unlock their hidden abilities. Secure victories to earn rewards and potentially monetize your horses through in-game scholarship programs, breeding, and selling on the marketplace.

Galaxy Fight Club:

Galaxy Fight Club represents a cross-brand, cross-platform PvP MOBA game that assembles characters from different avatar collections. This real-time PvP game delivers exhilarating battles featuring characters from various IP sources. Battle it out in the Galaxy Fight Club with your favorite avatars and earn Ethereum and NFT rewards.


Metarrior merges NFT 2.0 technology with Match-3 gameplay and strategy elements. Build a team of heroes, engage in battles against dark forces, and collect heroes from across the realm. Solve puzzles on the game board and immerse yourself in this captivating play-to-earn NFT puzzle game.

Dream Card V2:

Dream Card V2 draws inspiration from the Pokémon Trading Card Game and elevates it with blockchain technology. Customize NFT cards with fresh attributes and designs, engage in PVP gameplay, nurture character growth, climb the ELO ranking, utilize passive skills, and explore NFT staking. Dream Card V2 offers a versatile gaming experience fortified by blockchain transparency.

War of GAMA:

War of GAMA fuses classic RPG elements with Web3.0 technology. Immerse yourself in battles between Blood Pledges and Castles, driven by player-directed dynamics. This mobile game presents an exciting Fight & Earn gaming journey, injecting a touch of magic into the classic RPG genre.


Angelic harmonizes turn-based strategy combat with a narrative RPG adventure. Dive into a dark and immersive universe empowered by blockchain technology. Collaboratively shape science-fiction settings, create and exchange NFTs, and engage in colony wars. Angelic offers a vast multiplayer world where players collectively shape the universe and enjoy various game modes.

Undeads Metaverse:

Undeads Metaverse offers intense gameplay on the Ethereum blockchain. Ward off zombies in a player-driven economy, earning rewards through digital land, cosmetics, and game characters. This game’s VR Social Hub introduces a distinctive metaverse experience, while partnerships with industry leaders ensure a secure and engaging gaming environment.


Finesse stands as a multi-series, play-to-earn RPG game with cross-chain capabilities. The game offers diverse competitive multiplayer experiences, enabling players to earn tokens and collectibles by playing, trading, and contributing to the ecosystem. Finesse seamlessly blends financial benefits with immersive gameplay.


HappyLand seamlessly melds online gaming with blockchain technology. Players become farm owners in a Texas-inspired countryside metaverse. The game allows players to raise livestock, cultivate crops, and customize their farms. All in-game items possess real monetary value and can be traded on the NFT marketplace.

Imperium Empires:

Imperium Empires, built on the Avalanche Blockchain, introduces GameFi 2.0, offering deflationary tokenomics through NFT burns in PvP battles. Gamify DeFi and join friends in conquering the metaverse, building empires, and earning rewards. This 3rd person RTS game provides a wide range of PvE and PvP gameplay, emphasizing teamwork and guild-based play.

GNO City:

GNO City is a game where you level up NFTs and construct your metaverse lifestyle. Expand your NFT collections and take on city challenges, earning rewards and showcasing your highest-level NFTs. The game adds a social dimension to NFT ownership and rewards players for their achievements.

Salsa Valley Game:

Salsa Valley Game, inspired by the animated series “Salsa Valley Stories,” merges blockchain technology with a social and economic focus. Explore, communicate, attend lectures, and create representations of blockchain projects in this NFT game. The game allows players to immerse themselves in a vibrant crypto world and earn Salsa Tokens for their actions.

Bit Hotel:

Bit Hotel represents a social-first play-to-earn NFT gaming metaverse. Players use Bit Hotel tokens to acquire NFTs and participate in decentralized governance. Earn while playing games and trading NFTs, and be part of the exciting play-to-earn revolution.


CrosmoShooter is an arcade shooter game on the Cronos blockchain that enables players to play with and level up their Crosmocraft NFTs. It offers endless levels, leagues, tournaments, rewards, and more, delivering an engaging and skill-based gaming experience.


Victory Gem offers players the opportunity to earn VTG tokens by engaging in competitive multiplayer games on nWayPlay. Use VTG tokens to purchase NFTs with in-game utility, creating an ecosystem where gamers can play and earn rewards.


Knockout Wars emerges as a skill-based, immersive battle game for mobile. Engage in one-on-one or team battles in a fast-paced action frenzy. Secure victories, ascend the ranking table, and qualify for special reward tournaments, where you can reap the spoils of war for you and your empire.


BattleTabs presents an intense multiplayer strategy game where you can challenge friends in quick, browser-based matches. This game offers a perfect way to take short breaks between work or study sessions while engaging in strategic battles.

Blockchain Monster Hunt:

Blockchain Monster Hunt represents a groundbreaking multi-chain game that operates entirely on the blockchain. Inspired by Pokémon-GO, this game allows players to hunt and battle monsters on unique digital spaces represented by blockchain blocks. Capture these unique monsters, earn coins, and embark on a truly blockchain-based gaming adventure.

Battle Leet:

Battle Leet serves as an arena-based battle game on the BNB Chain, featuring hardened mercenary Leets. Collect, battle, and level up your Battle Leets as you face off against other players. Trade assets as NFTs and enhance your gameplay in this thrilling NFT-based battle experience.

Doge SuperBowl:

Doge SuperBowl introduces a unique play-to-earn model by incorporating NFTs and cryptocurrency into the world of American football. With Doge Superbowl (DSBOWL) as its native currency, the game allows players to engage in character collection, trading, and battles. The promise of future updates and a strong commitment to community building make it an intriguing project. While it’s early in development, the potential for fun and profitability in this blockchain game is evident.

Idle Mystic:

Idle Mystic offers an enchanting virtual world known as the Land of Mystic, where players can possess, produce, and exchange digital assets using the IMT community governance token. The game’s open incremental gameplay encourages cooperative development with the community. Engaging in the IM Champions League, battling opponents, and earning rewards through strategic hero management add depth to the experience. Idle Mystic presents an exciting blend of creativity and competition in the blockchain gaming realm.

Meeb Master:

Meeb Master introduces real-time PvP battles to the Polygon network, providing players with the chance to earn tokens through turn-based combat. This NFT-based game injects cryptocurrency rewards and blockchain technology into the world of gaming, offering an enticing prospect for competitive gamers exploring the blockchain gaming space.


HashGarage brings a unique play-to-earn experience to the realm of car racing. With voxelized cars and the promise of a fully decentralized game economy, this blockchain game blends elements of strategy and card gaming. Owning Hash Garage NFT Cars and crafting AI Modules for races add depth to the gameplay. While it’s early in development, HashGarage hints at a promising future for crypto-driven racing enthusiasts.

Derivative Outstation 119:

Derivative Outstation 119 offers an immersive metaverse that amalgamates adventure, strategy, RPG, and trading elements. Its impressive custom 3D graphics and original soundtrack create a captivating environment. The emphasis on community and user-generated content, along with brand partnerships, promises a vibrant ecosystem. While it’s a work in progress, Derivative Outstation 119 holds the potential to be a social hub within the metaverse.

Crux Survival:

Crux Survival fuses blockchain technology with a survival MMORPG experience. CRUX token holders can plunge into a world where they confront undead adversaries, demonstrating their skills, wit, and courage. The integration of AI and on-chain data provides valuable insights. While it’s in the early stages, Crux Survival offers a unique blend of gaming and crypto rewards for adventurers.

Royale Chess:

Royale Chess reimagines the classic chess game by introducing real crypto rewards for players. The ability to compete on multiple boards against various opponents simultaneously adds an exciting twist. It’s an engaging platform for chess enthusiasts looking to test their skills and earn cryptocurrency while doing so.

Go Faster Game:

Go Faster Game takes online racing to the next level by offering fair competition and GFG token rewards. With full ownership of in-game cars, players can strategize and compete to win tokens. While it’s a straightforward concept, the competitive edge and token rewards make it a thrilling experience for racing game fans.

Sheep Land:

Sheep Land introduces a passive income game on the Binance Smart Chain, where players build and grow sheep farms to earn BNB. The game’s simplicity, coupled with the potential for passive income, makes it accessible and engaging for blockchain enthusiasts. The inclusion of an affiliate program adds a social element to the game.

Exodus: Goodbye World:

Exodus: Goodbye World offers a metaverse RPG experience set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players can explore, craft, and earn within the game’s economy. While it’s still in beta, the promise of NFT rewards and blockchain integration adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to truly own and trade in-game assets.


ElementsGO combines fantasy elements, strategic battles, and team-building in an exciting multiplayer game. The concept of acquiring characters from LootBoxes and evolving them through unique character trees adds depth and replayability. ElementsGO promises thrilling battles and the opportunity to unlock valuable rewards.


ShooterPals brings a unique blend of platform shooting, crypto rewards, and NFT customization to the gaming world. The seamless integration with Web3 wallets and decentralized ownership of in-game items empowers players. ShooterPals is a promising platform for competitive multiplayer gaming with a twist.


Kardomance offers a competitive card game with strategic depth. The unique features, including deck fragments and evolutive abilities, add complexity to the gameplay. With various game modes and NFT rewards, Kardomance provides an engaging card gaming experience on the blockchain.

Meme Lordz:

Meme Lordz combines blockchain technology and NFTs to create a unique RPG experience. Battling and binding Meme Lordz, evolving their abilities, and utilizing specialized combat affinities add depth to the gameplay. The game’s strategic turn-based battles and dynamic progression system promise hours of engaging gameplay.

Fables of Fyra: The Awakening:

Fables of Fyra: The Awakening offers a play-to-earn open-world RPG experience. Players can explore, craft, and complete quests while building wealth within the game’s ecosystem. The promise of a player-owned economy and diverse gameplay elements makes Fables of Fyra an intriguing option for RPG enthusiasts.

Endless Battlefield:

Endless Battlefield presents a versatile metaverse that combines military strategy, exploration, and sandbox elements. The game offers various modes to cater to different player preferences, from intense battles to leisurely activities. Endless Battlefield has the potential to offer both competitive and casual experiences within a vast, immersive world.

God of Relics:

God of Relics introduces a real-time strategy game with multiplayer options, featuring AI and blockchain technology. The unique assets, including lands, hero characters, and Relics, offer intriguing possibilities for players. God of Relics provides a promising blend of strategy and blockchain integration.

Idle Cyber:

Idle Cyber presents a post-apocalyptic world where players command mutant squads in a frontier-defense game. The play-to-earn model, adventure in a dystopian setting, and DeFi features make it an enticing prospect. Idle Cyber offers a dynamic mix of strategy, exploration, and earnings potential.


CryptoMines immerses players in a SciFi play-to-earn NFT game set in a vast universe. Collecting Workers and Spaceships, mining for $ETERNAL, and strategizing to survive create a thrilling gaming experience. CryptoMines promises an exciting journey through space with opportunities for profit.


Metaversus offers a massive multiplayer metaverse with competitive mini-games, quests, and activities. The opportunity to create, earn, and trade digital assets adds depth to the experience. Metaversus aims to be a versatile and engaging metaverse platform for players seeking diverse gameplay options.


0xRacers introduces a multiplayer racing manager game with a focus on car ownership and tuning. The integration of multiple blockchains and the opportunity to join epic racing events add excitement to the game. 0xRacers provides a unique blend of racing and blockchain technology.

Spirit Clash:

Spirit Clash is a captivating battle for supremacy in the realms of Mind, Body, and Soul. With followers, hexes, and relics, players strategize to control spiritual cores. The game’s blend of strategy, card management, and multiplayer competition promises intense clashes for supremacy.

Cryptic Legends:

Cryptic Legends is a tactical hero management game inspired by real-world legends, offering players the ability to trade, upgrade, and dominate the battlegrounds. The ownership of in-game assets and NFT trading adds depth to the gameplay, making Cryptic Legends a promising option for collectors and strategists alike.

GoFit Health:

GoFit is a revolutionary health and fitness app that seamlessly blends blockchain technology with exercise. Users can earn rewards while staying active, thanks to NFT sneakers that track their movements. With dual tokens and a strong emphasis on gamification, GoFit is a compelling platform that motivates users to lead healthier lives and explore the world of Web3. Whether you’re leveling up your sneakers or customizing NFTs, GoFit offers an engaging fitness experience with tangible rewards.


Step into the futuristic world of Mazuri, where physical combat is the only way to make a living. This unique game immerses players in a city where fights settle everything. Create your fighter, form gangs, raid rivals, and shape Mazuri City as you see fit. With intense hand-to-hand combat and blockchain integration, Mazuri offers thrilling PvP and PvE experiences, all while earning $MZR Tokens. Prepare for fame, glory, and wealth in the ultimate fighting metropolis.

Galaxy Fight Club:

Galaxy Fight Club is a remarkable cross-platform MOBA game that brings together iconic characters from various avatar collections for epic battles. Imagine Pikachu taking on Mario or a Bull from Bulls on the Block fighting a BAYC Ape. It’s like Super Smash Bros for the blockchain world. Dive into real-time PvP action, win Ethereum and NFTs, and experience a unique collision of avatars from different IPs in this exciting MOBA adventure.


In the cyberpunk future of Socaverse, soccer remains a beloved sport, and the “Cyber World Cup” is the most anticipated event in the world. Manage your private soccer club, assemble your team, and strive for Cyber World Cup glory. With captivating gameplay and a vibrant soccer economy, Socaverse offers a thrilling fusion of sports and blockchain technology. Join the global quest for victory in this futuristic soccer universe.

Z Versus Project:

Z Versus Project is a groundbreaking virtual reality FPS-RPG hybrid game that embraces the best elements of the gaming industry and the emerging metaverse. Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic metaverse filled with engaging gameplay, community interaction, and opportunities for earning rewards. With AI-powered solutions and DAO integration, Z Versus Project revolutionizes the fitness industry while providing an exhilarating gaming experience.

Stars End Metaverse:

Prepare for a multiplayer sci-fi survival game set in the distant future, coming soon to the blockchain. Equip yourself, embark on adventures, and conquer the unknown in a universe filled with danger and opportunities. Stars End Metaverse promises thrilling gameplay and a vibrant, community-driven experience. Get ready to deploy, lock, and load for intergalactic survival.


StepWatch is a WEB3 fitness and health tracking app with a unique NFT Move-To-Earn system. Walk, jog, and train to earn cryptocurrency and valuable NFTs, which can be used for in-platform activities or traded. This app seamlessly combines fitness with blockchain technology, offering users a fun and rewarding way to stay active and connected in the digital age.


SoccerVerse is a community-driven football management simulator and trading game powered by blockchain technology. Experience the authentic football economy with asset ownership, real value, and total control. Whether you’re managing your team or trading players, SoccerVerse offers true realism and a unique blend of football and blockchain.


Moverse is a FitnessFi app that motivates users to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle through AI-powered solutions. By integrating AI, SocialFi, and DAO into fitness, Moverse offers an innovative way to optimize exercise behavior. Join the Move-to-Earn trend and unlock rewards while improving your fitness journey in the digital era.

Valhalla Land:

Enter a medieval fantasy world rooted in Scandinavian mythology in Valhalla Land. Clear the nine worlds of the Great Tree Yggdrasil, develop your character, harvest, craft, and engage in a captivating storyline. With features like guilds, NFT item trading, PVP arenas, and in-game chats, Valhalla offers a rich multiplayer RPG experience on the blockchain.


ShinobiVerse invites you into a world of ninjas, where strength and strategy are your keys to survival. Traverse different islands across time periods, battling foes and building your ninja legacy. With evolving gameplay and time travel elements, ShinobiVerse offers a dynamic and immersive experience in the realm of martial arts and strategy.


VeraSaw is a digital virtual plant token that allows users to beautify their metaverse space. Enhance your virtual environment with unique and visually appealing flora, adding a touch of beauty to your digital landscape.


MOVE is a Web3 fitness app that combines gaming and social elements to promote a healthy lifestyle. Earn rewards by staying active, and be part of a community actively pursuing fitness and wellness. It’s a pioneering concept that merges fitness with the blockchain, allowing you to earn while you exercise.


Menzy introduces a revolutionary Move2Earn system that rewards users for physical activity through advanced camera-based technology. This unique approach detects various activities and poses, allowing users to earn MNZ Tokens. With a complete ecosystem, Menzy offers a wide range of utilities and competitions, connecting fitness enthusiasts in both the real world and the metaverse.


MetaShooter is the first blockchain-based hunting metaverse, offering a realistic hunting experience in an open world. Explore, hunt trophies, and earn token rewards while customizing and upgrading your hunting equipment. Experience the thrill of the hunt and monetize your hunting skills in the metaverse.


Marathonz is a unique game with a diverse platform offering various gameplay modes. Upgrade your characters, participate in daily challenges, engage in battles with other players, and explore an international marathon. With a focus on rarity levels and continuous rewards, Marathonz provides a captivating gaming experience for enthusiasts.


AFAR offers an exciting blend of PvP and mining games, where players compete in races, manage mining camps, and explore the universe. With a focus on fun in-game features and a commitment to fair gameplay, AFAR aims to bridge the gap between traditional video gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. Unlock perks, build your reputation, and make friends in this engaging metaverse.

Kangaroo Punch Club:

Get ready for the unique world of 3D-drawn kangaroos in Kangaroo Punch Club. This play-to-earn game features artistically crafted kangaroos battling it out in the metaverse. Don’t miss out on the minting opportunity and join the action.

Weed Gang:

Weed Gang brings authentic licensed Genesis Strains from cannabis history to the metaverse. Dive into a world where cannabis meets the blockchain, and explore the potential of this unique fusion.

Battle of Guardians:

Battle of Guardians offers intense real-time multiplayer battles in a Sci-Fi game world. With NFT fighters, tier systems, and diverse characters, it’s a platform for players to showcase their skills while earning rewards. Join the battle, prove your worth, and rise to the top in BOG.


Discover the intriguing world of CypherHumans, where augmented humans with adaptable genomes live in perfect symbiosis. Become one of the 8888 CypherHumans, explore this utopian society, and embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery in the metaverse.

GoldenKnights: Metaverse:

GoldenKnights: Metaverse is a collectible action RPG that promises both fun gameplay and the opportunity to earn rewards. With a range of gorgeous heroes and collectible gear, it offers an accessible and enjoyable experience for all players seeking a funny collectible action RPG.


BR1 is a unique risk-based shooter built on the Solana Blockchain. For just $1, you can enter the game, and for every player you eliminate, you earn either 10% of their investment or $1, making for an intriguing and potentially rewarding gaming experience.


Koakuma is a visually stunning MMO-ARPG set in a graphics-intensive metaverse on Polygon. It offers an array of gameplay experiences, from raiding dungeons and battling monsters to breeding and training Koakuma imps. Plus, it rewards players with tokens and NFTs, making it a compelling play-to-earn option.

vEmpire: The Beginning:

vEmpire: The Beginning is an immersive blockchain-based trading card game where players strategize and battle for financial rewards in the DDAO. It combines classic card game elements with blockchain technology, offering a unique and rewarding gaming experience.


Prospectors is a groundbreaking MMO dapp that lets players experience business development during the Gold Rush era. With endless opportunities to earn crypto gold and build a business empire, this blockchain game immerses you in the thrilling life of a gold miner.

Number Shoot:

Number Shoot is a puzzle game built on blockchain, offering a simple yet engaging logic-based experience. Connect blocks of the same number, shoot and merge them to create higher-number blocks. It’s a fun and competitive game suitable for the whole family.

Granny’s House:

Granny’s House offers a variety of gameplay modes, from PvE to team-based PvE, and even multiplayer team matches. The game features customized characters and a metaverse square for socializing and rewards. With its unique blend of gameplay styles, it provides a fresh and rewarding gaming experience.

Crazy Kings:

Crazy Kings is an epic CCG tower defense game with over 600 levels. Build your army, combine items to create powerful towers, and defend your kingdom against the Crazy Kings. It’s a popular TD adventure that challenges your strategic skills.

WAX Tycoon:

WAX Tycoon invites you to launch your first business, expand it, and compete on the global leaderboard. Earn crypto while playing this free-to-play game, making it an exciting and potentially profitable venture.

Merge Dragon Evolution:

Merge Dragon Evolution is all about collecting awesome dragons, exploring thrilling worlds, and earning Crypto rewards. With epic dragons and challenging gameplay, it’s a must-try for dragon enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Bounty Hunt:

Bitcoin Bounty Hunt is an online FPS that revolves around collecting bounties by fighting other players. Earn Bitcoin through various methods and experience the thrill of cryptocurrency rewards in this unique FPS game.


KingMaker is an NFT-integrated game with customizable characters and skins. Join the battle royale experience in the Prime Universe, where Solana and Ethereum universes clash. Collect NFTs and compete in this dynamic world.


DevoLand lets you create your own anime character and explore a world of endless possibilities. Build your farm, expand your farming capabilities, and experience a new dimension of entertainment in this unique game.

Devomon Callisto:

Devomon Callisto takes you on an adventure to an unexplored world full of secrets. With turn-based and real-time battle systems, a variety of quests, and the opportunity to evolve your evomons, it offers engaging gameplay in the anime universe.

FAQ: NFT Games List

What is an NFT Game?

An NFT Game, or Non-Fungible Token Game, is a type of video game that incorporates blockchain technology and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFTs are unique digital assets that can represent in-game items, characters, or other elements. These tokens can be bought, sold, and traded, providing players with ownership and value within the game’s ecosystem.

What can I expect from the NFT Games List?

Our NFT Games List is a curated catalog of NFT games from various genres. Each game is accompanied by a brief description, offering insights into its storyline and gameplay. This resource serves as a guide for enthusiasts looking to explore NFT gaming options and understand the potential of this exciting industry.

How do I access more detailed information about a specific game?

To access in-depth information about a game featured in our list, simply navigate to the top menu and select “Games.” From there, you can choose the specific game you’re interested in, and you’ll find comprehensive details, including gameplay mechanics, token integration, and more.

Are these games free to play?

The availability of free-to-play NFT games varies. Some NFT games offer free access with optional in-game purchases, while others may require an upfront investment in NFTs to access certain features or items. Be sure to check the individual game’s details for pricing information.

Can I make real money from playing NFT games?

Yes, many NFT games offer opportunities to earn real money or cryptocurrency through gameplay. Players can collect, trade, and sell NFTs, which may appreciate in value over time. Additionally, some games offer rewards in the form of cryptocurrency tokens or other valuable assets.

Is it necessary to have prior experience with blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies to play these games?

While some familiarity with blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be helpful, it’s not always necessary. Many NFT games are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to players of all levels of experience. However, it’s advisable to acquaint yourself with the basics of blockchain and NFTs to maximize your understanding of how these games operate.

How often is the NFT Games List updated?

We strive to keep our catalog up-to-date with the latest NFT games and relevant information. Updates may vary in frequency, but we aim to provide our users with the most current and relevant content in the NFT gaming space.

How can I stay informed about new additions and developments in NFT gaming?

To stay informed about new game additions, industry developments, and trends in NFT gaming, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter. This will ensure you receive regular updates and insights delivered directly to your inbox.

If you have any further questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you navigate the exciting world of NFT gaming!

NFT Games List 2023-2024
NFT Games List 2023-2024

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