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NFT Worlds- Best Blockchain Game

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NFT Worlds- Best Blockchain Game

Each NFT World is an explorable, limitless world that can be built into anything you can imagine.

Minecraft compatible, massively multiplayer, developer APIs, decentralized, and more.

Each world is unique and one of a kind.

Will you build your world to be a community hangout? A kingdom? Or something else?

Geographical Attributes

From the tallest mountains to the deepest oceans. Each world shows statistics about its natural formations, rainfall, and more.


46 possible world environments, each with their own special characteristics.

Natural Resources

Is your soil rich with gems, or barren and packed with oil? See breakdowns of the materials your world is composed of.

Rare Features

Does your world have a Town, a Mineshaft, Jungle Ruins, or something else? Each world is comprised of special features of varying rarity.

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NFT Worlds- Best Blockchain Game

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SAGA’s Multiverse Summit Takes Place Aboard a Yacht, Revealing Web3 Tech to Empower Multiverse

At the Multiverse Summit hosted by Saga, a leading Web3 infrastructure protocol, Liao from Saga unveiled several groundbreaking innovations aimed at transforming the gaming and entertainment industries. The summit took place aboard a yacht on the Rhine River during Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, Germany, and showcased Saga’s commitment to revolutionizing the gaming landscape.

Key highlights from the summit included the introduction of the latest version of the Saga protocol called Pegasus. This version enables developers to launch fully decentralized dedicated chains called chainlets using the power of Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC), enabling seamless communication between chainlets and other blockchains. This advancement not only fosters growth and improvement but also frees developers to focus on enhancing the gaming experience rather than dealing with backend technicalities.

An integral component of Saga’s technological innovations is the Saga Ethlet, an Ethereum scaling solution. This unique approach leverages sidechains for rapid deployment while benefiting from Ethereum’s secure network. The Ethlet offers a user-friendly one-click deployment process, potentially making it a promising option for scaling Ethereum and elevating Web3 gaming.

Liao emphasized that Saga’s Multiverse Summit aimed to position Saga as a leader in Web3 game development platforms. The summit featured over 34 speakers from prominent companies like Unity, Samsung, and The Sandbox, discussing the convergence of blockchain technology and gaming. Attendees experienced immersive interactions aboard the Blue Rhapsody yacht, engaging with Saga’s games, characters, and stories.

Saga’s Innovator program, responsible for adding 224 projects in under a year, with 80% focusing on gaming, underscores the company’s commitment to driving innovation in the industry. The launch of generative AI projects, along with games like Shrapnel, Cosmic Exodus, and AILAND’s shooting game, underscored the growing momentum of Web3 game development within the Saga ecosystem.

Liao conveyed that Saga’s blockchain is distinguished by its speed, affordability, and improved performance. As the company readies its testnet to assess scalability before the mainnet’s launch, Liao expressed interest in decentralization and plans to hire additional validators. The projected cost of around $500 per chain per month suggests a cost-effective approach to businesses. Liao’s vision underscores Saga’s dedication to refining its coin setup and creating an ecosystem that celebrates creative expression and collaboration.

In conclusion, Saga’s Multiverse Summit showcased the company’s latest technological strides in Web3 gaming and entertainment. With innovations like Pegasus and the Saga Ethlet, Saga aims to transform the industry’s landscape while fostering collaboration and creative freedom within the gaming and entertainment realms.

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