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Nike-Fortnite Does Not Use In-Game NFTs

Nike-Fortnite Does Not Use In-Game NFTs

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Nike, a huge clothing company, is working with Fortnite, and it’s doing well. On the .Swoosh Web3 platform, in-game NFTs are not possible.

We all know that the popular online game Fortnite is working with the clothing company Nike and its robust.swoosh web3 platform, and now we have more interesting news about this partnership. Digitally printed clothes and other items are sold on the website Swoosh Web3. According to the partnership, NFTs aren’t used in Fortnite. On the other hand, the link between the two businesses still has crypto parts.

Airphoria: a Nike-branded Experience in Fortnite

Fortnite proudly introduces the Nike-branded experience Airphoria, allowing users to participate in the ‘Ultimate Nike Superhunt’ within the Fortnite gaming environment. Players who complete the adventure by June 27 will receive a free in-game ‘back bling’ or avatar item. It will remind players of a vintage pair of Nike Air Max sneakers. However, neither the free item nor the collaboration’s NFTs for garments or accessories are tokenized.

Even while the .Swoosh integration raised the possibility of tokenized digital things for Fortnite, it turns out that Epic Games is sticking with its standard “walled garden” strategy for digital products in this partnership.

To put it in a nutshell, an Epic Games spokesperson told the media. “The connection between Fortnite and Nike doesn’t integrate any NFTs or digital item trading marketplaces into the Fortnite world or its economy”. Furthermore, the representative added: “Items recognized across these two ecosystems are purely for the enjoyment of the purchaser. They aren’t tradeable, transferrable, or sellable, as has always been the case in the Fortnite economy.”

.Swoosh Platform Provides ID for Users

Even though the ads are related to Nike’s NFT-driven,.The Swoosh platform is built on the Polygon scaling network on Ethereum. Each person who uses Swoosh gets an a.A.Swoosh ID, which on Polygon is represented by an NFT.

This effort by a group includes.Users who connect their Swoosh accounts to their Epic Games accounts may get a special reward on their NFT-based ID. Users will also be able to find out more interesting things.If they link their accounts and buy a pack of non-NFT clothing items in Fortnite, they will get Swoosh features.

Users must follow the entire procedure as stated in an official Fortnite notice to obtain the achievement, you need Swoosh and BitGo accounts. Nike uses BitGo as their cryptocurrency wallet service. It offers the technology that can support .Swoosh ID NFT in addition to any digital clothing and accessories bought via.Swoosh.

Nike-Fortnite NFT Platform Doesn’t Involve In-Game NFTs

There are no non-game-play items (NFTs) in Fortnite because Nike works with the game. Connect, on the other hand.Nike’s NFT-powered platform and the “Web2” online battle royale shooter are still linked through their Swoosh and Epic Games accounts.

Even though they aren’t tokenized and tradeable, the cooperation supports Nike’s vision of .Swoosh as a wider platform for gaming and metaverse digital goods. Nike’s objectives there are yet unknown, even if they are. The foundation of Swoosh is NFT-based user IDs.

Also, a disclaimer on the Epic Games website says that .Swoosh users who make the link and reach the milestone will soon be able to access a virtual collection at.Swoosh. Nike calls its NFT items “virtual creations,” so the milestones might give you access to NFT items in the future.

We’ll talk to people at Nike and Epic Games to learn more.The Swoosh ID NFT, the BitGo wallet, and the NFTs are the goals that have been met. Once we have their attention, we’ll tell them more about how Nike and Fortnite are working together in a way that has never been done before. From this point of view, Fortnite is the best example of how NFTs could be better for consumers than traditional digital goods in games. But if Nike’s NFT platform gets a lot of support from Fortnite, as the clothing company’s teaser trailer suggests, this could be the start of a big change for Epic’s hit shooter.

Final Thoughts

More than 242.9 million people have played Fortnite in the last 30 days, according to data on “Active Players.” So, it is a very powerful player in the world of video games. Nike’s NFT platform will be available in Fortnite, which will make it easier for traditional gamers to use Web3 features. Also, letting players trade and use NFTs freely across different games and online platforms would give them more ways to show off their own style and make a name for themselves in-game.

Nike has a unique chance to reach a lot of people who are really into playing Fortnite, and NFT could be available on more than one platform. It shows how traditional gamers can use NFTs and brings gaming and blockchain together.

.Swoosh, Nike, NFTs, Web3, Fortnite's partnership with clothing juggernaut Nike, .Swoosh, and its robust .swoosh web3 platform doesn't include in-game NFTs
Nike-Fortnite Does Not Use In-Game NFTs 2

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Nike-Fortnite Does Not Use In-Game NFTs

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Nike-Fortnite Does Not Use In-Game NFTs

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