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Overdare: Krafton’s NFT-Powered Metaverse Mobile Game Redefining Gaming with Settlus Blockchain

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Overdare: Krafton’s NFT-Powered Metaverse Mobile Game Redefining Gaming with Settlus Blockchain

Krafton pioneers the gaming with Overdare, an NFT-powered metaverse mobile game, set to redefine user-generated content on Settlus blockchain.

Krafton, the studio behind the astronomically popular battle royale game PUBG, has come up with an NFT-driven metaverse mobile game; Overdare. The South Korean publisher announced the web3 platform this week which focuses primarily on user creation content. Moreover, the web3 platform will use its own blockchain, Settlus. The project eyes a launch window next year somewhere between the first and second quarters. However, fans will have a go on the project in December this year owing to its soft launch. 

Web3 Game Overdare Offers a Lot to Creators

Overdare is an NFT mobile game that will allow user-generated content, much like Roblox. The game is a promising one as it uses Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 and offers AI tools. These generative AI tools will help gamers to develop their own games in different genres. Additionally, the platform is a social one allowing players to interact with each other over chat. It also allows players to create their own custom avatars, promoting personalization. 

A preview of the upcoming game “Overdare” shows that it will have an expansive open world. This virtual world will allow players to use AI tools to develop their own games and environments. Moreover, they can also play a wide range of games made by other users. Apart from games, the metaverse will also allow players to go to virtual concerts, customize their avatars, and more.

This project, which was first announced earlier this year, is a partnership between Krafton and Naver Z, a company that makes technology for augmented reality (AR). Krafton still owns 85% of the company, and Naver Z owns the other 15%.

Create to Earn Approach in Overdare

Overdare wants to make a “create-to-earn” gaming economy where players can buy and sell digital assets in the game as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The move toward NFTs is because their developers say that they will make transactions clear and safe.

Settlus Blockchain in Overdare

Krafton and Naver Z will opt for the Settlus blockchain for its economic framework in Overdare. This new blockchain system will let players earn money in Coinbase and Circle’s USDC stablecoin. Additionally, the Cosmos technology, which was the talk of the town at Korea Blockchain Week just last week, will make the process easier. Besides, Settlus is a blockchain project made by Krafton that has been called “the future of the creator economy” on its official Twitter account.

In a recent Medium blog post, Krafton’s Settlus talked about a possible “NFT licensing system.” However, there wasn’t much information about it at the moment. The blog also discusses fixing possible problems with Overdare’s planned NFT economy. These include things like making NFTs optional instead of required and making sure there aren’t too many or too few items. Furthermore, it plans to deal with how volatile token prices can be so that players and creators don’t have bad experiences.

Token and Economics in Settlus Blockchain

Settlus isn’t clear what it will do with its own token in the future. Maybe in the near future, the community will find out what’s going on with Settlus and whether it plans to make a new token or only use USDC.

Crypto companies and traders like USDC are more trustworthy for the community because their value is more stable. On the other hand, we have volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It works because these stablecoins are designed to have a fixed value that is tied to the U.S. Dollar. So, they offer an alternative that is less volatile and more stable.

What to Expect from Overdare?

Krafton is a massive name in the gaming industry and this project holds a lot of potential. The studio’s track record is enough to gauge its current metaverse project Overdare. Furthermore, the fact that PUBG has 300 million monthly active users is also a testament. So, the upcoming release of Overdare has a lot of potential to change the future of the metaverse.

Krafton Announces Overdare, an NFT Metaverse Web3 Game
Krafton Announces Overdare, an NFT Metaverse Web3 Game

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Overdare: The NFT-Powered Metaverse Mobile Game by Krafton

What is Overdare, and who is Krafton?

Overdare is an upcoming mobile game developed by Krafton, the well-known studio behind the immensely popular battle royale game PUBG. Overdare is set to introduce a new gaming experience by leveraging NFT (non-fungible token) technology and enabling user-generated content within a metaverse environment.

When is Overdare expected to be officially released?

Overdare is anticipated to be officially launched sometime between the first and second quarters of the upcoming year. However, there is a soft launch scheduled for December of this year, allowing eager fans to get a sneak peek of the game.

How does Overdare differ from traditional mobile games?

Overdare stands out by embracing NFT technology and offering users the ability to create their own content, similar to platforms like Roblox. It utilizes the powerful Unreal Engine 5 and incorporates generative AI tools to enable players to design games across various genres. Additionally, Overdare fosters a social environment where players can communicate via chat and customize their avatars for a personalized gaming experience.

What can players expect within the virtual world of Overdare?

Overdare boasts an expansive open world where players can not only use AI tools to create their games and environments but also engage in a wide range of games developed by fellow users. Furthermore, the metaverse will host virtual concerts, allowing players to immerse themselves in unique entertainment experiences. The game prioritizes personalization, allowing players to customize their avatars to reflect their individual preferences and styles.

Who are the key partners involved in the development of Overdare?

The development of Overdare is a collaborative effort between Krafton and Naver Z, a company specializing in augmented reality technology. Krafton holds an 85% stake in this partnership, with Naver Z owning the remaining 15%.

What is the “create-to-earn” concept in Overdare?

Overdare introduces a “create-to-earn” gaming economy, allowing players to buy and sell digital assets within the game as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This concept is aimed at providing players with opportunities to generate income through their in-game activities. The adoption of NFTs is expected to bring transparency and security to in-game transactions.

Why is Settlus blockchain chosen for Overdare, and what benefits does it offer?

Krafton and Naver Z have opted for the Settlus blockchain to underpin the Overdare economy. Settlus offers players the ability to earn money in well-established cryptocurrencies like Coinbase and Circle’s USDC stablecoin. The integration of Cosmos technology streamlines the transaction process. Settlus, developed by Krafton, is positioned as “the future of the creator economy,” as highlighted on its official Twitter account.

What is the “NFT licensing system” mentioned in the blog post?

A recent Medium blog post by Krafton’s Settlus hinted at a potential “NFT licensing system.” However, details regarding this system are currently limited. It is anticipated that this system may play a role in regulating the creation and distribution of NFTs within the Overdare ecosystem.

How will Settlus’s own token be utilized in Overdare’s economy?

As of now, the role of Settlus’s own token within Overdare’s economy remains uncertain. The community may receive further information regarding whether Settlus intends to introduce a new token or exclusively use USDC. Stablecoins like USDC are favored for their price stability compared to volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as they are designed to maintain a fixed value pegged to the US dollar.

What potential does Overdare hold for the future of the metaverse and gaming industry?

With Krafton’s established reputation in the gaming industry and the immense success of PUBG with 300 million monthly active users, Overdare has the potential to significantly influence the future of the metaverse. This project represents a groundbreaking leap into the world of NFTs, user-generated content, and blockchain technology, offering gamers new avenues for creativity and financial opportunities.

Overdare: Krafton’s NFT-Powered Metaverse Mobile Game Redefining Gaming with Settlus Blockchain

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