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Parallel NFT Trading Card Game Preview

Parallel NFT Trading Card Game Preview

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Parallel is a dark theme sci-fi space odyssey, NFT trading card game with a lot in common with Hearthstone and other web3 games

Parallel is an upcoming NFT trading card game that is unique from the rest of the lot. Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, Cross the Ages, and many other successful NFT trading card games are available in web3 gaming. However, there is an upcoming NFT card game called Parallel that intends to raise the bar even higher. Parallel’s exceptional feature that sets it apart from the crowd is its flawless graphics with a fantastic sci-fi world twist. It’s worth playing because of its sci-fi futuristic setting, space opera characters, and the concept of five different parallels or factions. The game provides players with a custom-built deck of 40 cards that they must use to defeat their opponent. The match will continue until one of the players’ HP reaches zero. The game is addictive due to its unique tactical gameplay, top-notch 3D graphics, and fascinating factions.

Parallel Gameplay

One of the most striking differences whilst playing the closed beta is the game’s outlook. Parallel is a dark theme sci-fi space odyssey game with a lot in common with Hearthstone. Other card games in web3 incline a bit more towards colorful patterns, cartoonish graphics, and fun sort of display. However, Parallel is more on the darker side and means serious business. The gameplay for seasoned trading card game players is simple. Anyone who plays or has played TCG in the past will pick up the gameplay mechanics in no time. However, there are five unique parallels each with its own strengths and weaknesses. So, players would have to learn these parallels and how they work if they are to win the battles. As for the noobs, the learning curve is a bit steep but doable in a short time.

Five Parallels in Parallel

The game has five parallels or factions each with its own captivating back story, eye-pleasing aesthetics, and most importantly, the play style.

The Earthen Parallel

The Earthen Parallel has a more defensive outlook and style of play. It allows players to work with a lot of self-healing power and is designed for strategic gamers.

Marcolian Parallel

On the contrary, the Marcolian Parallel is high on offense and low on defense. This style of play has usually shorter duration matches as you unleash an onslaught early on to dismantle your opponent before its defense assembly.

Kathari Parallel

The Kathari Parallel offers clones whilst spawning to quickly overwhelm the opponents.

Augencore Parallel

This parallel offers players an opportunity to upgrade their existing deck of cards. Additionally, players can also create unique powerful cards in their deck.

Shroud Parallel

The Shroud Parallel is different from all other factions as it offers ‘Singularity’, contains mysticism, and even has the ability to steal others’ cards and turn them into their own. Isn’t that interesting?

There is a lot of diversity between these factions and subsequent classes. Besides choosing a faction, you will also have to choose a paragon which is your primary card. Paragon card’s passive effect will remain active throughout the match whilst its active aspect will only come into play once you put it on board.

All parallels highlight the importance of strategically rearranging your hand of 40 cards to maximize benefits and damage. Because strategic sequencing and luck can quickly create a formidable army of humanoid clones, this is especially crucial in the Kathari parallel. Quick card upgrades for flexible strategies are available in the Augencore parallel, while the unpredictable challenge of the Shroud parallel is presented through its “singularity” feature, which removes opponents’ cards from the board.

The Card Balance Question in Parallel

In some trading card games (TCGs), selling strong cards individually as NFTs or in randomized loot boxes similar to gacha mechanics could make players feel like they have to pay to win. This is a common problem in games, and it might bother some players. People have said that games like Hearthstone, MapleStory, and Clash of Clans have “pay-to-win” elements, but many people still like to play them.

But we still don’t know how much buying the best cards will really change how the game is played or how well the cards are balanced.

Parallel Token and NFTs

Parallel has released 6.1 million cards as Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Additionally, it has its own cryptocurrency, PRIME. Users who need pictures for their in-game and online profiles can now choose from 11,000+ Avatar NFTs. Besides, most playing cards are available as NFTs, but their individual abilities and statistics are left out on purpose so that the players can change them in the future. The winner of a ranked match gets PRIME. And how much they get depends on things like the make-up of their NFT deck and whether or not they own an Avatar NFT.

The interesting science fiction world of Parallel is also being expanded in comic books, and a third volume is coming soon. Parallel is a promising upcoming competitive card game with a strong crypto element that is currently in closed beta. If you like NFT-driven trading card games like Splinterlands or Gods Unchained, you might like Parallel because it takes a different approach to the same type of game.

Parallel is a dark theme sci-fi space odyssey, NFT trading card game with a lot in common with Hearthstone and other web3 games
Parallel NFT Trading Card Game Preview 2

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Parallel NFT Trading Card Game Preview

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Parallel NFT Trading Card Game Preview

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