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Blockchain gaming industry 2024

Blockchain gaming industry 2024

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With 2023 coming to a close, we see how the blockchain gaming, and Gamefi, industry has performed throughout the year and look forward to 2024. Today’s video gaming news is the first in a year-end series where we will see how the blockchain gaming industry saw ups and downs in several of its domains. Today, we will start with the blockchain gaming industry and its plan to go mainstream and become a household thing. Did this really happen? If not, where does the blockchain gaming industry stand? We’ll also look at how gamers around the world have taken to the idea and see if there are signs of widespread use by 2024. So, let’s start, shall we?

Gamefi and Blockchain Games: A New Phenomenon

Gamefi, the blockchain gaming industry, or Web 3.0 gaming, is an industry where players can earn digital assets and cryptocurrencies with real-world value attached to them. Gamefi is a fairly new idea in the entertainment business. Its goal is to replace or at least compete with traditional games. To be fair, there isn’t any comparison, as the traditional gaming industry is astronomical in magnitude and the blockchain gaming industry is only four years old, making it a toddler. So, there’s a long way to go for Gamefi in terms of mass adoption and blockchain games going mainstream.

According to a recent report, the Q3 2022 of blockchain games:

  • Despite macroeconomic factors, the gamefi industry shows promise and the potential to recover. The global macroeconomic challenges have had a significant impact on the Gamefi domain. 
  • The trading volume and activity in blockchain games are still small when compared to the traditional gaming industry.
  • Blockchain activity on other platforms outside Ethereum has considerably increased.

Ethereum Merge, Cryptocurrency Recovery

We also saw Ethereum Merge become successful in many ways. It also played a part in taking ETH out of declining equity markets. Moreover, ETH and Bitcoin both recovered, which is a positive sign for blockchain games. As blockchain activity increased, other blockchain platforms seized a sizable market share. These platforms include Immutable X, Polygon, and Flow. Also, AAA-level games with good developers are coming out soon in the Web 3.0 gaming space. So, we expect to see fun and engaging Web 3.0 games in 2023.

Performance of the blockchain gaming industry in 2024
Performance of the blockchain gaming industry in 2024

So, how did mass adoption go for blockchain gaming in 2023-2024?

First and foremost, we have distinct active wallets, which are a critical component in assessing the mass adoption of blockchain games. As shared by WEForum, the unique active wallet count surpassed the one million mark in Q2 and Q3 of 2022. It is not clear if these wallets have unique users behind them because a user may have multiple wallets. Moreover, UAWs also do not denote the number of active users a game has. However, one thing is for sure: blockchain games have found themselves a steady community and a solid foundation to depend upon. It also shows that NFT and blockchain games will continue to develop in the coming years.

How did NFTs perform in 2023-2024?

The year 2023 didn’t bode well for NFTs, as the bearish trend continued throughout the year. The transaction volumes saw a massive drawdown, resulting in the speculation phenomenon fading away. However, the sale of NFTs on blockchain platforms other than Ethereum has seen a steady and considerable rise. The gradual increase of NFT sales on other blockchain platforms is evident since the start of 2023 and has continued quarter to quarter all year. However, the overall trend shows that NFT speculation is nearing its bottom. Happy days for 2024!

blockchain gaming industry gamefi 2023-2024 web 3.0 gaming - NFT - Bored Ape
NFT – Bored Ape

Status of new blockchain games in 2024

A report by DappRadar suggests that a total of almost 2,000 games are using blockchain technology. So, it is still fairly early for blockchain games. When we compare the total number of other games on the App Store and Google Play, we know that blockchain games have a long way to go. Moreover, the development phase behind a single game takes years and depends on infrastructure, development tools, distribution channels, and more. As a result, expecting all-out growth in blockchain games and rapid mass adoption will take some time. However, you will see fun and engaging games making their way to the Web 3.0 gaming space starting next year. So, there’s only one way forward from here for blockchain games.

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Blockchain gaming industry 2024

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Blockchain gaming industry 2024

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Outlaw Troopers – Game Review

“Outlaw Troopers” is a play-and-own Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game set in the FGL Metaverse, in which players can collect virtual items using the WAX blockchain. This game offers an immersive and exciting gaming experience for players. “Outlaw Troopers” offers virtual valuable items such as troopers, space stations, encounter passes, and more in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This game is the third play-and-own game on the WAX blockchain to use the FGL token, adding an extra layer of value and excitement for players. Outlaw Troopers Game Overview: In “Outlaw Troopers,” players can send their troopers on missions to collect credits, gears, and ore. They can also participate in dangerous encounters to rank up on the leaderboard and win big prizes. The goal is to build the most powerful outlaw empire. The game consists of both a passive and active part, offering a diverse and engaging gaming experience for players. The Passive Gameplay: Missions are where the passive part comes in. Go on a heist mission to stock up on credits! How about a hijacking mission to steal some ore from transporter ships? You decide! When you go on your mission, be sure to pick the best ship for the job! Upgrade to ships from the Cosmic Clash game for max potential! Collect and craft powerful gears to use on your missions. Want some better results from your missions? Apply some grunt gears to increase cargo capacity, lower mission costs, and more!Would you like to perform better in encounters?

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Mecha Fight Club – Game Review

Mecha Fight Club is a PvP battle game using Solana blockchain technology and you can earn NFTs. It sets in the year 2065, and an alien race of roosters comes to the earth to involve mankind in the new galactic era. However, these extra-terrestrials soon realize that humans are still not worthy. As they leave the planet, they leave behind some technology for humans to decode and decipher. When the war was over, the left-behind 41,000 roosters were distributed among the public to be used for entertainment purposes by pitching them together in a tournament of extra-terrestrial mecha roosters. Mecha Roosters go head to head in a battle tournament. This sounds cruel but Irreverent Labs, the developers of Mecha Fight Club explain that in a dystopian future world, these are mechanical roosters that were weapons developed for war and fighting and converted into “weapons of mass entertainment”. Mecha Fight Club Gameplay: The goal of the game, using Solana blockchain technology, is to collect, train, and develop robot roosters. These are NFTs of real worth to fight each other in an arena. Moreover, each rooster robot develops a unique personality and different abilities through AI machine learning. Roosters train in the “Cockpit” with high-tier professional robots in regularly arranged tournaments. So, they may participate and fight in the “Cocktagon”, the ultimate fighting stage. The developers plan on making the game in AR, VR, and other viewing options.

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League of Kingdoms – Game Review

League of Kingdoms is a free world NFT, Play-to-Earn, game where all of the land and assets are owned by the players. Players can buy land, develop it, form alliances with other kingdoms, and declare wars. Being a strategy game, the players must hone their skills in warfare, urban planning, governance, economy, instincts, and diplomacy. Additionally, it uses Ethereum blockchain technology. Moreover, the game uses $LOKA tokens as a governance coin. This coin helps players in transactions, construct buildings on it and develop their kingdom through various decisions of the kingdom. League of Kingdoms Gameplay: There are four major resources in the game League of Kingdoms that players need i.e. wood, stone, corn, and gold. Players earn them by completing different tasks and routinely mining. Moreover, LAND is a non-fungible token used to buy lands in the kingdom. So in a way, there are two types of people in the game, the landowners and the players who develop the kingdoms on these lands. Some players can be both. The interesting element of the game is the minting of NFTs that can be traded or burning these NFTs to create new resources. These NFTs can be bought or sold on the OpenSea platform but it requires gas fees which is not an attractive feature for a new game. In totality, there are 6 land levels in the game with the most expensive one costing $240. As the players’ kingdoms develop and expand, they can jump to the next level of land to increase their social standing and power in the game economy and society, giving the players a true metaverse experience. The secondary earning from the game can be achieved by investing in DAI tokens which the players can receive as rent from the lands they own and in this way the landowner and the players work together by formulating alliances to develop the kingdom. Playable on both PC and mobile, the developers promise smooth gameplay with a fun way to earn money and real-life value for time.

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Cloud Castles – Action-Strategy Game, UE 5 & Web3 Blockchain

“Cloud Castles” is an innovative Action-Strategy game powered by Unreal Engine 5 and Web3 blockchain technology. It offers players the opportunity to collect and evolve fantasy creatures for high-energy battles that combine RPG elements with real-time strategy and tactical gameplay. Developed by industry veterans from Digital Insight Games (DIG) with guidance from the creator of “Heroes of Might and Magic,” the game promises a cutting-edge gaming experience. The game boasts meticulously crafted visuals and incorporates blockchain technology, granting players complete ownership over their in-game assets and accomplishments. It embraces various web3 features, including support for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), validator-staking, liquidity-providing rewards, and a marketplace for digital asset transactions, adding depth and complexity to the gameplay. The storyline of “Cloud Castles” is set in a world torn apart by an age-old feud, where civilizations with the power to bring stone to life and craft mythical creatures engage in epic battles. Players will evolve these stone-bound creatures, enhancing their strengths and abilities to build formidable rosters. The game is set in the sky-bound islands of Elisus and revolves around the conflict between Patriam and Debellator. “Cloud Castles” offers diverse opponents and game modes, including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Survival, and Team Multiplayer. In the Campaign mode, players defend Patriam against Debellator challengers in a single-player experience. Player-versus-Player (PvP) action takes place in Ranked PvP, offering sparring matches with valuable rewards. The game features real-time combat with strategic creature deployment and tactical control, ensuring an engaging experience for players. The in-game currency and governance token in this ecosystem is $DIG, capped at 8 billion tokens. $DIG has various use cases, including enhancing artifacts, improving land, acquiring assets, influencing governance decisions, and managing transaction fees. Staking $DIG may unlock VIP benefits for participants across different projects, and players can earn $DIG through various in-game activities, auction house sales, staking, and owning arenas for event hosting. While some in the community express skepticism about NFT games like “Cloud Castles,” others are eagerly anticipating its release, considering it a promising project in the blockchain gaming space.

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Best P2E Games list 2024

Blockchain gaming industry 2024

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