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Petmapping- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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Petmapping- Best Blockchain Game 2024

The objective of the game is to remove two animals of the same kind that can be connected within three lines. You must remove all the animals before the time runs out to complete the level. Each level you complete will reward you with HRAtokens.

A new era of play-to-earn on mobile has begun with Petmapping. Map and earn reward every day

A new era of play-to-earn on mobile has begun with Pet Mapping! This engaging and fun game lets you play every day and earn rewards in HRA token.

Pet Mapping is the ideal game to immerse yourself in the world of web3. With each game taking just 2-3 minutes to play, it’s perfect for filling your free time. Plus, it’s available on mobile devices, making it incredibly convenient to play.

The profits we earn from the game, through in-game advertisements and NFT sales, will be shared with gamers, enabling a sustainable play-and-earn model for everyone.

Easy, fun and reliably rewarding!

Welcome to the PetMapping revolution!

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Petmapping- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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MapleStory Universe Aims to Deliver Fair and Unbiased NFT Gaming Experience with Chainlink

Nexon has partnered with Chainlink, a major player in Web3 infrastructure, to enhance its NFT-focused blockchain gaming ecosystem, MapleStory Universe. This collaboration aims to utilize Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) technology to create more authentic and equitable experiences for players. MapleStory Universe is a large-scale online role-playing game hosted on the Polygon Supernet, with a focus on delivering top-notch Reward Experiences (RX) through the application of VRF, considered a standard for web3 services.

MapleStory Universe marks Nexon’s entry into the NFT world, offering a unique virtual environment built upon MapleStory NFTs. The project introduces RX 2.0, leveraging blockchain for digital scarcity, open ecosystems, and community collaboration. This novel gaming venture breaks from tradition by encompassing four distinct experiences that form a cohesive online world:

MapleStory N: Integrating NFTs and limited item sources into the RX 2.0 system.
MapleStory N Mobile: A mobile version mirroring the PC game, enabling seamless progress transfer.
MapleStory N Worlds: An open sandbox for designing custom MapleStory realms.
MapleStory N SDK: A specialized toolkit for developing MapleStory-themed mobile apps.
Chainlink’s involvement is set to enhance MapleStory Universe’s infrastructure. The game revolves around a limited supply of NFTs, reshaping the reward system while embracing the unique characteristics of MapleStory. Integrating Chainlink’s VRF ensures fair and verifiable distribution of items, a critical concern for players exploring the virtual universe. This collaboration aspires to foster an ecosystem of diverse developers working collaboratively to shape the game’s future, with interoperability, transparency, and equity as core principles.

Director of Production Sunyoung Hwang emphasized the potential of this partnership, highlighting the game’s use of blockchain technology and Chainlink’s role in supporting an open and decentralized MapleStory Universe.

Chainlink, a renowned name in Web3 services, has facilitated trillions of dollars in transactions across sectors like DeFi, gaming, and NFTs. As a leading decentralized oracle network, Chainlink empowers global groups with streamlined access to various blockchains, enabling developers to create feature-rich Web3 apps that harness real-world data and off-chain computing.

Together, the collaboration between MapleStory Universe and Chainlink seeks to revolutionize the gaming and virtual experience landscape for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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