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Pixels’ Bold Move: Shifting from Polygon to Ronin Blockchain – A Game-Changing Decision in the World of Web3 Gaming

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Pixels’ Bold Move: Shifting from Polygon to Ronin Blockchain – A Game-Changing Decision in the World of Web3 Gaming

How Pixels, the top Web3 game on Polygon, is revolutionizing the gaming landscape by migrating to Ronin Blockchain with Sky Mavis’ support.

The popular web3 game Pixels stunned the entire gaming community by revealing the decision of migrating the game from Polygon to Sky Mavis’ Ronin Blockchain. Given that Pixels is currently ranked first among games on the Polygon blockchain, this change has a major impact on the credibility of Polygon and Ronin’s recovery from a hacking issue that happened a couple of years ago.

Pixels is a social browser game set in an open environment of farming where players explore and level up their abilities and connections with other players while completing quests. With over 1.5 million monthly on-chain transactions, 100,000+ monthly active wallets, and 5,000+ daily active players, Pixels is the most popular Web3 game on Polygon by unique active wallets.

Sky Mavis made Axie Infinity, which sparked the blockchain game trend in 2021 and has made $1.3 billion in sales and more than $4 billion in trades so far. Sky Mavis said that Ronin will give lower petrol fees, entry to marketing and consulting support, and use the Mavis hub, which is Ronin’s platform for distributing Web3 games.

Ronin Blockchain by Sky Mavis

Ronin is a blockchain made for games that are based on the Ethereum virtual machine. It has grown to be able to handle millions of daily users. Sky Mavis started letting game companies use Ronin in March so they could make successful Web3 games by using Sky Mavis’s products and gain insight to combine ownership, community, and interactive games. Directive Games, Tribes, Bali Games,, SkyVu, and Zillion Whales were the first game companies to say they would build on Ronin.

Luke Barwikowski, CEO of, said in a statement, “Sky Mavis is the only company that has reached scalability in Web3 gaming, so partnering with the team and moving to Ronin made a lot of sense.” “It was a no-brainer to work with a team that doesn’t work on theories but on hands-on, proven experience. Moving to Ronin and taking advantage of their knowledge just seemed like the next step in our journey.

Aleksander Larsen, COO of Sky Mavis, also released a statement that Pixels is the second most popular Web3 game among real players, after Axie Infinity. “We’re excited to have the team join Ronin and offer them our infrastructure and technology. This deal is also a big plus for our community, and Pixel’s open world lets NFT collections have their own rooms. In the future, we hope that our community will be able to build an Axie place, which will make it easier for people to get together.

Sky Mavis has Achieved Significant Scalability in Web3 Gaming

Sky Mavis said, “Pixels migrated because Sky Mavis is the only company that has achieved scale in web3 gaming. They wanted to collaborate with a team that operates not on assumptions but hands-on, proven experience. The reasons studios choose to build on Ronin is for the value-add services and partner support.”

The gaming-focused chain Immutable zkEVM from Polygon and Immutable is set to go live on the mainnet this year. Similar to Polygon, Ronin is a blockchain that works with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. And, like Polygon and Immutable’s joint product, Immutable zkEVM, it is a gaming-focused product that lets blockchain games use multiple Sky Mavis goods and experiences.

About Pixels

The Pixels team is not only making an immersive game, they utilize Web3 to give gamers true digital control. As part of this goal, Pixels has made sure that NFTs are fully integrated into its ecosystem. The team adds web3 communities, turning 65+ NFT collections into playable, engaging game characters and more to be revealed soon. The Pixels team is also building its own Web3 infrastructure to give users the best experience possible. It will also let other Web3 games use it as a base for building on the blockchain.

Final Word

The decision to move Pixels from the Polygon blockchain to the Ronin blockchain is a turning point for both the game and the blockchain gaming business as a whole. With the help of Sky Mavis and Ronin’s strong infrastructure, Pixels hopes to keep growing and give players a highly engaging and smooth game experience. The move shows how dynamic blockchain gaming is, where strategic partnerships and moves can revolutionize the future of the gaming industry.

FAQ: Pixels’ Migration to Ronin Blockchain

What is the reason behind Pixels’ decision to migrate to the Ronin blockchain?

Pixels decided to migrate to the Ronin blockchain primarily because of the scalability and support offered by Sky Mavis, the company behind Ronin. Sky Mavis has demonstrated a proven track record in Web3 gaming, offering lower petrol fees, marketing and consulting support, and access to the Mavis hub, making it a strategic move for Pixels to enhance its gaming experience.

How popular is Pixels on the Polygon blockchain?

Pixels is the most popular Web3 game on the Polygon blockchain in terms of unique active wallets. It boasts over 1.5 million monthly on-chain transactions, 100,000+ monthly active wallets, and a daily player base exceeding 5,000.

What is the significance of Ronin blockchain in the gaming industry?

Ronin, developed by Sky Mavis, is a blockchain tailored specifically for games based on the Ethereum virtual machine. It can accommodate millions of daily users and offers valuable infrastructure and support for game companies looking to build Web3 games with an emphasis on ownership, community engagement, and interactive gameplay.

How does this migration impact the credibility of Polygon and Ronin?

Pixels’ migration from Polygon to Ronin has significant implications for both blockchains. It challenges Polygon’s status as a gaming blockchain and highlights Ronin’s growing presence and potential in the industry, particularly as it recovers from a past hacking incident.

What role has Sky Mavis played in the Web3 gaming industry?

Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity and the driving force behind Ronin, played a pivotal role in popularizing Web3 gaming. Axie Infinity’s success, with over $1.3 billion in sales and $4 billion in trades, is a testament to Sky Mavis’ influence in the industry. Ronin offers a platform for other game companies to tap into Sky Mavis’ expertise and technology.

How does Pixels integrate NFTs into its gaming ecosystem?

Pixels has seamlessly integrated NFTs into its gaming ecosystem by turning over 65 NFT collections into playable game characters. This innovative approach enhances the gameplay experience and showcases the potential of NFT integration in Web3 games.

What does the future hold for Pixels on the Ronin blockchain?

Pixels’ migration to Ronin signifies a strategic partnership that aims to provide players with a highly engaging and smooth gaming experience. With the support of Sky Mavis and Ronin’s infrastructure, Pixels intends to continue growing and expanding its offerings, potentially facilitating the creation of unique in-game spaces for its community.

Pixels Announces Its Migration to Sky Mavis’ Ronin Blockchain Network
Pixels Announces Its Migration to Sky Mavis’ Ronin Blockchain Network

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Pixels’ Bold Move: Shifting from Polygon to Ronin Blockchain – A Game-Changing Decision in the World of Web3 Gaming

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