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Pixion Games Secures Funding for Fableborne Web3 Game

Pixion Games Secures Funding for Fableborne Web3 Game

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Pixion Games, a Web3 game studio, has raised $5.5 million in seed funding for Fableborne, which is their most popular game.

Pixion Games gets funding for Fableborne, an innovative Web3 action role-playing game in which players shape the future of the game. In this empowering game, you can play to own Echoes, fight battles, and earn rewards.

Pixion Games, a Web3 game studio, has raised $5.5 million in seed funding for Fableborne, which is their most popular game. Among the investors in the funding round were the Blizzard Fund of the Avalanche Foundation, Shima Capital, and ReadyPlayerDAO, among others.

Pixion will use the money to make Fableborne, an action role-playing game where players can interact with on-chain assets on the Avalanche network, even better. Kam Punia, the founder and CEO of Pixion Games, said that he wants to hire more people to help improve the game’s technology and leadership.

Punia said that their goal is to make competitive multiplayer games for mobile platforms that focus on tournaments and economies that are owned by the players. They want players to feel like they are really in the game.

Funding in Web3 Continues Despite Bear Market

Pixion Games is actively asking people to try out their upcoming game in playtests. They plan to launch it to the public within the next year.

Even though the bear market is hurting crypto investments, investors are still confident in Web3 gaming. Another Web3 game studio, Argus, just got $10 million in seed money to start making its own game software developer kit. Also, last week, the gaming giant Animoca Brands helped the decentralized chess game Anichess raise $1.5 million in seed funding.

Pixion Games and its Fable

After 18 months of work, Pixion Games’ first game, Fableborne, came out in 2022. The company was started in 2017. They were careful about how they integrated Web3, making sure it improved gameplay without taking away from the main experience.

Fableborne is an isometric action role-playing game and base builder that has elements of “play-to-own” through NFTs. The game wants to change the way Web3 games are played, and Pixion used data to shape Fableborne into what it is now.

Players can trade in-game items, make their own user-generated content, and take part in the development of the game. They can play the game before anyone else and join the Discord community to give feedback and talk about it. The goal of Pixion is to make a game that is both fun and scalable, not just to follow market trends.

“We are thrilled by the positive feedback and recognition Fableborne has received after a series of successful releases,” said Kam Punia, founder and CEO of Pixion Games. “Our team is fully delivering a high-quality game, and we are proud to announce that our LiveOps model is almost ready for its MVP introduction.”

More About Fableborne Web3 Game

Fableborne is an action RPG base-building and defending genre game. The game is in the mobile-first development phase for iOS and Android. However, we can expect the game’s PC version in the future. Fableborne offers an engaging gameplay experience where players explore and discover new islands, construct and strengthen their bases, and unlock and enhance the power of Echoes, dormant Heroes. These Echoes are useful to raid other players’ islands for valuable resources in asynchronous battles. Players can also test their abilities by engaging in challenging boss battles.

Fableborne Game Modes

Competing with other players and advancing in the Pixion League is a significant aspect of the game. However, Fableborne is widely accessible to all players, with an emphasis on easy learning and enjoyable short sessions of play. The game offers both PvP and PvE modes, moreover, players can also compete in the Pixion League. The idea is to collect resources and claim rewards and eventually collect your favorite Fableborne Heroes. The heroes in the game have a stark resemblance to the Prince of Persia lead character. Moreover, by looking at the second hero you get the vibes of Valorant character. Nevertheless, these characters will surely add value to the in-game content and the community will relate to them more.

No NFTs, No Problem, it is Free-to-Play

In Fableborne, every player can fully enjoy the game experience, regardless of whether they own the Echoes of Heroes. The game does not require players to purchase NFTs to play. Instead, players can earn rewards through gameplay and use those rewards to obtain NFTs that would have otherwise been unattainable. This ensures that players can access and benefit from content that was previously limited to NFT ownership. The Echoes in Fableborne are fragmented copies of the game’s Heroes. They are represented as playable and upgradable non-fungible digital characters. Players have the opportunity to own these Echoes through play-to-own mechanics. They can then take their Echoes into battle, where they can earn valuable rewards for their achievements.

Summary: Fableborne: Pixion Games’ Web3 Triumph: Unleash Your Adventure!

Pixion Games raises $5.5 million for their Web3 RPG hit Fableborne. Blizzard Fund, Shima Capital, and ReadyPlayerDAO are among the investors. You can shape the game’s future, own Echoes, and earn rewards in Fableborne. Pixion intends to improve Avalanche network gameplay. The focus is on player-owned tournaments and economies. Despite the bear market in cryptocurrency, Web3 gaming is thriving. Argus received $10 million, while Animoca Brands backed Anichess. Fableborne, a Web3 gem, features isometric action, NFT integration, and player participation. Join the Pixion League to raid islands and defeat boss battles. Prepare for Fableborne’s epic journey, which will begin soon! #PixionGames #Web3Gaming #FableborneAdventure

Pixion Games Secures Funding for Fableborne Web3 Game
Pixion Games Secures Funding for Fableborne Web3 Game 2

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Pixion Games Secures Funding for Fableborne Web3 Game

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Pixion Games Secures Funding for Fableborne Web3 Game

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