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Game Review: Moonville

Game Review: Moonville

Game Review 

In today’s game review, we’ll talk about an upcoming competitive play-and-earn blockchain game and an out-of-this-world farming simulation. Yes, enjoy your farming fantasy on the moon. The game developer Myria brings us Moonville Farming, where you will enjoy harvesting, leveling up resources, trading, earning NFTs, collecting rare buildings, crafting a unique farming strategy, creating a whole new moon village, and earning $MOON tokens. So, the game will test your strategy and management skills.

Moonville will let you build farms, get hold of resources, and sell them to nearby cities to generate revenue to grow your moon base. So, to begin playing, you will need to get your hands on a wallet and create an account. From here on, you will choose a location on the moon to begin farming, completing tasks and other ecosystem quests, and making $MOON.

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How does Moonville work?

You will need to select a biome early on, and every biome will act differently in terms of resources. So, prepare yourself to enjoy different starting experiences for every biome. However, the catch here is the trade fee. You will need to consider it as it will be applicable to every trade. The trade fee varies depending on the distance between the nearest city and your base. As a result, it is preferable to pay a lower fee. Finally, once you make up your mind, come up with a catchy name for your base, and voila! You are a moon farmer now.

Moonville play-and-earn blockchain farming
Moonville Farms

In-Game Buildings and Resources Explained

At the start, you will see a handful of resources and buildings on your land. Let’s see what some of the important resources are that you will use in the game.


Luns is the in-game gold; you will need this to construct every single building in this game and pay your workers. So, how are you going to get this gold? Sell resources.

Light Shards:

Light shards are super important for your trade as they act as fuel. You will need Light Shards to sell your resources and execute a trade. So, how many should I use? It will depend on the trade value of your biome. Always select a city with the lowest Light Shard cost. The game will let you have 40 light shards for free, but they will soon run out. So, better start making your light shards via the Moondew Compressor building, Solar Turbine, Storemore Hall, Dark Extractor, Drone Hub, and Dark Converter.

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Moonville Tokenomics and Play and Earn Mechanics

Moonvile employs Play and Earn mechanics with a one-of-a-kind model in which limited tokens are minted. This limited supply of tokens enters a cycle of redistribution between the players, which ably counters the inflation problem. Moreover, the game rewards skilled players far better than spenders.

The $MOON token is for gamers who rank higher in the tournaments or complete daily challenging missions. The token has multiple uses aside from selling for profit.

  • $MOON will let you purchase moonstones, which will give you a short-term NFT upgrade and help improve your gameplay.
  • $MOON will let you purchase NFTs in the Myria market.
  • It will help you pay the fee and play weekly tournaments.
  • You can also stake $MOON and get rewards.
Moonville "play and earn" blockchain farming
Moonville Farms

Moonville Closed Loop Economy

Blockchain and “play to earn” games face one of the biggest challenges of crumbling economies owing to high volatility in the crypto market. Some of the games could hardly bear the brunt of massive fluctuations and eventually died down. The same goes with the players, some become millionaires, but all of it vanishes overnight. So, there is a lot of uncertainty in play to earn games, but how is Moonvillle doing it differently?

Moonville introduces a pool that fills during a high time and comes into play slowly when the market goes down. This helps maintain stability; the pool acts like a savings jar and helps the community when winter hits. Some facts about the pool and how it gets filled up:

  • The pool comes with an initial supply of $MOON tokens.
  • It uses a percentage of the $MOON from tournament entry fees.
  • It extracts a percentage from NFT sales.
  • It also takes a share of Moonstone’s sales.

So, the developers have designed the in-game economy with the utmost focus on insulation and sustainability. The constant inflow and outflow of digital assets into and out of the pool is helping stabilize Moonville Farms’ ecosystem.

There’s a lot more to this game, Moonville. Stick with us for more on this play-and-earn game, Moonville, and its updates.

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Game Review: Moonville

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Game Review: Moonville

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