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Some big names in the web3 gaming industry continue to make strides as this week we massive news from Animoca Brands and Krafton. Animoca Brands bags a solid $20 million funding for its metaverse project i.e. Mocaverse. Additionally, we have Krafton, the creators of PUBG, announcing their NFT metaverse game, Overdare, similar to Roblox. Furthermore, we have Yuga Labs entering into a partnership with Wreck League, plus, their HV-MTL Forge has updates introducing Rogue-like dungeon crawler elements into the game. We also saw updates rolling out from Eternal Dragons, Legends of Crypto Game founder Mik Mironov’s insights on some pressing issues in web3 gaming, Pegaxy 3D launching its open alpha test, and updates from Mighty Action Heroes.

  • Animoca Brands Mocaverse 
  • Krafton Announces Overdare NFT Metaverse Game
  • Wreck League Launches its Debut Tournament
  • Yuga Labs HV-MTL Forge Update
  • Web3 Game Eternal Dragons Update

Animoca Brands Mocaverse

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited gave solid support to the Mocaverse fundraising round. It was meant to speed up the development of Mocaverse, its main product. The company sold new shares for A$4.50 each, which brought in US$20 million, and gave investors in this round dollar-for-dollar utility token warrants. The funding was led by CMCC Global. Kingsway Capital, Liberty City Ventures, GameFi Ventures, and other well-known blockchain investors, as well as Yat Siu, the executive chairman of Animoca Brands, also took part. 

Mocaverse wants to become an important part of the Animoca Brands web3 ecosystem. It plans to give Web3 participants a decentralized way to prove who they are. With the money raised, Mocaverse will continue to grow, and Animoca Brands will have the opportunity to create new products and partnerships. It boasts a portfolio of over 450 Web3 investments and projects up till now. Additionally, Mocaverse introduces Moca ID, a set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to create unique blockchain credentials. It also plans to make a decentralized loyalty system possible on the Mocaverse platform. This will encourage more people to use and integrate Web3 into their everyday lives.

Krafton Announces Overdare NFT Metaverse Game

Krafton is famous for its super popular battle royale game PUBG, and now it plans to make progress in Web3 gaming. With Overdare, an NFT-driven metaverse mobile game that will change the way user-generated content is made on the Settlus blockchain, Krafton is introducing a new way to play games. Overdare will have a soft launch in December and a full launch between the first and second quarters of 2024. Like Roblox, it will give creators more power by letting users make content.

Additionally, Overdare uses Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 and AI generative tools, so players can do a lot of stuff in the game. It will allow players to make games in different genres, interact with other players, customize their avatars, and explore a large open world, where they can see virtual concerts. This project, which is a partnership between Krafton and Naver Z, aims to create a “create-to-earn” gaming economy. It will allow players to trade in-game assets as NFTs for transparent and secure transactions. Ultimately, it will push the limits of what a game can be.

Wreck League Launches its Debut Tournament

Wreck League is holding its first leaderboard tournament and wants Mech fans to join. There are 1.4 quadrillion possible combinations of Mech parts, so each fighter’s Mech will turn out unique and every battle is surely different. Moreover, players can already gather parts, put together Mechs, and do PvP battles. “Mez’i’s Mayhem,” the name of the tournament, started on September 14 and will go on until September 28. There are daily PvP slots and the scoring is easy, with one point for a win and no points at all for a loss. So, this approach puts the focus on skill and consistency. Besides, points are used to make sure that matches are fair and provide a level playing field for all.

As for the leaderboard, the top 17,000 players will get prizes, ranging from common parts for those in 10,000th place and above to exclusive Iconic Holoscopes for the top three, which will give them future ownership of an Arena NFT. Arena NFTs let you make your own tournaments and give you a cut of the money from the buy-in. For fourth through the tenth place, you can get a fully assembled Koda Mech, and for eleventh through the twenty-fifth place, you can get a Legendary part, Mech.

Yuga Labs Web3 Game HV-MTL Forge Update

Yuga Labs adds a new phase called “The Hunt” to HV-MTL Forge. This update will make the world and gameplay bigger and better. In The Hunt, players go on a dungeon-crawling adventure in The Rift that is similar to roguelikes. They look for crafting materials and special items to improve their HVs (Heavy Vehicles). So, players can choose from four different biomes and set how hard they want the game to be. The amount of energy used depends on how hard the game is. Also, players must choose whether they want to be an explorer, a fighter, or a craftsman, each of which has different stats and skills. HVs have a battery level that acts as both their health and a resource for exploring. If a player’s HV runs out of battery before they reach the exit, they lose half of the items they’ve collected.

Web3 Game Eternal Dragons Update

Eternal Dragons is back with a new version of the game that is meant to make the NFT gaming experience better for Dragoneers and web3 gamers. This update has a lot of fun new features, like unit attack animations that make battles more fluid and exciting, a simpler way to create PvP rooms for better connectivity, and a PvP AI opponent that makes the game easier to play for players in different time zones.

Also, the addition of class stacking instead of skills gives the game more strategic depth by letting players improve their combat skills by putting out more units of the same class. Lastly, improved NFT coupling puts more emphasis on how important player feedback is and adds new ways to combine classes and affinities, making each fight more interesting and dynamic. These changes are meant to bring players deeper into the world of Eternal Dragons and make the game more fun.

Web3 Gaming Innovations: Animoca, Krafton, Yuga Labs, Wreck League, and Eternal Dragons Lead the Way
Web3 Gaming Innovations: Animoca, Krafton, Yuga Labs, Wreck League, and Eternal Dragons Lead the Way

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Web3 Gaming Innovations

What are the key highlights of Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse funding round?

  • Answer: Animoca Brands secured $20 million in funding for its Mocaverse project, a metaverse initiative. This funding round involved the sale of new shares at A$4.50 each and featured prominent blockchain investors, including CMCC Global, Kingsway Capital, and Liberty City Ventures, among others. Investors in this round also received dollar-for-dollar utility token warrants.

What is the primary goal of Mocaverse within the Animoca Brands web3 ecosystem?

  • Answer: Mocaverse aims to provide Web3 participants with a decentralized means to verify their identities. It strives to encourage broader integration of Web3 technologies into everyday life and foster the creation of new products and partnerships within the Animoca Brands ecosystem.

Can you provide an overview of Krafton’s Overdare NFT Metaverse Game?

  • Answer: Overdare is an NFT-driven metaverse mobile game developed by Krafton, the creators of PUBG. It offers user-generated content creation on the Settlus blockchain and plans for a soft launch in December, with a full release between the first and second quarters of 2024. Similar to Roblox, Overdare empowers users to create content across different genres, interact with other players, customize avatars, and explore a vast open world.

What technologies and features make Overdare stand out?

  • Answer: Overdare utilizes Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 and AI generative tools, providing players with extensive creative capabilities. It enables the creation of games, interactions with other users, avatar customization, and even virtual concerts within its expansive virtual world. This project, in partnership with Naver Z, aims to establish a “create-to-earn” gaming economy, allowing players to trade in-game assets as NFTs for transparent and secure transactions.

What is the “Mez’i’s Mayhem” tournament hosted by Wreck League?

  • Answer: Wreck League’s “Mez’i’s Mayhem” tournament is the league’s inaugural leaderboard tournament. Participants can assemble unique Mechs, with 1.4 quadrillion possible combinations of Mech parts. The tournament started on September 14 and will run until September 28. Players earn points for wins, with a unique scoring system emphasizing skill and consistency. Prizes are awarded to the top 17,000 players, ranging from common parts to exclusive Iconic Holoscopes.

What does the Yuga Labs HV-MTL Forge Update bring to the game?

  • Answer: The HV-MTL Forge Update introduces “The Hunt,” a new phase that expands the game world and offers dungeon-crawling adventures reminiscent of roguelike games. Players search for crafting materials and special items to enhance their Heavy Vehicles (HVs). The update also adds four different biomes, adjustable game difficulty, and three distinct player roles: explorer, fighter, and craftsman.

How does the energy system work in Yuga Labs’ HV-MTL Forge?

  • Answer: HVs in the game have a battery level that serves as both their health and a resource for exploration. The amount of energy used depends on the chosen difficulty level. If a player’s HV runs out of battery before reaching the exit, they lose half of the collected items.

What improvements does the updated version of Eternal Dragons bring to the web3 gaming experience?

  • Answer: The updated version of Eternal Dragons enhances the NFT gaming experience by introducing features such as unit attack animations for more engaging battles, simplified PvP room creation for better connectivity, and a PvP AI opponent to accommodate players in different time zones. It also replaces skills with class stacking, adding strategic depth, and enhances NFT coupling to encourage creative combinations of classes and affinities, making battles more dynamic and engaging. These updates aim to make the game more immersive and enjoyable for players.

These frequently asked questions provide a comprehensive overview of the key developments and innovations in the world of web3 gaming as discussed in the article. Newsletter 14

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