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Web3 games news involves Gods Unchained, Yuga Labs’ HV-MTL Forge, My Neighbor Alice Season 3, Synergy of Serra’s open alpha, AlterVerse’s AI NPCs, Arc8’s major updates, and Super Snappy’s social Web3 platform. Connect, compete, and experience gaming’s future.

Here we are with all the important news in Super Sunday with our weekly newsletter. This week Immutable Games trailblazing TCG NFT game Gods Unchained stole the limelight. The web3 game made it to the Epic Games Store reaching millions of players with the potential to increase its user base. This revolutionizing step bridging Web2 and Web3 games was the top news of the week. Furthermore, we have a new game from Yuga Labs HV-MTL Forge, My Neighbor Alice entering into Season 3, and a new social gaming platform Super Snappy making headlines. Additionally, we have new AI NPCs in Alterverse, Synergy of Serra Open Alpha, and Arc8 adding League Play and Battle Pass.

  • Gods Unchained Goes Epic
  • Yuga Labs Announces HV-MTL Forge
  • My Neighbor Alice Season 3
  • Synergy of Serra Invites Gamers for Open Alpha
  • AlterVerse New AI NPCs
  • Arc8 Introduces New Major Updates
  • Super Snappy a Social Platformer Web3 Gaming Startup

Gods Unchained Goes Epic

Epic Games Store gets the most successful TCG Web3 game, Gods Unchained. Immutable Games’ massive move precedes its groundbreaking TCG game’s mobile expansion. Gods Unchained, one of the longest-running card battler NFT games, will benefit from a wider audience. March saw 230 million Epic Games Store users. 68 million users are active monthly. Thus, Immutable Games’ move could revolutionize gaming and place it alongside giants. Gods Unchained will join Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering as successful card battlers.

Gods Unchained, the Ethereum-based game, is on Epic Games Store. It’s a big deal with 230 million PC players. The Executive Producer, Daniel Paez, is thrilled. It makes the game more popular beyond crypto gaming. He said, “Excited to show our game to new PC gamers and TCG lovers. Keeping our promise to bring Gods Unchained to more players.”

Immutable’s NFT card game is now on Epic Games Store. It shares space with Fortnite and other high-budget games. Previously, it was only on the game’s website. It joins other Web3 games like Blankos Block Party and Grit on Epic Games Store.

Yuga Labs Announces HV-MTL Forge

Yuga Labs, creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club, have a new Web3 game for Bored Ape holders. It’s called HV-MTL Forge, a workshop-building game where players make and modify Mechas.

Fans of Bored Ape are excited for the game’s launch on June 29. Yuga Labs faced criticism for Dookey Dash, but it made $110 million in NFT exchanges, with a winning NFT sold for $1.63 million.

Based on public experience, Yuga created HV-MTL Forge for interactive NFT gameplay, expanding the metaverse’s possibilities.

HV-MTL Forge is about crafting and customizing robotic creations. Sewer Pass holders got exclusive HV-MTL mecha NFTs. Players earn points by voting on others’ creations.

To participate, players need HV-MTL robot NFTs, accessible to Sewer Pass holders. HV-MTL mecha NFTs start at 0.88 ETH ($1,570) on platforms like OpenSea. Buying an HV-MTL NFT grants access to HV-MTL Forge game.

My Neighbor Alice Season 3

My Neighbor Alice, a web3 farming and building game like Stardew Valley, is entering season 3 of its alpha. This season brings major updates: crafting, connection to Chromia appnet, and a free trial for players without land plots.

Season 3 focuses on customization. Crafting is introduced, allowing players to create wearables and decorations. Items and rewards from this season will migrate to Season 4.

Elle brand partners with the game, offering special quests and branded NFTs. Players can play for free using a borrowing system with limited land. Pre-registration may be necessary due to limited slots.

Season 3 of My Neighbor Alice starts on June 27th and ends on August 8th.

Synergy of Serra Invites Gamers for Open Alpha

Synergy of Serra enters the open alpha phase, allowing anyone to download and play. It’s a unique take on the TCG genre, still rough around the edges but playable.

The TCG genre is crowded, so Synergy of Serra offers unique features. It was in alpha testing, but now it’s open to everyone. No keys are required, simply download from the website and start playing.

The proto-alpha doesn’t offer rewards, but it’s a chance to try the game and provide feedback to the team.

Web3 Game AlterVerse New AI NPCs

AlterVerse launches a four-day weekend beta event for Sky City, their central hub. Updates include a new Demolition Derby game and NPCs with conversational AI technology.

AlterVerse is the first to use AI chatbots in their game. Players can chat with Avii and Omar, powered by Convai. World builders can also utilize this AI chat feature.

The latest Sky City version has fixes, tweaks, and the addition of Demolition Derby mini-game.

Contests with NFT prizes are held daily. Friday’s contest involves capturing a screenshot of the Demolition Derby mayhem and tweeting about it. Saturday’s contest requires encountering a cave creature in lava caves and taking an engaging screenshot. Sunday’s contest focuses on building a dream coastal home in Playa Diablo section of Sky City.

Web3 Game Arc8 Introduces New Major Updates

Arc8 releases a major update to their casual, competitive mobile games platform. It introduces a league-based system and a battle pass, offering daily play and earn opportunities for all players.

Arc8 eliminates the need for players to invest tokens to compete and earn more tokens. The new league system rewards players with trophies based on match wins, allowing them to rank up to higher leagues.

Each day, players are placed into leagues of 100 players, with the top 10% receiving Reward Boxes. Higher-ranked leagues offer bigger prizes.

A Streak system is added, where players earn additional Trophy points by winning multiple games in a row. Players can also earn points towards the battle pass, unlocking rewards like Coins, Luck, Gems, Energy, and Reward Packs.

A Premium Battle Pass is available for purchase, providing extra rewards. Arc8 League Pass holders gain access to additional rewards, including NFTs from Star Atlas and Hunters On-Chain.

Note: The mention of the sale for Arc8 League Pass is coming at the end of June.

Super Snappy a Social Platformer Web3 Gaming Startup

Super Snappy is a Web3 startup that offers a variety of NFT and blockchain games with a focus on social interactions.

In the past, social gaming has undergone transformations, from dominant platforms like Club Penguin to the fragmentation of social connections. Super Snappy aims to change the way people play social games by providing easy cross-platform access.

CEO Yohami Zerpa recognized the decline in social connections in gaming and wanted to make it more social again. Super Snappy was born to make games easier to play and enable people to play with their friends. The platform simplifies the gaming experience and offers viral potential for developers.

Super Snappy combines Web3 features, a diverse game selection, and a focus on social interactions to enhance the social gaming experience.

Web3 games news involves Gods Unchained, Yuga Labs' HV-MTL Forge, My Neighbor Alice Season 3, and Synergy of Serra's open alpha among others.
Web3 games news involves Gods Unchained, Yuga Labs’ HV-MTL Forge, My Neighbor Alice Season 3, and Synergy of Serra’s open alpha among others.

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Race X is the first Race-2-Earn simulation to combine real-world racing with a virtual racing gaming platform on the Avalanche ecosystem. Race X is a groundbreaking simulation engine that is currently being developed with a pre-panned roadmap schedule. The “Race-2-Earn” game will only be open to RaceCar NFT holders. Users will be able to make use of the special game items of the platform because each NFT will be a representation of the same car inside the simulation.

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