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As another week of web3 gaming comes to a close, the spotlight has once again been shining on the popular NFT game Axie Infinity. To create a new game and bring the Play & Kollect game to the Ronin network, Axie Infinity has teamed up with the NFT collection CyberKongz. In addition, The Sandbox is the first metaverse location to feature our favorite fast food chain, McDonald’s. This week’s other major advancement is the launch of Qubit, a web3 wallet that aims to solve the problem of player accessibility and onboarding. Web3 developments include the launch of Legends at War on Avax Subnet, $4.7 million in funding for Delabs Games, Star Atlas downsizing, MetalCore Alpha 3, growing interest among professional gamers in blockchain gaming, and an NFT drop for early adopters from Ubunation.

  • McDonald’s Enters the Sandbox Metaverse
  • Qubit Web3 Game Wallet
  • Sky Mavis Enters Partnership with CyberKongz
  • Star Atlas Downsizes
  • MetalCore Alpha 3
  • Ubunation NFT Airdrop

McDonald’s Enters the Sandbox Metaverse

McDonald’s Hong Kong and The Sandbox are creating a virtual world called “McNuggets Land.” The debut decision came in line with Mcdonalds’ celebrating Chicken McNuggets’ 40th anniversary. This virtual experience metaverse lets users visit a cool store, explore a secret factory, and learn about Chicken McNuggets. Besides, quests for The Sandbox utility token can be fun. This token lets you customize your avatar and buy cool virtual goods. Hong Kongers can even win 365-day McDonald’s Chicken McNugget coupons. What else? This virtual world requires only an email address.

Metaverse brand-building experiences are popular now among businesses. They help businesses create online loyalty programs and fun games.
The Sandbox’s McDonald’s partnership is huge. The co-founder and COO, Sebastien Borget, said it’s taking them to a new level and closer to their goal of making the Metaverse popular.

McDonald’s using web3 to engage its customers is not something new. For their 31st anniversary in China, they released 188 special NFTs in 2021.
McDonald’s is one of many big brands working with The Sandbox online. The Sandbox has nearly 400 partners, including Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Gucci, and Adidas. They’ve worked with Snoop Dogg, The Smurfs, Care Bears, The Walking Dead, and Atari.

Qubit Web3 Game Wallet

For web3 gamers, Qubit will soon replace all other smart contract wallets as the standard. It aims to make onboarding, transition, transaction, and accessibility as easy as possible for gamers. Qubit is an Account Abstraction non-custodial wallet made with web3 gamers in mind. The project is led by CEO Ayelen Denovitzer, Co-Founder Shailendra Sason, and Head of Marketing Alessandro Capezza.

Gamers can now store their digital assets securely without the hassle of managing multiple wallets thanks to the Qubit wallet. Furthermore, it works with any chain that can use the EVM.

The wallet has many helpful functions, such as Social Login and simple recovery, Alert & Notifications, Session keys for sharing only a subset of in-game assets, Multisig capabilities, Fee Sponsorship (allowing gas fees to be paid with any ERC-20 token), and an NFT Gallery.

Qubit has just released its first Beta Test program, offering participants 1500 $USDC in exchange for their time testing the wallet. You can sign up for the program by becoming a part of their Discord server.

Sky Mavis Enters Partnership with CyberKongz

Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis has joined forces with Ethereum-based NFT collection CyberKongz to expand the gaming ecosystem on the Ronin blockchain.
Sky Mavis is also developing a new game that will be compatible with and build upon the existing Axie Infinity experiences, so the two will work together in exciting new ways.

Additionally, CyberKongz’s Play & Kollect game will be migrating from the Polygon blockchain to the Ronin blockchain. CyberKongz hopes that by joining the vibrant Ronin gaming community, it can expand its user base.

Web3 Game Star Atlas Downsizes

Star Atlas has recently announced that it will be reducing its workforce, which will result in a reorganization of the company’s focus. They won’t be killing the project altogether, despite the layoffs. Instead, they are concentrating on releasing the Star Atlas: Golden Era (SAGE) feature. As with their ultimate 3D game, SAGE will be a top-down, webGL-based grand strategy game. Also, they’re working on a “move to earn” app called Crew Mobile that will let people advance levels and train their Crew while they’re out and about. Including this strategy for gaining rewards in the main game is thought to be a good idea.

Due to the layoffs, progress on their massive 3D Unreal-based game will slow down. Web3 game Star Atlas has a highly functional base exploring the app, and their releases consistently receive high marks. However, they have been impacted by the demise of FTX, and while they do offer NFTs for sale, some of the prices have been deemed excessive.

Web 3 Game MetalCore Alpha 3

MetalCore is reviving its free-to-play alpha phase so everyone can play their futuristic first-person shooter and win prizes! MetalCore may release a beta later this year, and the new alpha is already underway, ending the alpha phase.

Crafting, baronies, and NFT integration have placeholders in the early alpha. Combat, flight, and movement are fully functional. Besides, Alpha 3 players can customize their load outs and choose vehicles without MetalCore NFTs.

Web3 game MetalCore will host the Alpha 3 Kill Count event from July 28th to July 30th. Kills determine who tops the leaderboard. The top three players will receive early access to a new MetalCore program.

Only player deaths will count toward the final tally. Players must register. Teaming, griefing, stream sniping, and exploiting are prohibited.
Get an alpha key from the team on Discord and download MetalCore from Epic Games. Enjoy MetalCore’s third Alpha Phase.

Ubunation NFT Airdrop

As a web3 and NFT platform, UBUNATION is rewarding its early backers with exciting NFT drops. On July 30, 2023, they will release the web3 Founders Badge NFT to the public. In addition to a digital badge to display on their profiles, a “Founders Wall” for uploading photos and quotes, and lifetime access to all campaigns, priority access to events, VIP social channels, limited-edition merchandise, and discounts on token-gated items and special events are among the perks reserved for Founding Members. Those who join as Founding Members will be instrumental in fostering constructive change and igniting the next generation of leaders. Join UBUNTION today to become a part of this group and gain access to these privileges.

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Mandala Metaverse intertwines NFTs with an Unreal Engine MMORPG and an AR mobile game, forming a cross-chain, cross-media franchise. Mandala Metaverse emerges as an expansive cross-platform venture, empowered by SingularityNet’s decentralized AGI and interlinked with Sophiaverse. This innovative franchise offers an engaging world where players can explore diverse mythologies and cultures through an MMORPG, an AR mobile game, and a television series. Additionally, the Cryptonauts NFT collection lets players personalize avatars and unlock exclusive in-game content. Mandala Metaverse pioneers the convergence of blockchain and storytelling, evidenced by the recent Cryptonauts NFT collection launch on Astar and Polkadot networks. This strategic partnership enables Mandala to harness the capabilities of Polkadot’s parachains, fostering heightened security, scalability, and collaboration. This visionary venture assembles a Web3 “rebel alliance” among parachain partners, ensuring a secure journey through the complex cross-chain landscape.

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