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Polygonum- Best Blockchain Game

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Polygonum- Best Blockchain Game

Polygonum DeFi game with NFT items and in-game token. Free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer game with NFT marketplace where supply and demand are controlled by users.

Earn money on everything! Buy/sell items on NFT marketplace, improve your character and sell their Skill Points!

Open World is divided into three zones, where everyone will find something to do.

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Polygonum- Best Blockchain Game

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Insights from Web3 Gaming Summit, Mythical Games, ‘My Pet Hooligan,’ Axie Infinity’s Lunalog, and Elixir Games’ Exclusive Titles

In the rapidly evolving world of gaming, the play-to-earn concept is ushering in a new era of innovation. In this article, we delve into the top five groundbreaking events that have recently shaken the gaming industry. From high-profile summits and ambitious mobile game expansions to indie releases and platform enhancements, these developments offer a glimpse into the exciting future of play-to-earn gaming. Explore the details of these transformative events and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic intersection of technology and gaming. The gaming industry is currently experiencing a surge of innovations and advancements, particularly in the realm of play-to-earn gaming. Here, we delve into the top five noteworthy events that transpired recently:

Groundbreaking Web3 Gaming Summit 2023:

Hosted in Singapore, the Web3 Gaming Summit 2023 was a hub of groundbreaking ideas and innovation, attracting over 4,300 attendees.
Key insights were shared by Kevin Shao on cross-chain games and Sébastien Bordier on the utility of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).
The summit shed light on the future prospects and challenges in the rapidly evolving Web3 gaming sector, leaving attendees inspired and curious.
It served as a fertile ground for innovative gaming solutions to sprout.

Mythical Games Brings Blankos to Mobile: Mythical Games is making waves by extending its popular PC game, Blankos Block Party, to mobile platforms. The game seamlessly integrates Web2 and Web3 features, allowing in-app purchases without the need for cryptocurrency, bypassing app store restrictions.
The move is expected to attract millions of new players each month and enhance the overall user experience.

AMGI Animation’s ‘My Pet Hooligan’: Indie developer AMGI Animation has released ‘My Pet Hooligan’ in Early Access on the Epic Games Store.
This unique game set in Hooliland City offers players the opportunity to rebel, explore, and cause havoc with diverse rabbits as they battle the sinister overlord, Metazuckbot.
A collaboration with Prime Gaming provides subscribers with exclusive content and special offers, enriching the gaming experience.

Axie Infinity Introduces Lunalog:

Axie Infinity is enhancing its platform with Lunalog, which provides detailed insights into user-centric data.
The Badge Leaderboard, its first feature, highlights owners with the most Mystic Axies. A unique contest is being held to celebrate the launch, with the chance to win an exclusive Japanese Axie.
This feature foreshadows the upcoming Lunalog Catalog, promising significant upgrades to the app layout, emphasizing user engagement and enrichment.

Elixir Games Launches Exclusive Titles:

Elixir Games has launched a variety of exclusive game titles on its innovative Elixir Games Launcher.
CEO Carlos Roldan emphasizes the launcher’s potential in offering dynamic solutions and unlocking next-generation games with a focus on open economies and player-centric experiences.
These titles operate on various blockchains and bypass traditional platforms like Steam, ensuring accessibility to innovative games.
The support from industry leaders like Martin Repeto highlights Elixir’s role in fostering collaborations and making premier Web3 gaming content widely accessible.

These developments collectively signify a shift toward more immersive, user-friendly, and innovative gaming experiences. They underscore the gaming industry’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the play-to-earn sector, hinting at a future where technology and gaming seamlessly converge without limitations.

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