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RBL Labs Shines as Amsterdam’s Revolutionary Web3 Gaming Studio

RBL Labs Shines as Amsterdam’s Revolutionary Web3 Gaming Studio

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RBL Labs, an Amsterdam-based web3 gaming studio, takes all the spotlight with its innovative blockchain game, LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame). Introducing the Future of Casual Web3 Gaming: A Revolutionary Experience Awaits Players Worldwide.

RBL Labs, an Amsterdam-based web3 gaming studio, has been attracting attention with its flagship game, LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame). The company’s recent release of an extensive roadmap for the game showcases its ambitious goals within the thriving Polygon blockchain ecosystem. Supported by big industry investors, including Signum Capital, NGC, LD Capital, SL2, and Assensive Assets, RBL Labs is poised for a promising trajectory.

RBL Revolutionizes the Web3 Gaming

Since its inception in 2021, RBL has made considerable advancements in web3 gaming. One of its standout achievements has been the beta launch of LOCGame for Web3 and Android users. RBL Labs enhanced the platform by integrating NFT e-commerce and a marketplace, setting a precedent for delivering engaging player experiences.

However, the reach of RBL extends beyond the digital sphere. They have partnered with renowned designers from fashion giants like Prada, Burberry, Moschino, and Dsquared. This fusion of high fashion and gaming has given LOCGame a unique touch, setting it apart from its competitors.

RBL Labs, an Amsterdam-based web3 gaming studio, takes the spotlight with its flagship blockchain game, LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame)
RBL Labs Shines as Amsterdam's Revolutionary Web3 Gaming Studio 4

Earlier this year, the studio introduced ‘I Know This Place?’ (IKTP), a web2.5 quest available on the popular gaming platform, Steam.

The web3 industry has given the RBL Labs team praise more than once. They were chosen to go to the Cointelegraph Startup Accelerator. Basically, it is a program that helps promising blockchain startups grow. The European Blockchain Convention (EBC) named RBL Labs as one of the top ten European blockchain startups.

In June, the well-known Collision Conference will be held in Toronto. RBL Labs will be there to represent the Dutch Trade Mission. It will show how tech is becoming more important around the world.

RBL Labs Plans to Lead the Web3 Gaming Market

With an eye on the future, RBL Labs’ 2023-2024 roadmap reveals its intention to secure a leading position in the casual web3 gaming market. The company’s strategy includes reaching billions of players across Apple and Android devices, demonstrating its commitment to catering to a diverse and rapidly expanding user base. One of the key components of the roadmap is a Free-to-Play mode, designed to lower barriers to entry and broaden the platform’s accessibility, irrespective of gamers’ web3 or web2 affiliations.

RBL Labs hopes to release Season 1 by 2024. It will have new ways to play and a compelling story. AI-Powered 3D Characters are being made by the studio to improve the gaming experience and make the journey more immersive.

RBL Labs wants to improve player progression and rewards by adding Blockchain Recorded Player Progression and in-game staking rewards. The company has also made a deal with the Virtua Games Network (VGN) to add LOCGame to VGN’s Metaverse. It’s an important project that will make things a lot better for users.

Jawad Ashraf, the founder and CEO of Virtua, was excited about the partnership. “Adding LOCGame to Virtua’s dashboard quests shows how much we care about our players, and we’re happy to be working with LegendsOfCrypto.”

RBL Labs, an Amsterdam-based web3 gaming studio, takes the spotlight with its flagship blockchain game, LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame)
RBL Labs Shines as Amsterdam's Revolutionary Web3 Gaming Studio 5

RBL Aims to Capture Huge Audience

RBL Labs plans to put out two new casual web3 games as part of its long-term plan. The goal of these games is to appeal to a wide range of people, increase player lifetime value (LTV), and help the casual web3 gaming market grow.

Mik Mironov, Founder of RBL Labs, confidently asserts, “The LOCGame team is delivering a unique gaming experience with a primary focus on a mobile-first casual GameFi experience. Moreover, the impending updates and features will establish RBL Labs and LOCGame as significant players in the blockchain gaming industry.”

RBL Labs Shines as Amsterdam's Revolutionary Web3 Gaming Studio
RBL Labs Shines as Amsterdam’s Revolutionary Web3 Gaming Studio

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RBL Labs Shines as Amsterdam’s Revolutionary Web3 Gaming Studio

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RBL Labs Shines as Amsterdam’s Revolutionary Web3 Gaming Studio

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