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Rooniverse Migrates to ImmutableX

Rooniverse Migrates to ImmutableX

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Rooniverse Blockchain Game Migrates from Solana to ImmutableX

Another blockchain gaming project decides to leave Solana and jump to Immutable. Web3 game studio XP Foundry officially announces that it is transferring the on-chain assets of its mobile game Rooniverse from Solana to ImmutableX. Prior to XP Foundry, several other blockchain games have already migrated from the Solana blockchain. Immutable X is gaining solid traction with a gradual increase in blockchain projects. It uses the Ethereum blockchain to build and scale Web3 games. Solana once was a go-to platform for blockchain game developers and companies. However, after the FTX collapse and stable coin faltering, Solana is finding it difficult to reestablish itself in the industry. 

Immutable VP Andrew Sorokovsky was happy to have XP Foundry debut Web3 title Rooniverse on their ever-growing ImmutableX platform. Through their partnership, Immutable and XP Foundry aims to jointly host millions of mobile gamers. By combining chaotic fun with seamless blockchain integrations, the companies aim to support ownership, trading, and interoperability – features that are crucial to gamers.

About Rooniverse Web3 Game

Rooniverse is a hyper-royale mobile game that is free-to-play and involves adorable yet fierce creatures. These creatures battle it out in PvP game modes. The game offers crafting, user-generated content (UGC), and social gameplay. Additionally, it also integrates on-chain collectibles through a fully optional blockchain layer. This makes the game accessible to both traditional and Web3 gamers, and it works on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac platforms.

Players compete in multiplayer game modes within Rooniverse, pitting their “Roos” against each other to win resources. These resources can be utilized to craft unique weapons and construct a personal empire within the Rooniverse ecosystem.

XP Foundry Team

The engineers and artists at XP Foundry boast impressive credentials. They have experience working on previous games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Game of Thrones, Batman, Call of Duty, The Elder Scrolls, and many others.

XP Foundry’s co-CEO and game director, James Finley, has over 15 years of experience in game direction, including a previous role as director of technology at Unity Studios. Furthermore, the executive producer, James Chung, was a former art director at EA and a member of the original COD team.

What will Rooniverse Gain from ImmutableX Platform?

By transitioning assets to ImmutableX, Rooniverse has added user-friendly features for gamers. Such as fast and cost-efficient transactions, as well as zero-fee minting for their on-chain characters and items. These benefits are combined with Ethereum’s robust security measures.

According to the companies, ImmutableX was specifically designed with Web3 gaming in mind, unlike general-purpose blockchains. As a result, it boasts one of the most comprehensive and cutting-edge blockchain gaming ecosystems available to players and developers, in terms of both its size and scope.

According to the companies, XP Foundry will benefit from Immutable’s technical expertise in blockchain, as well as their hands-on experience working with over 100 other Web3 gaming studios. This collaboration will take place through Immutable Gaming Studios.

Immutable has developed key features that can help facilitate mass adoption. These features comprise gas-free trading, and a development roadmap exclusively focused on serving the needs of games.

XP Foundry’s co-CEO on Immutable

According to XP Foundry’s co-CEO, Germán Palau, there are many excellent blockchains and L2s available. But he firmly believes in platforms that specialize and cater to a specific industry segment. In a statement, he added, “Through our many conversations, Immutable has shown us that they clearly ‘get it’ when it comes to understanding mainstream gamers and getting rid of ‘NFT stigma’ that prevent open adoption. We love using blockchain integrations as features for our game, for this reason, I think we’re making the best long-term decision for the game.”

XP Foundry previously raised $1.5 million during its pre-seed funding round, with a fully diluted valuation of $10 million. The funding round was led by Shima Capital and proved to be successful. The studio’s current backers and partners include a range of organizations such as Big Brain Holdings, Deep Ventures, Criterion, Double Peak, Snack Club, Magic Eden, 3DGG Labs, Spectre, Citizen Capital, XBorg, Naavik, Battle Arena Gamers Guild, and Stardust, as well as several esports organizations, including YGG SEA and the Global Esports Federation.

Rooniverse Current Status

Rooniverse is expected to commence open alpha testing in mid-February. It will go for beta testing in the second or third quarter and the full game launch in Q4. XP Foundry currently has a team of over 20 individuals.

During the pre-alpha stage, XP Foundry invited select communities, including venture capitalists, guilds, and esports organizations, to play the game. The company received positive feedback unanimously, with players enjoying both playing and watching the game, as stated in an email from the company.

The game will host both free-to-play and on-chain players in all stages. It will also have phase-exclusive items for players to collect as they progress. The crafting economy and creator tools, such as user-generated maps, will be introduced as expansions to the base game.

Prior to the launch of Origin Roos, Rooniverse was self-funded. Origin Roos marked the beginning of the game development cycle. It generated $1.2 million from the sale of 4,444 on-chain collectible characters. In 2022, XP Foundry raised $1.5 million. The studio plans to launch its next seed round in approximately one month.

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Rooniverse Migrates to ImmutableX

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Rooniverse Migrates to ImmutableX

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