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Samurai Legends- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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Samurai Legends- Best Blockchain Game 2024

Samurai Legends is a samurai-themed NFT open-world GameFi Metaverse. Players fight PvP battles, build, strategize and engage in politics in order to survive and thrive. In this sandbox of conflict, players aspire to become Shogun and gain ultimate control over the rules and economy of the game world.

Samurai Rising

Samurai Rising is the first play-to-earn game from the Samurai Legends ecosystem. It launched on September 9th 2021. Players earn $KOKU rewards for winning games.

In Samurai Rising, you bring your Samurai Battle Cards to battle and fight against other players or a bot to earn $KOKU. Players that perform well and are committed to regularly playing are rewarded most.

Samurai Lands

Part of the upcoming Samurai Legends gameplay released in November.

Players that own Land in an outer province can already manage it, gather resources and create buildings before release of the full game.

Samurai Legends

Main game that will be released in upcoming months.

Samurai Legends will merge both card NFT fight system aspects from Samurai Rising and Samurai Lands gameplay, expanding it further to Feudal Japan Metaverse created by players choices.

New resources will be utilized in constructing a wide set of buildings, recruiting different units and crafting items. Players will travel across an interactive map to trade, participate in PvE quests, and battle with other players, possibly all for hire through a P2P bounty system. Using warbands and siege equipment, players will also conquer land and fight to become Shogun. Clans with DAO-based functionality will control strategic Hans and maneuver province politics.

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Samurai Legends- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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Overdare: Krafton’s NFT-Powered Metaverse Mobile Game Redefining Gaming with Settlus Blockchain

Krafton, the renowned game studio behind PUBG, has unveiled a groundbreaking NFT-powered metaverse mobile game called Overdare. This innovative project is set to revolutionize user-generated content within the gaming world and is built on the Settlus blockchain. While the official launch is slated for the first or second quarter of the upcoming year, a soft launch is planned for December of this year to give fans a taste of what’s to come.

Overdare is not just your typical mobile game; it embraces NFT technology and empowers users to create their own content, akin to the popular platform Roblox. The game is developed using Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 and features generative AI tools that enable players to design games across various genres. It’s also a social platform, allowing players to communicate via chat and customize their avatars, promoting individuality.

Overdare’s virtual world is expansive, offering players the freedom to use AI tools to craft their own games and environments. Furthermore, they can engage in a wide range of games created by fellow users, attend virtual concerts, and personalize their avatars.

This ambitious project is the result of a partnership between Krafton and Naver Z, a company specializing in augmented reality technology. Krafton holds an 85% stake in the venture, with Naver Z owning the remaining 15%.

Overdare aims to establish a “create-to-earn” gaming economy, enabling players to buy and sell digital assets within the game as NFTs. This shift towards NFTs is driven by the promise of transparent and secure transactions.

To support this economy, Krafton and Naver Z have chosen the Settlus blockchain. This blockchain system will allow players to earn money in popular cryptocurrencies like Coinbase and Circle’s USDC stablecoin. The integration of Cosmos technology, recently highlighted at Korea Blockchain Week, promises to streamline the process. Settlus, developed by Krafton, is touted as “the future of the creator economy” on its official Twitter account.

In a recent Medium blog post, Krafton’s Settlus hinted at a potential “NFT licensing system,” although details remain scarce. The blog also addresses potential challenges in Overdare’s planned NFT economy, including the option to make NFTs optional rather than mandatory and ensuring a balanced inventory of items. Additionally, it intends to address the issue of volatile token prices to ensure a positive experience for players and creators.

Regarding the role of Settlus’s own token in this ecosystem, it remains unclear. The community may await further information to learn whether Settlus intends to create a new token or exclusively employ USDC. The adoption of stablecoins like USDC is favored for their price stability compared to volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as they are designed to maintain a fixed value pegged to the US dollar.

With Krafton’s strong reputation in the gaming industry and the massive popularity of PUBG with 300 million monthly active users, Overdare holds significant potential to shape the future of the metaverse. This project represents a promising leap into the world of NFTs, user-generated content, and blockchain technology, offering gamers new avenues for creativity and financial opportunities.

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