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Shrapnel: Game Review

Shrapnel: Game Review

Game Review 

While looking at the Shrapnel trailer, and its gameplay, we can safely say that this blockchain game will bring about a sea change in the Web3 gaming industry. The game will merge blockchain technology with AAA gaming elements in an FPS multiplayer game. The trailer of the game is so good that it begs the question if the gameplay will mirror it. Shrapnel trailer uses Unreal Engine 5 which uses the Nanite technology to make superb visuals. The trailer and gameplay both are stunning equal parts. The hype is real behind this game and what as a gamer we may expect from this game? And when will we get our hands on the game to try it out? So far, blockchain games aren’t defined by their strength of gameplay, but by the in-game economy. However, Shrapnel is about to change the dynamics of a good blockchain game.

Shrapnel Game Trailer

The trailer is a visual spectacle, it throws us into an eye-catching city of dense buildings and skyscrapers. The city offers an outlook of a diverse near-future cityscape where technological advancement is evident. Amidst the crumbling buildings, firing bullets, raging lunar meteorites, and enemies on the prowl, the environment of the game is nerve-wracking, to say the least.

Everyone out in the zone or the Sacrifice Zone is on the lookout for valuable resources i.e. Compound Sigma. We see several factions engaging in grueling fights to take control of the zone, making it a highly competitive multiplayer game. The trailer depicts soldiers competing to obtain the material and evacuate first, as others pursue them. A piece of shrapnel could have value in the millions.

Shrapnel Trailer

Shrapnel Gameplay

So, you as a player will spend most of the time playing Shrapnel closely listening to the movements. The telltale sound of your enemies will tell you when to ambush and when to take cover. So, you will remain on your toes all the while, a not-so-relaxing game after all. The fighting sequences in the game contain stellar graphics with neon lights on the rooftops amidst blazing bullets. Not only is the distant fighting combat exciting but also the close combat skills are pretty hardcore. The extraction hardcore shooting in this game offers a lot to adrenaline junkies out there.

Shrapnel is a survival game that combines the concepts of battle royale and raises the stakes. However, the goal is extraction and the game can have multiple winners. In each raid, players must choose their loadout and strive to complete missions, acquire valuable loot, and defeat both enemy players and non-player characters. However, death in the game means losing all brought-in items. Additionally, we may also expect the game to feature a complex medical system as in other extraction game that takes into account injuries, hunger, thirst, and pain.

As the number of players decreases and extractions become riskier, every decision becomes crucial. Tactics will change, alliances will form and dissolve, and the risks will increase, with the possibility of severe outcomes. The stakes are high so are the rewards.

Shrapnel gameplay

Shrapnel Offers Player Ownership and SHRAP Token

The game offers in-game digital item ownership to its players. Players can have NFTs in the shape of gears, weapons, cosmetics, account stickers, maps, and more. Whatever players create in this game will remain their own IP. As of now, the team is hard at work in creating Shrapnel Marketplace for NFTs. 

SHRAPNEL will feature a strong marketplace with an order-book style, allowing buyers and sellers to trade all in-game assets. Offers and bids will be submitted in a sophisticated, peer-to-peer marketplace for gear of every level, generic and premium vanity items, maps, and land. All transactions will be resolved using SHRAP tokens, but offers and bids will be displayed in their USD equivalent.

SHRAP will be introduced as an ERC-20 token and will be launched on the Avalanche platform soon after. At the initial token generation event (TGE), a total supply of 3 billion SHRAP tokens will be created and will never increase. No additional tradeable tokens are planned to be generated or minted.

As of now, the game developers are working on a single battle royale extraction map. Talking to the head of the studio Don Norbury, we might expect to test the game in late March this year.

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Shrapnel: Game Review

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Shrapnel: Game Review

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Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a gaming model that has gained immense popularity within the crypto and blockchain communities. In P2E games, players can earn cryptocurrencies or NFTs by participating in the game, often through activities like completing quests, collecting items, or trading assets. P2E News covers developments, announcements, and trends related to these innovative gaming experiences that allow players to monetize their in-game efforts.

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