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Solana Labs’ GameShift API transforms Web3 game development

Solana Labs’ GameShift API transforms Web3 game development

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Solana Labs introduces Gameshift API, a web3 initiative to streamline the game development process, providing NFT solutions

Solana Labs, the company started by the original founders and main developers of the Solana blockchain network, just released GameShift, an innovative tool for developers. With this tool, game developers can use a variety of third-party crypto applications to make games on the Solana platform or move their existing games to the network without any problems.

Solana Launches GameShift API

GameShift is an interesting idea that is making waves in the web3 gaming world. The platform is made to give developers a wide range of options and to make it easier for them to make games. With the help of its API, it focuses on adding play-to-own elements and other web3 parts. The exciting news was all over the news on Wednesday at PlayGG, a big gaming convention in San Diego’s Solana neighborhood.

Moreover, GameShift’s main goal is to make it easy for game makers to add a blockchain layer. Solana Labs calls this layer in video games an “ownership layer.” It is an API, which stands for “application programming interface.” It connects apps to the Solana network.

Thanks to blockchain networks like Solana, players can own their own game items through NFTs and trade them through marketplaces. Also, the “walled gardens” or restricted environments of traditional video games like Fortnite and Roblox that sell in-game items often make it illegal for players to take or sell these items outside of the game.

GameShift Innovating Web3 Game Development Process

Solana Labs Head of Product Tal Tchwella revealed interesting facts about this enticing initiative:

“Developers for Web3 games need innovative technology to simplify and accelerate the game-building process, which GameShift will accomplish. GameShift is building the ownership layer for web3 games. It will provide a one-stop shop for developers on Solana helping them build faster and more confidently.”

GameShift will offer solutions for NFT and cryptocurrency custody, among other things. It will pay attention to game markets, inventory control, making NFTs, and connecting payment cards. Participants will be able to play more than 40 blockchain games based in Solana.

“Developers know that Web3 games have a lot of potential, but they need help understanding how the different Web3 tools and solutions work together.”

GameShift by Solana Labs is coming out at the same time as other cryptocurrency companies. They are looking for similar ways to speed up the process of making blockchain games and get video game studios on board.

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan’s company, Fractal, made a three-part solution called FStudio. It was released last month to help game developers add cryptocurrency to their works. Ava Labs, the company behind the Avalanche blockchain, also showed off a program called Avalanche Arcad3 last month. This program helps connect game developers with cryptocurrency companies.

GameShift will be released by Solana Labs at some point this year. Developers who want early access can sign up on the company’s website.

Gameshift API Streamline the Infrastructure

In the past, adding “play-to-own” features to games has been hard and took a lot of time. Along with getting a good grasp of Web3, developers had to learn how to work with different providers and make sure that each solution worked well together. GameShift has made this framework easier to use by making the world’s most reliable and smooth web3 gaming API.

Moreover, GameShift has built industry-leading web3 solutions like wallets, marketplaces, NFT minting, and credit cards into its API. Gamers will be able to make better activities, try out different ways to solve problems, and move through the game faster.


Solang, a solidity compiler, is an interesting new product from Solana Labs. Besides, Solang lets developers build Solana smart contract software in Solidity, which is Ethereum’s main programming language. This helps bridge the gap between EVM programmers and the Solana ecosystem. Solang has features like support for SPL coins, development support for Anchor, integration with Ethereum Solidity 0.8, the ability to call and create Solana smart contracts, and more.

About Solana

Solana’s increased efficiency and low transaction costs make it a good business model for play-to-own games that will last for a long time. Solana is a blockchain network having a lot of utility. It is a high-performance network that can help in many things, such as gambling, payments, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and banking. Besides, Solana is open, can work with other systems, and is not centralized. It works as a single global state system. Solana Labs, a tech company, also makes products, tools, and reference apps that help build the Solana ecosystem.

Solana Labs introduces Gameshift API, a web3 initiative to streamline the game development process, providing NFT solutions
Solana Labs' GameShift API transforms Web3 game development 2

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Solana Labs’ GameShift API transforms Web3 game development

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Solana Labs’ GameShift API transforms Web3 game development

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