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Solvo Pivots to Qubit to Tackle Onboarding of Web3 Gamers

Solvo Pivots to Qubit to Tackle Onboarding of Web3 Gamers

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Solvo undergoes a brave transition from a crypto investment app to a crypto wallet. The Qubit wallet is a smart contract wallet for gamers who want to play Web3 games and control digital assets.

A London-based cryptocurrency investing platform, Solvo revealed that it is pivoting to Qubit with a focus on enhancing access to Web3 games. Ease of accessibility is one of the most challenging things to achieve for Web3 developers. Attaching a wallet, remembering long keyphrases, and making a transaction is daunting and intimidating equal parts for users. Qubit’s working on seamless onboarding is a need of the hour.

Solvo Becomes Web3 Gaming Wallet from Crypto Investment App

The Qubit wallet is a smart contract wallet made for gamers who want to play Web3 games. It allows them to keep control of their digital assets, and make online purchases all at once. The Qubit wallet is what Web3 needs to attract new players and game developers.

The best thing about the wallet is that it provides gaming and security-focused features, such as a sign-up procedure, an easy-to-use user interface, and the option to register and reset your password via phone or email. Users can further request to join the wallet. Ayelen Denovitzer and Shailendra Sason, the Founders of Solvo and former executives of Revolut, identified a need for an approachable, reliable investing platform and empowered Solvo to bridge the gap.

Ayelen Denovitzer said: “Web3 is more known than ever. However, managing your crypto wallet is still difficult for even the most experienced Web3 user. Gamers want to play games but need easier onboarding and friendlier wallet management options. This will give gamers the ownership they deserve over their assets and help them fully participate in the blockchain gaming space, a market expected to reach $65 billion by 2027. Our user-friendly wallet will let gamers focus on having fun. We believe qubit wallet is the missing piece to bring new gamers into Web3.”

The Qubit Wallet’s Extension Will Go Live in August

The Qubit wallet will be available as a browser plugin and desktop and mobile versions will be released soon. It uses account abstraction to enhance the entire gaming experience. Abstraction enables smart contracts to serve as wallets while eliminating the need for a seed phrase. Users will have recovery mode to regain their wallet access while keeping money secure with the multi-sig approval procedure. The Qubit team is in talks with game developers, collaborating with Layer 2 blockchains like Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

One of the most admirable firms working for web3 gaming is Qubit. A team of professionals with proven experience in finance, cryptography, and web3 gaming represents Qubit. With the Qubit wallet, gamers will be able to fully engage in the blockchain gaming industry. Furthemore, they will be able to control over the assets they have earned.

About Ayelen Denovitzer

Denovitzer aims to make crypto accessible to a wider audience by providing a distinct solution to manage wallets. She previously worked at Bain & Company and Revolut, where she led cross-department projects. Ayelen Denovitzer pursued her career in strategic management consulting after graduating in economics. In early 2020, she entered the cryptocurrency market and relocated to London to work with Revolut. She departed alongside partner Sason and founded Solvo in January 2022 to go more into the cryptocurrency space. Denovitzer stated that the firm is in a strong liquidity position and that it secured $3.5 million in fundraising. Although there is less business because the price of cryptocurrencies has been unstable, the company is still focused on this market.

Of course, the cryptocurrency market has been challenging, seeing a fall after the crash. Denovitzer acknowledged that there have been numerous frauds and security concerns in the cryptocurrency industry. To overcome this, managing a user’s wallet is a major commitment.

About the Qubit Wallet

The Qubit wallet offers a seamless experience, allowing players to acquire a wallet and start gaming with just one simple click. The wallet uses innovative account abstraction to enhance the overall playing experience.

Gamers may pay transaction fees in any currency (not just ETH) using the “gas station” feature of the Qubit wallet. This is especially useful for games that often use small purchases.

Players may take control of their virtual assets themselves thanks to the Qubit wallet. Any player, regardless of the hosted blockchain or game source, may simply view and highlight their gaming assets in their wallet.

With no limits or requirements, Solvo unleashed the full potential of cryptocurrency. The platform focused on providing streamlined staffing solutions with certified experts who are hired, trained, and exclusively employed by one company. The strategy used by Solvo is created to provide exceptional outcomes to all of the crypto clients while maintaining the integrity of the platform.

Solvo becomes crypto wallet, The Qubit wallet is a smart contract wallet for gamers who want to play Web3 games and control digital assets
Solvo Pivots to Qubit to Tackle Onboarding of Web3 Gamers 2

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Solvo Pivots to Qubit to Tackle Onboarding of Web3 Gamers

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Solvo Pivots to Qubit to Tackle Onboarding of Web3 Gamers

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