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SparqNet’s GameFi Toolbox Gets NUVO’s In-Game Verification and Reputation Building

SparqNet’s GameFi Toolbox Gets NUVO’s In-Game Verification and Reputation Building

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SparqNet Integration Enables NuvoID and NuvoBadges to bring decentralized identities to SparqNet’s GameFi Toolbox in web3 gaming

Web3 gaming goes way beyond the online world and into a decentralized gaming social network. SparqNet and NUVO are working together to bring decentralized identities and reputation points to the SparqNet gaming ecosystem. Players make their own avatars and earn reputation points (RPs) so they can get badges that show their level. They are digital passes to online and offline events in the SparqNet’s GameFi ecosystem, which includes Hypatia Games, Pulsar, Ready Player DAO, and more. They show what you’ve done in the game.

SparqNet, an Avalanche-enabled protocol, has announced that it will work with NUVO. This will change the way people play games in a big way. It made NuvoIDs and NuvoBadges available for every game on SparqNet that was deployed. This game-changing change lets players get a wide range of benefits. The benefits also include in-game verification, reputation status, and online and offline rewards, which help them build their identity as gamers.

Social Status Aspect in NUVO-integrated Games on SparqNet

Fans of Web3 games know that the social aspect of games is just as important as the gameplay itself. With the latest integration from SparqNet, gamers at conventions, conferences, and networking events around the world can now use NUVO’s ecosystem to its fullest. By playing games on SparqNet that work with NUVO, players can make their own avatars and earn reputation points (RPs). They can change their social status and badge level for both online and offline gaming events.

NuvoBadges in Web3 Gaming

Users can get different NuvoBadges that show what they’ve done and how good they are at the game by earning RPs. These badges are useful as digital passes to get into special online and in-person events. Also, the badge level shows how skilled the gamers in SparqNet’s GameFi kit are. It gives seasoned players and GameFi influencers a chance to stand out at conventions and other Web3 gaming events.

Michael Weinrub, who is in charge of business at SparqNet, was excited about how the integration would make things easier. “This has been a long time coming in the space, and we are happy to be a part of it by collecting real in-game assets without partners’ own app chains.”

Sparqnet Gaming Events

SparqNet has also announced that it wants to start a series of gaming events. It shows off how varied and decentralized its gaming ecosystem is. Hypatia Games, Pulsar, and Ready Player DAO, which are leaders in their fields, are also taking part. The NuvoBadge technology will use these SparqNet gaming events to recognize ecosystem players and offer gamified activities. Also, letting players use event-specific reputation points to unlock new badges.

NUVO co-founder and CEO Caria Wai was excited about the partnership with SparqNet. She said, “Through our partnership with SparqNet, we are revolutionizing the gaming experience by taking it to the macro level of gaming social networks and community building. I couldn’t be happier that NUVO is using SparqNet GameFi’s amazing ecosystem. Also, we’re excited to help Web3 gaming projects make unique and interesting experiences for players.”

Also, the integration of NuvoID and NuvoBadges into the SparqNet ecosystem is a big step towards improving how gamers identify themselves and making Web3 gaming more social. With this partnership, players can expect a more engaging and rewarding gaming experience that goes beyond the virtual world.

NUVO: Revolutionizing Web3 with Verifiable Decentralized Identity

NUVO, a well-known chain-agnostic platform, is leading the way for users and businesses to join the Web3 ecosystem with its innovative solutions for building identities and reputations. NUVO’s full set of tools is made to increase user engagement both online and offline, not just through gamified experiences. Proof of membership is a new idea that is introduced by the platform. It makes a seamless “digital passport” that links Web2 and Web3 together. Also, it makes sure that users have full control over their own data.

To explore NUVO’s transformative offerings further, please visit their website.

SparqNet: Empowering Web3 Builders with Scalable Blockchain Infrastructure

SparqNet comes into being as a meta-network that doesn’t care what language is used and offers a wide range of tools and services for a network of blockchains. The platform is open to any protocol because it has an on-chain trustless and distributed bridge that can handle up to 400,000 transactions per second (TPS) for each blockchain. SparqNet is an SDK toolchain that works as a protocol and is backed by Avalanche. It gives users the tools they need to build scalable, fast blockchain infrastructure in C++. Also, this method gets rid of the need for virtual machines (VMs), which gets rid of the EVM dependency and gives Web2 and Web3 builders the same amount of freedom.

For more information about SparqNet’s offerings, please visit their website.

SparqNet's GameFi Toolbox Gets NUVO's In-Game Verification and Reputation Building
SparqNet’s GameFi Toolbox Gets NUVO’s In-Game Verification and Reputation Building

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SparqNet’s GameFi Toolbox Gets NUVO’s In-Game Verification and Reputation Building

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SparqNet’s GameFi Toolbox Gets NUVO’s In-Game Verification and Reputation Building

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Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a gaming model that has gained immense popularity within the crypto and blockchain communities. In P2E games, players can earn cryptocurrencies or NFTs by participating in the game, often through activities like completing quests, collecting items, or trading assets. P2E News covers developments, announcements, and trends related to these innovative gaming experiences that allow players to monetize their in-game efforts.

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