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Stellar Splash: Dive into the Retro Gaming World of Space Mermaids and Earn NFT Treasures!

Stellar Splash: Dive into the Retro Gaming World of Space Mermaids and Earn NFT Treasures!

Game Review 

The innovative web3 arcade style game, Space Mermaids built on XRP ledger empowering players to earn NFT rewards

Space Mermaids is a revolutionary free-to-mint game that empowers its dedicated gamers to earn NFT without spending any money that too with an interactive gaming experience. Space Mermaids’ vivid colors, sharp resolution, and entertaining animations recreate an arcade screen from the 1980s on your PC. You play as a pixelated mermaid with a trident in the free-to-play game, which is best enjoyed full-screen with its techno, club-like soundtrack on. Your only goal is to gather as many stars as you can to improve your rank.

Arcade Style

On the scrolling map, there are several different types of asteroids that you’ll need to avoid because they are coming at you from all directions. One point is awarded for each gold star, and five points are awarded for each rainbow star. To maximize your chances of earning a high score after colliding with an asteroid, you must attempt to gather red hearts to restore your health.

I only needed a few attempts to score 120 points, moving me up to #139 on the scoreboard. Top scores are around 300s, which appears to be attainable if players navigate the map wisely without rushing.  The game’s objectives are motor reflex-oriented because simply the arrow keys or WASD keys are needed to play. Some will find it simple to avoid asteroids of varied sizes and shapes falling at different rates. However, others will find it much more difficult.

The top-scoring players will receive a free Space Mermaids NFT on the XRP Ledger once the game’s “play-to-mint” tournament concludes on July 25, according to the website for the game. The total quantity of NFTs in the collection, as well as the NFT artwork, have not yet been made public.

XRP Ledger

The XRPL, commonly known as the XLS-20 ledger, adds an element of innovation to the Space Mermaids game. It offers the project several advantages: The smooth minting and transfer of NFTs is made possible by the XRP ledger, which guarantees quick and efficient transactions. A larger audience may access it more easily thanks to its cheap transaction costs, and the decentralized architecture and security that make Space Mermaids a trustworthy ecosystem.

Overall, the only thing I found disturbing during my experience was time it took to acquire and set up wallet. Even if that is undoubtedly not the fault of the game developers, it is something to think about for people who do not already have XRP ledger.

If you want to receive an NFT, you’ll need to go through some technicalities to have your wallet set up. However, according to the Space Mermaids website, new wallets may receive a gift of 10 XRP (about $7) as compensation while supplies remain.

Space Mermaids Transforming the Industry

Jessica “Ragzy” Ewud serves as the creative director of Space Mermaids. Ewud received a grant from Ripple’s $250 million Creator Fund. She is well-known for her visual art and appearances on Will Arnett’s “LEGO Masters” TV program, .

“Space Mermaids came to me when I mistakenly wound up on a beach in Montauk, New York on a hot summer day, fully suited in my punk-like attire and high-knee boots,” Ewud wrote in a letter to the media. I was a space mermaid from another galaxy, therefore that was my justification for looking this way.

Space Mermaid is one of the many games in the young XRP Ledger gaming environment that is making waves. A small group of people led by Ewud worked tirelessly to ensure the timely development of the game. The playable mermaid creature in the game and the related mermaid artwork are created by Ewud. Each mermaid NFT will become accessible in the game following the mint.

“There are 4,069 pixels on each mermaid. Consequently, it took some time. Regarding the creative process, Ewud commented. “CryptoPunks have only 576 pixels each.”

About Space Mermaids

An alien punk species called Space Mermaids lives in the galaxy’s Neon Nebula. The creatures in this space are recognizable by their distinctive unusual tri-fin tail. They have a fascination with star collecting and can manipulate cosmic stuff into beautiful celestial things.

A first-of-its-kind play-to-mint game called Space Mermaids is based on the XRPL and everyone can play it for free. Players who do well in the game get the chance to create their space mermaid NFT. This combines the development of aesthetically stunning art with a thrilling and engaging gaming experience.

Stellar Splash: Dive into the Retro Gaming World of Space Mermaids and Earn NFT Treasures!
Stellar Splash: Dive into the Retro Gaming World of Space Mermaids and Earn NFT Treasures!

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Stellar Splash: Dive into the Retro Gaming World of Space Mermaids and Earn NFT Treasures!

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Stellar Splash: Dive into the Retro Gaming World of Space Mermaids and Earn NFT Treasures!

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