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SYMBIOGENESIS Chapter 1 Allowlist Entry Campaign Launched by Square Enix, Offering Free Minting of Digital Collectible Art

SYMBIOGENESIS Chapter 1 Allowlist Entry Campaign Launched by Square Enix, Offering Free Minting of Digital Collectible Art

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In a groundbreaking move, Square Enix, the esteemed developer, publisher, and distributor of entertainment content, has unveiled SYMBIOGENESIS, its inaugural global digital collectible art project. The project introduces Chapter 1 of the SYMBIOGENESIS Allowlist Entry, inviting participants to acquire unique digital collectibles known as “Characters” at no cost. The Allowlist Entry Campaign, commencing today and extending through November 21, 2023, will be hosted exclusively on the official SYMBIOGENESIS Discord server.


The digital art collection presented in SYMBIOGENESIS contains characters designed to either play an active role or hold essential narrative elements within the story. Notably, public minting for SYMBIOGENSIS will not be available. The sole means to mint collections from the primary marketplace, SYMBIOGENESIS’s official website, is by entering the Allowlist and participating in the campaign. Chapter 1 is set to offer 500 Characters for minting.

Allowlist Entry Campaign Details

The Allowlist Entry operates on a point-based ranking system, where participants accumulating the highest number of points will be positioned at the top. Higher-ranked players will have an enhanced opportunity to mint characters at no expense. Throughout the campaign period, the official SYMBIOGENESIS Discord server will conduct various point-awarding activities for participants. Points will be awarded based on individual performance, ensuring engagement and inclusivity. Furthermore, all participating players will receive digital collectibles, redeemable for points in Chapter 2’s Allowlist, serving as participation rewards.

Moreover, players who have collected digital relics through Treasure Hunt and other satellite social media campaigns preceding the Allowlist Entry will receive campaign points according to the quantity and variety of relics held.

Campaign Schedule and Activities

The campaign is scheduled to run from November 7, 2023, 3:00 AM (GMT) to November 21, 2023, 8:59 AM (GMT). Participants can track their current ranking and engage in the campaign activities via SYMBIOGENESIS’s official website using a Discord account and a MetaMask wallet.

Confirmed activities on the official Discord server include:

  • The Lucky Bloom: A game of chance where players select the flower containing the most points.
  • Majority-Minority Game: Participants predict the winning choice between two options.
  • The “Hella Difficult” Quiz: A cipher-based challenge testing code-breaking skills.

Mint Phases and Process

Minting the collections occurs in three distinct phases. All campaign participants will have the opportunity to mint characters starting from 0ETH per character. In the event of multiple players vying for the same character, an English-style auction will be conducted.

  • Phase 1 – Stakeholder Phase: 10 spots will be allocated to stakeholders and those involved in SYMBIOGENESIS’s development. Facet and Mesh-type characters will be available for minting, limited to one wallet per character.
  • Phase 2 – Priority for Top-Ranking Players: This phase opens 90 spots, comprising the top 50 ranked players and 40 players ranked between 51–300, selected through a random drawing. Participants eligible for Phase 2 will also qualify for Phase 3, enhancing their chances of minting characters for free.
  • Phase 3 – Remaining Ranked Player Phase: The remaining 400 spots are open to all campaign participants, selected through a random drawing. All character types can be minted in this phase, with no limit on the number of characters per wallet.

The official launch of SYMBIOGENESIS is projected for December 2023 and will be supported on Ethereum and Polygon chains, accessible via Google Chrome (PC & App ver.) with a MetaMask wallet. The supported languages are English and Japanese.

Official Links:

SYMBIOGENESIS Chapter 1 Allowlist Entry Campaign Launched by Square Enix, Offering Free Minting of Digital Collectible Art
SYMBIOGENESIS Chapter 1 Allowlist Entry Campaign Launched by Square Enix, Offering Free Minting of Digital Collectible Art

News Article Description:

If you read this article, what is it that gamers should definitely keep in mind?

Gamers exploring the latest from Square Enix‘s SYMBIOGENESIS, a groundbreaking digital collectible art project, should prioritize understanding the dynamics of the Chapter 1 Allowlist Entry Campaign. This unique initiative marks a convergence of art, storytelling, and gaming, providing an opportunity to acquire exclusive digital collectibles known as “Characters.” Throughout the campaign, participants engage in activities on the official SYMBIOGENESIS Discord server, earning points that determine their eligibility to mint these Characters.

A key aspect gamers should note is the multi-phase minting process designed to ensure fairness and inclusivity. The Stakeholder Phase caters to those involved in the project’s development, offering the chance to mint specific character types. The Priority for Top-Ranking Players Phase opens opportunities for top-ranked participants, emphasizing fairness through random selections for others. The Remaining Ranked Player Phase then allows the rest of the participants to mint Characters. Understanding this phased approach is crucial for players eager to secure their desired digital collectibles.

Additionally, the campaign’s integration of blockchain technology—supported on Ethereum and Polygon chains—reflects the current trend of decentralized ownership in digital art. Gamers should take note of the activities hosted on the official Discord server, as participation not only awards points but also unlocks digital collectibles for redemption in subsequent chapters.

SYMBIOGENESIS marks a significant shift in digital art acquisition, blending elements of storytelling and gamification. Gamers engaging with this project are stepping into a new era where art, technology, and gaming intertwine, underscoring the evolving landscape of digital ownership and entertainment.

SYMBIOGENESIS Chapter 1 Allowlist Entry Campaign Launched by Square Enix, Offering Free Minting of Digital Collectible Art

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SYMBIOGENESIS Chapter 1 Allowlist Entry Campaign Launched by Square Enix, Offering Free Minting of Digital Collectible Art

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