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SYMBIOGENESIS: Square Enix’s Groundbreaking NFT Adventure

SYMBIOGENESIS: Square Enix’s Groundbreaking NFT Adventure

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The first NFT collectible art project from Square Enix Co., Ltd. is called “SYMBIOGENESIS.” It is a big step outside of traditional gaming. This innovative project not only creates a fresh kind of NFT-based entertainment, but it also encourages players to take part in Discord community conversations where they can share information, move the story forward, and find hidden items. SYMBIOGENESIS is a mix of puzzles, strategic interactions, and stories that take place in a lonely high fantasy world. It takes place in a separate world where NFT collectible art is the main focus.


SYMBIOGENESIS redefines the gaming experience, merging 10,000 collectible artworks with real game utility. Each NFT character possesses a unique design, various races, and professions, forming the backbone of a narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment. The project unfolds in six chapters, with each chapter revealing a new set of characters. The gameplay involves active community engagement, strategic decision-making, and unraveling mysteries in the floating continent.

2. Gameplay and Challenges

Players progress through the main story and quests while unlocking individual character stories. Hidden items scattered throughout the Floating Continent add an additional layer of challenge. The climax of the game is the World Mission, where ultimate choices determine the story’s outcome. Monopolizing items, cooperating with other players, and strategic communication become essential elements in reaching the end.

3. NFT Holder Benefits

Owning NFT characters comes with unique perks, including Replica points, Chapter Boss “Dragon” NFTs, full-body character illustrations, and end-of-season member rank rewards. These benefits incentivize player engagement, cooperation, and dedication, shaping the narrative and the player’s experience.

4. About the World Mission

The World Mission serves as the epic finale, deciding the fate of the Floating Continent with multiple endings. Conditions for participation include completing all missions in chapters 1 to 6 and collecting special quest items. Only three players meeting these conditions actively participate, influencing the outcome, while others spectate.


A1: SYMBIOGENESIS is Square Enix’s groundbreaking NFT collectible art project, offering a community-driven fantasy adventure experience.

Q2: How can I play SYMBIOGENESIS?

A2: Players can play SYMBIOGENESIS on Google Chrome, requiring a Discord account with 2FA and an NFT wallet like MetaMask.

Q3: What’s the gameplay like?

A3: Players progress through the main story by solving clues, collaborating on quests, and uncovering hidden items through community interactions on Discord.

Q4: What are the NFT Holder benefits?

A4: NFT holders enjoy various benefits, including Replica points, Chapter Boss “Dragon” NFTs, full-body character illustrations, and end-of-season member rank rewards.

SYMBIOGENESIS: Square Enix's Groundbreaking NFT Adventure
SYMBIOGENESIS: Square Enix’s Groundbreaking NFT Adventure

SYMBIOGENESIS is Square Enix’s first foray into the world of NFTs, inviting players to shape the fate of the Floating Continent through immersive storytelling and strategic gameplay. SYMBIOGENESIS sets a new standard in the gaming industry with its unique NFT characters, community-driven engagement, and narrative-unlocked gaming experience. As the adventure progresses, players are encouraged to uncover stories, face challenges, and contribute to the ever-evolving narrative in this one-of-a-kind fantasy world.

Begin your SYMBIOGENESIS adventure right away! Join the community, discover the stories, and help shape the future of this enthralling Floating Continent. Your decisions matter, and the adventure awaits!

SYMBIOGENESIS: Square Enix’s Groundbreaking NFT Adventure

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SYMBIOGENESIS: Square Enix’s Groundbreaking NFT Adventure

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