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The Adventurer’s Guild – Best NFT Game 2024

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The Adventurer’s Guild – Best NFT Game 2024

The Adventurer’s Guild is a NFT-based RPG developed by SixPM Software, and powered by the WAX Blockchain. You can create a character, deck them out in gear, and embark on quests, ranging from dungeon crawls to fights against powerful bosses, all from Discord!

Defeating foes and completing quests will earn you rewards, in the form of Loot Chests that can be opened for NFTs, and $GUILD, a WAX token that serves as the currency of The Adventurer’s Guild.

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The Adventurer’s Guild – Best NFT Game 2024

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Get Ready to Discover New Web3 Games as Crypto Guilds Announces to Launch CG Meta Game

Crypto Guilds has announced the highly anticipated launch of CG Meta Game, a groundbreaking metaverse project set to debut on June 19th, which has excited crypto gaming enthusiasts. This innovative venture combines immersive gaming with blockchain technology, offering a unique blend of strategy, exploration, and earning potential through the integration of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. In CG Meta Game, players engage in quests within a web3 environment, reaping rewards for their accomplishments.

The core concept of CG Meta Game involves players being paid to explore a new web3 game each month, essentially creating a game within a game. The gameplay revolves around existing games, with mechanics centered around NFTs and their upgrades. The amount players can earn is linked to their ability to enhance their assets and NFTs. The virtual world promises a rich array of quests, challenges, and opportunities for players to showcase their strategic prowess within the Crypto Guilds Meta Game.

Central to the experience are the Crypto Guilds NFTs, which serve as the avatars players use within the game. These NFTs carry a 10% royalty fee and are initially limited to 1000 CG NFTs upon launch. These blockchain-encrypted digital assets hold significant value and can be traded, sold, or exhibited to other players, fostering a thriving in-game marketplace.

Additional characters will be introduced through future sales, with half of the proceeds contributing to reward pools. The characters can be upgraded by completing in-game quests, and the strength of a character influences earning potential.

The game’s reward system includes a Pool of rewards for each quest, encompassing game cash prizes, game NFTs, 10% royalty fees from CG NFT trades, 2% of the total $VIL supply, and extra rewards from Quest Sponsors. These rewards are designed to incentivize user engagement and facilitate broad adoption.

The game’s revenue stream is bolstered by royalties collected from Crypto Guilds NFTs. These royalties are aggregated monthly and added to the reward pool, utilizing a blacklisting system for enforcement.

Players receive Badges upon quest completion, soulbound tokens tied to their characters. Badges enhance subsequent reward pools, effectively boosting profits. Accumulating badges maximizes earning potential, making NFTs more valuable and allowing players to earn more.

$Villians ($VIL) coins are earned by completing monthly quests, representing the essence of villains within the CG narrative. These coins can be staked and locked to create equipment. An initial airdrop of 10% of the $VIL supply aids in understanding the game’s economy. $VIL coins, Crypto Guilds NFTs, and badges are distributed in discovery boxes.

Equipment items, which can be traded as NFTs, enhance the earning potential of Crypto Guilds NFTs when equipped. Unlike badges, equipment is transferable, enabling broader participation in the CG ecosystem.

The in-game quests start simple but become competitive over time, with leaderboards influencing reward distribution. This environment fosters a sense of community among web3 gamers, who can collaborate, join guilds, and partake in events.

As a B2B ecosystem, Crypto Guilds connects numerous Guilds and Games. The launch of Meta Game represents a step forward, merging reality and fiction by incorporating real figures from the crypto community into the CG Lore.

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