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The Gods Unchained Cards

The Gods Unchained Cards

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Gods Unchained Card Collection 2023

Since a while ago, Gods Unchained has proudly ruled over the many blockchain trading card games. Chris Clay, the former Games Director for Magic: The Gathering, developed the game. Due to such a strong and reliable personality presence in the gaming project, the game has been met with confidence and trust despite the sector struggling with a raging crypto winter, scams, debacles, and more.

The Gods Unchained has unique collectibles, including NFTs, that the game hosts. We will focus on “The Gods Unchained”’s current collections and what they have to offer gamers in 2023. We’ll also examine the best cards to choose from each collection in our guide. Moreover, we will let you know where you can get these NFTs to boost your game in a secure way.

The NFT Cards

There have been five Gods Unchained expansions released so far. On several NFT platforms, cards worth a whopping $52 million have been bought and sold. Players can enter several competitions on “Gods Unchained” to use their NFT collectibles in competitive games.

When new card NFTs are added to the Gods Unchained ecosystem, developers go through a “balancing phase,” where they watch how the cards perform to see if they are better or worse than cards from earlier versions.

Rare Packs

Other than collectible cards and NFTs, different kinds of Rare packs are also available. These Rare packs are:
Shiny Legendary

How to Obtain Rare Packs?

When the cards first came out, players would open packs and chests to get them. Although they are completely out of stock now, there are secondary markets where you may buy chests and individual cards. Pack prices ranged from $2.49 to $149.99, while chests ranged from $14.99 to $149.99.

TRIAL OF THE GODS: The First Collectables

The first collection made available to players was “Trial of the Gods.” The Players have the choice to choose heroes and defeat opponents. A total of 150 cards comprise Trial of the Gods set. These cards are organized depending on their rarity and usage. These collectibles are:
60 common cards
48 rare cards
16 epic cards
26 legendary cards

The Divine Order Pack

Divine Order is the second compilation from Gods Unchained. This collection offered many new cards and game mechanics. Additionally, the game got more exciting with the introduction of new elements. It shifted more towards the Yu-Gi-Oh style of play, where player’s defensive mechanism helped to block attacks. There were a total of 194 new cards.

79 Common cards
57 Rares
32 Epic
26 Legendaries

Light’s Verdict

Light’s Verdict, the next set in the offering, is famous as the “Epilogue set”. Mortal Judgement served as a type of part 2 to the preceding set, to which this set was connected. This set included packs that contained Mortal Judgment cards. Light’s Verdict cards were also available by opening chests and packs. There were only 12 cards that came for the gamers in all, therefore they were both scarce and unpredictable.

Winter Wanderlands: The Final Collection

The latest collection in the game is “Winter Wanderlands”. At the end of 2022, players got their hands on this collection with a Christmas theme. Players had the opportunity to earn the collection via packs and chests in a limited supply. This made the collection the game’s first “Seasonal Collection”, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $99.99, containing just 20 cards.

How to Make a Safe Investment in the Gods Unchained?

For those who have never bought NFTs before, the process can be intimidating. It is much simpler than you might imagine to fall for a scam or to push the incorrect button, losing all of your blockchain assets. Below is a brief guide as to how to make sure that your investment is safe and sound:


Built on the Ethereum network, Gods Unchained provides you with a number of risk-free and secure markets to buy your NFTs. Currently Gods Unchained is available on:

Immutable X’s NFT Marketplace

These NFT markets serve as NFTs’ secondary market sites. When the Gods Unchained NFT drops first go on sale, you can buy them via their official website. To stay up to speed with the most recent collection announcements and updates, make sure to follow them on social media.

There are things to think about if, for instance, you want to sell your NFTs on a separate marketplace or transfer them to a hardware wallet. The right Web3 wallet address should be copied because it is crucial.

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The Gods Unchained Cards

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The Gods Unchained Cards

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