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Web3 Games Console Launch in 2023

Web3 Games Console Launch in 2023

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Imagine having a console that is exclusively made for Web3 games, play to earn, crypto enthusiasts, and gamers alike. This is a reality that is not far beyond and far-fetched. Blockchain gaming is going more mainstreamer with its own console having numerous features. These built-in features will cover all the complicated intricacies of the crypto world and Defi. It will make it all the more friendly for gamers who are not too many crypto enthusiasts. So, how is it possible?

Zilliqa Blockchain Gaming Console

Zilliqa is a layer 1 blockchain company actively taking part in the Web3 world. It took off in 2017 and provides a platform to cover thousands of transactions per second. Besides, Zilliqa is now taking a solid leap toward blockchain gaming with a launch of its hardware console and a gaming hub.

The blockchain gaming console will soon hit the market shelves in 2023. A prototype of the gaming console went public yesterday. The console looks amazing with its aesthetically pleasing sleek design. Moreover, it also has USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet cable ports, and USB-C. However, other technical specifications of the P2E gaming console are not known as of yet. The company behind the console hasn’t made the specifications public.

Zilliqa console - Crypto - Zilliqa Blockchain - Gaming Console
Zilliqa – Crypto – Zilliqa Blockchain – Gaming Console

However, one thing is for sure the console is user-friendly like other conventional gaming consoles such as PS and Xbox. The difference is the addition of Web3 capabilities comprising a crypto wallet, and an ability to mine tokens. The press release is also categorical on the issue of complexities of Web3 saying, “[crypto wallet and mining is integrated] to hide the complexity of Web3 from the end-user.”

The research behind the blockchain gaming console

Zilliqa’s R&D department and engineers put in a lot of time doing research on the project. It took more than 6 months to design, test, and analyze the performance of the console. The testing and research phase aimed to flawlessly integrate Web3 features – crypto wallet, mining, blockchain technology, software, and more into a normal gaming experience.

Valentin Cobelea, Head of Gaming Technology at Zilliqa said, “[Zilliqa] took the approach of hiding the complexity of creating embedded Web3 wallet.”

What is in it for the Gamers?

Zilliqa has its own token known as ZIL. Players will have the opportunity to earn this token by completing missions requiring solid skills. This approach is known as “skill to earn” which players will use in quests, challenges, tasks, and missions in games. This is more in line with conventional games where players get rewards or coins. However, ZIL will have the added advantage of having the functions of blockchain technology.

Zilliqa Mining

Besides skill to earn, players will also have the opportunity to mine ZIL tokens. This will “lead to further decentralization of the Zilliqa blockchain by expanding the number of miners globally.”

Crypto - Zilliqa Blockchain - Gaming Console
Crypto – Zilliqa Blockchain – Gaming Console

How Much Money can you Earn from Web3 Gaming Console?

According to Cobelea, it all depends on the levels of skills the gamers have. The more pro you are at it, the more you will earn and vice verse. “[It] depends on how good the gamers are, and the amount they earn will be reflective of that.”

As for the cost of the console, the company says that the console will eventually pay for itself.

Crypto - Zilliqa Blockchain - Gaming Console
Crypto – Zilliqa Blockchain – Gaming Console

So how will Zilliqa design its Tokenomics?

Zilliqa will have its own games on the consoles, but also plans to make it a gaming hub. A gaming hub where all play to earn games are playable, and all the defi apps are available. The tokenomics is a challenge in P2E games as was evident in Axie Infinity. The developers struggle to build a concept where gamers don’t rush to sell. On the contrary, Splinterlands’ approach is bearing fruit where it regularly incentivizes token hodlers, and encourages hodling. So, in the end, it is a constant tug-of-war situation between the gamers who want to sell and make a quick buck and developers who don’t want them to sell.

It will be interesting to see what approach Zilliqa will adopt in terms of tokenomics. However, incentivizing hodlers seems more viable and concrete.

Web3 Games Console Beta Testing

Zilliqa blockchain gaming console will enter early access beta testing next month. So, we can expect pre-orders to start in Q1 of 2023. Stay tuned with us for more on crypto games.

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Web3 Games Console Launch in 2023

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Web3 Games Console Launch in 2023

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