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The Rise and Beast-Fall of eFuse Creator League: Blockchain Controversy

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Last week, eFuse, an esports technology company, established a “Creator League” featuring Bella Poarch, iShowSpeed, and Clix and promoted it using the immense YouTube subscription base of MrBeast. However, due to the recent backlash to the league’s usage of blockchain technology, the firm has temporarily shelved the initiative.

eFuse Recently Laid Off Employees in Massive Figures

About 30% of the staff at eFuse were reportedly laid off on Tuesday, as reported by Esports Insider and Sports Business Journal. eFuse would not disclose the specific figures, but the company did release a statement saying it will be “restructuring.”

While acknowledging that “the Creator League was an experiment in creator-led, fan-controlled esports,” eFuse is still enthusiastic about the concept and plans to spare time to consider community comments and adjust the format accordingly. The road to innovation is challenging, as is the case with any large-scale project. They’re all set to expand their knowledge and skill sets. “Community Passes,” which were sold by the Creator League to fans for $20 each and were associated with the many gamers and social media influencers who were overseeing each team in the esports league, were available to the league’s leaders. Viewers may engage in league-related polls and tournaments by joining a private Discord server, which is accessible with each pass.

Some league insiders voiced concerns about the usage of blockchain technology soon after the league’s debut. Efuse has stated that it is utilizing the Near blockchain to “validate data and log information that involves the community passes.” However, in a statement, the business insisted that the passes are not NFTs.

Creator League Featured Eight Famous YouTube Creators

One of the eight YouTube creators whose names are being used in the Creator League, Connor “CDawgVA” Colquhoun, announced his intention to quit the project, triggering the first dispute.

“I accepted to join the Creator League not fully understanding the tech behind it,” Colquhoun tweeted on Sunday. “Needless to say, with the current information available I’m planning on withdrawing.”

Crypto gaming broadcaster Bryce “Brycent” Johnson stated on Sunday that he had “no clue” if the Creator League’s affiliated influencers were mindful of the project’s blockchain links. The media’s demand for a response to OTK and TipsOut didn’t respond for some time. When asked for comment, YouTube star MrBeast, who promotes the Creator League through his channel and his brand Feastables, did not bother to react.

A co-founder of OTK having nickname “TipsOut” has claimed that the esports organization was also unaware of any NFT aspects in the Creator League and that it was “told there was no NFT/crypto element.” Neither the official trailer nor the Twitter promotional video for the Creator League mentions the use of Near.“Efuse, from my perspective, has always been transparent with me and given me ample information,” Johnson said, confirming that he was made aware of the Creator League’s use of Near.

eFuse Business Relationship With Near

Even though the passes are recorded via a blockchain network, neither the Creator League’s sales website nor its blog entries detailing how the pass works make that fact clear to customers. However, eFuse has stated that it will honor refund requests sent in by fans via email. Media persons contacted eFuse about their business relationship with Near. In response, an eFuse spokesperson communicated via email, that they have had an “18-month relationship” with Near.

The eFuse spokesperson said: “They provided a cash grant to exercise their platform and build our tech on top of it. We didn’t make any money on the deal. The grant allowed us to learn and experiment on the blockchain—but again, that was a while ago.

While the Near Foundation did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the media, a transparency report published in September 2022 confirmed that the organization had awarded eFuse a grant of an undisclosed amount as part of its “Ecosystem” funding efforts. The category as a whole received about $133 million in grant funding.

eFuse, the parent company of, has been in the spotlight earlier for some unpleasant reasons. Its Chief Strategy Office Partrick Klein resigned last year in light of sexual harassment claims during his job as an employee at Ohio State University. A university inquiry concluded in 2020 that Klein had violated the school’s sexual harassment standards through his interactions via text and social media with thirteen separate student-athletes.

Creator League, which is being promoted by YouTube creators mainly MrBeast is postponed as eFuse laid off about 30% of the staff
The Rise and Beast-Fall of eFuse Creator League: Blockchain Controversy 2

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FAQ: eFuse Creator League and Recent Controversy

What is the eFuse Creator League?

The eFuse Creator League is an esports initiative that brings together popular content creators and influencers to participate in fan-controlled esports competitions. It features prominent figures like Bella Poarch, iShowSpeed, and Clix.

Why was the eFuse Creator League suspended?

The eFuse Creator League was temporarily suspended due to controversy surrounding its use of blockchain technology, which raised concerns within the esports community. Some participants and influencers expressed uncertainty about the project’s blockchain ties, leading to disputes and questions about the league’s transparency.

What is the purpose of Community Passes in the Creator League?

Community Passes were sold for $20 each and allowed fans to engage with the Creator League on a deeper level. Passholders gained access to a private Discord server, enabling them to participate in league-related polls and tournaments.

What blockchain technology was eFuse using for the Creator League?

eFuse stated that it was utilizing the Near blockchain to validate data and log information related to the Community Passes. However, they emphasized that these passes were not NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Why did some influencers withdraw from the Creator League?

Several influencers associated with the Creator League, including Connor “CDawgVA” Colquhoun, announced their intention to withdraw from the project. This decision was often attributed to a lack of understanding about the blockchain technology used in the league.

Were all influencers aware of the blockchain technology in the Creator League?

There were mixed responses from influencers and organizations associated with the league. While some claimed to be unaware of any NFT or crypto elements, others stated they had been informed about the use of Near blockchain.

How did eFuse address concerns about the Creator League?

eFuse expressed its commitment to the Creator League concept and pledged to take community feedback into account during the suspension period. They also stated their willingness to provide refunds to fans who requested them via email.

What is the history of eFuse’s relationship with Near?

eFuse revealed an “18-month relationship” with Near, indicating that the blockchain platform had provided a cash grant to support eFuse’s tech development. The Near Foundation, which awarded the grant, did not immediately respond to media inquiries.

Are there any previous controversies involving eFuse?

Yes, eFuse has faced previous controversies, including the resignation of its Chief Strategy Officer, Patrick Klein. His resignation was related to sexual harassment claims from his time at Ohio State University, where he was found to have violated the school’s sexual harassment standards in interactions with multiple student-athletes via text and social media.

The Rise and Beast-Fall of eFuse Creator League: Blockchain Controversy

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The Rise and Beast-Fall of eFuse Creator League: Blockchain Controversy

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The Rise and Beast-Fall of eFuse Creator League: Blockchain Controversy