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The Winkyverse- Best Play To Earn Game

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The Winkyverse- Best Play To Earn Game

The Winkyverse is an immersive and positive universe which offers meaningful gameplay as well as empowering experiences for everyone.

The Winkyverse takes place in the year 5222, in an inspiring representation of planet Earth.

Humans live in harmony with nature, Ecobots, and iconic City Animals – gigantic versions of real-world animals carrying entire communities on their back.

The Winkyverse offers both fun gameplay and instructive content with real educational value: children, as well as adults, have the opportunity to learn.

An ethics committee and editorial charter ensure a secure, positive, and adapted experience for all.

Every avatar in The Winkyverse has a companion bot following them around, helping them perform various actions.

And, in real life, the Winky robot is compatible with The Winkyverse Kids to enhance gameplay and create unique experiences.

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The Winkyverse- Best Play To Earn Game

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GameOn and La Liga North America Unveil Web3 NFT Fantasy Soccer Game

A new and exciting Web3 NFT fantasy soccer game is set to make its debut in North America, bringing joy to football (soccer) enthusiasts. This innovative NFT game draws inspiration from the renowned Spanish football league, La Liga, and is being developed by GameOn in collaboration with La Liga North America. The prospect of this Web3 game holds immense potential and promises to be a treat for La Liga fans across the United States and Canada.

Features and Benefits for Players:

La Liga NFT player packs will be available to players in the US and Canada. These packs will enable players to assemble fantasy soccer lineups and accrue points based on the real-world performance of the players they select. More impressive performances will yield higher point totals for players.

Personalization options are a highlight of this game, allowing players to customize their avatars with digital gear such as hats, jerseys, cleats, and shoes, enhancing the vibrancy of their in-game personas.

In early 2024, GameOn intends to introduce its La Liga-themed web app to users in the United States and Canada. The app will offer a range of interactive features, including social chat functions that allow friends and fellow players to interact while staying within the platform.

Exciting opportunities await fans as they can compete for various prizes, including cash rewards, VIP tickets to matches, autographed merchandise, and exclusive access to meet-and-greet sessions with soccer players.

GameOn has plans to create engaging games centered around La Liga’s two soccer leagues: the premier La Liga EA Sports and the second-tier La Liga Hypermotion.

GameOn CEO Matt Bailey’s Perspective:

GameOn CEO Matt Bailey emphasized the company’s enthusiasm for entering the North American market, particularly with Web3 games. He underscored that the success of Web3 games doesn’t necessarily depend on massive user numbers but on having a dedicated and engaged user base. Bailey emphasized that Web3 technology offers ownership, interoperability, and rewards, aligning with the desires of fans, especially the tech-savvy Gen Z, who seek active involvement, content ownership, and rewards.

La Liga’s Growing Popularity in North America:

The popularity of La Liga in North America has been on the rise. In 2021, ESPN signed an eight-year media rights deal with La Liga, allowing ESPN+ to stream games from the top Spanish soccer league until the 2028-29 season. This agreement marked a significant milestone, bringing top-level Spanish football to American viewers. High-profile exhibition games in the US featuring teams like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have further fueled interest in La Liga in the region.

Insights into GameOn and Its Investors:

GameOn, spearheaded by Matt Bailey, initially started as a company developing trivia and prediction games for entities like the WNBA, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and NBCUniversal. However, GameOn’s evolution led it into the Web3 space, where it created games based on NFTs for organizations like the Professional Fighters League and Karate Combat, showcasing its adaptability and creativity in an ever-changing industry.

GameOn’s “chain agnostic” approach means it can collaborate with various blockchain technologies. Past ventures have seen GameOn utilize blockchain networks like Polygon and Hedera.

The company has ambitious plans for the future, including the creation of a token to link all games in its Web3 gaming ecosystem. This token will enhance the gaming experience for partner clients, such as La Liga and the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

Notable investors in GameOn include Polygon Studios, Hedera, Dapper Labs, Techstars, Comcast, Lightning Capital, and Times Internet. Of particular significance is Dapper Labs’ $1.8 million investment in GameOn’s seed round, given Dapper Labs’ track record of successful ventures like NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day, further solidifying GameOn’s position in the Web3 gaming sphere.

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