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TOKYO BEAST FZCO Vision: Revolutionizing Crypto Entertainment Through TOKYO BEAST

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Discover how TOKYO BEAST FZCO’s TOKYO BEAST web3 project is reshaping crypto entertainment with innovative features and a global perspective.

TOKYO BEAST FZCO unveiled its crypto entertainment project, TOKYA BEAST to provide a realistics web3 gaming experience. With its main office in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Hiroyuki Kawamoto, CEO; (hereinafter “gumi”) as the developer, Turingum K.K., based in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Hiroki Tahara, CEO; (hereinafter “Turingum”) as the technology and financial advisory, will use the Polygon protocols as the blockchain network for implementation and release several modular projects around the world in 2024.

The news was unveiled on September 4, 2023, at a meeting in Seoul, Korea, called Korea Blockchain Week. TOKYO BEAST is a decentralized entertainment platform that encourages its users to innovate in the entertainment industry by utilizing cryptocurrency. With a development budget unmatched for a Web3 game, this is a completely original, massive project backed by a team that has produced and operated popular Japanese games. The company will take Web3 gaming to the next level with creative and exciting features that can only come from TOKYO BEAST.


The developer unveiled some exciting features to deliver an immersive gaming experience like never before.

Prioritizing User Experience

The developers wanted players to have fun with the game even if they didn’t use the Web3 capabilities, so they focused on making a compelling setting, interesting characters, a fun combat system, and other features. The game’s quality is on par with those of the best titles available for modern smartphones. The developers removed the initial NFT purchase and wallet connection to make the game accessible to a wider audience, so that anyone with a smartphone can play, not only those who are already immersed in the Web3 community.

A cast of playable and collectible characters

The characters not only play an integral part in the game but also stand out as part of an NFT collection due to their high level of aesthetic style and uniqueness. The creators of this project want to make something that appeals to people across cultures and languages.

An overview of the crypto industry and global perspective

Players of TOKYO BEAST are encouraged to bring their in-game perspective and the real-world crypto ecosystem into harmony. Unlike other Web3 games, TOKYO BEAST will provide a unified perspective for all players.

Predicting who will win fights

One of the hallmarks is a win-loss prediction tool that users can use during and after gameplay. Users will appreciate the data-driven accuracy that allows them to forecast the outcome of battles. Battles will broadcast in real-time all over the world, enabling viewers to share the excitement and mayhem of the event with people located anywhere in the world.

The TOKYO BEAST universe keeps growing

Future module projects will interact with one another, creating a unique and exciting entertainment experience with the fusion of crypto and traditional media. The TOKYO BEAST team also plans to further develop the game’s universe and the TBZ coin’s practical applications.

In 2024, the world will see the consecutive releases of the following core module projects at the first stage. With BASE, users can learn about the TOKYO BEAST token TBZ and its unique economy, and with FARM, they can learn about NFT ownership by growing BEAST, which will be used as data for NFTs. TRIALS is a feature that puts the burden of defending one’s hopes, aspirations, and romance squarely on the user’s shoulders. The second stage will involve the planning and implementation of the TBZ utility and the module project, both of which will offer new forms of entertainment that will help to broaden TOKYO BEAST’s horizons.

Celebration Campaigns

In celebration of the news drop, the official X account will be running three early entry campaigns where users may win a Mystery Box filled with TOKYO BEAST tokens and NFTs.

In the Follow Me Campaign, the official TOKYO BEAST X followers will enter into a contest for the rarest Mystery Box. Users have higher chances of winning if they get on board first.

In the weekly prediction, participants who follow the official X account of TOKYO BEAST and also participate in the official X account’s weekly prediction quiz will have the opportunity to enter a lottery for a chance to win a high-rarity Mystery Box.

During the early bird promotion, TOKYO BEAST’s official X will run a campaign called Strike Jackpot, which resembles a jackpot. Every time a certain threshold is reached for livestream viewers or X followers, TOKYO BEAST’s official X will conduct a drawing to determine the jackpot winner. If the jackpot remains unclaimed, the prizes will carry over to the next drawing. At any point when the jackpot is opened, a randomly selected follower of the official X account will receive all of the rewards, including any that have been carried over.

TOKYO BEAST FZCO Vision: Revolutionizing Crypto Entertainment Through TOKYO BEAST
TOKYO BEAST FZCO Vision: Revolutionizing Crypto Entertainment Through TOKYO BEAST

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FAQ – TOKYO BEAST Crypto Entertainment Project


TOKYO BEAST is a groundbreaking crypto entertainment project that aims to elevate web3 gaming to new heights. It’s a decentralized entertainment platform that encourages users to explore the world of entertainment using cryptocurrency. The project is backed by a team with a proven track record in the Japanese gaming industry and offers a range of innovative features to provide an immersive gaming experience.

Who is behind TOKYO BEAST?

TOKYO BEAST is developed by TOKYO BEAST FZCO, with its main office in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The project is led by Hiroyuki Kawamoto, also known as “gumi,” who serves as the CEO. Additionally, Turingum K.K., led by CEO Hiroki Tahara, provides technology and financial advisory support to the project.

Which blockchain network does TOKYO BEAST use?

TOKYO BEAST leverages the Polygon blockchain network for implementation. This choice offers scalability, fast transactions, and a user-friendly environment for the project’s gaming ecosystem.

What sets TOKYO BEAST apart from other Web3 games?

TOKYO BEAST distinguishes itself by prioritizing the user experience. It aims to be accessible to a wide audience, even those unfamiliar with Web3 technology. The project offers engaging settings, captivating characters, and a fun combat system. Additionally, TOKYO BEAST eliminates the need for an initial NFT purchase and wallet connection to ensure accessibility.

How do playable and collectible characters work in TOKYO BEAST?

TOKYO BEAST introduces a diverse cast of playable and collectible characters, each designed with high aesthetic appeal and uniqueness. These characters play a significant role in the game and can also be part of an NFT collection, appealing to users from different cultures and languages.

How does TOKYO BEAST integrate the crypto industry and provide a global perspective?

Unlike other Web3 games, TOKYO BEAST encourages players to bridge their in-game experiences with real-world crypto knowledge, creating a unified perspective among all players. This integration enhances the gaming experience and educates users about the broader crypto ecosystem.

Tell me more about the win-loss prediction tool in TOKYO BEAST.

TOKYO BEAST features a unique win-loss prediction tool that allows users to forecast battle outcomes with data-driven accuracy. Battles are broadcast in real-time globally, enabling viewers to share the excitement and mayhem of the event with others worldwide.

What can we expect from the expanding TOKYO BEAST universe?

The TOKYO BEAST universe will continue to grow with future module projects that interact with each other, creating a dynamic blend of crypto and traditional media. The project also plans to develop practical applications for the TBZ coin, further enriching the user experience.

What are the upcoming module projects in 2024?

In 2024, TOKYO BEAST will release core module projects in stages. The first stage includes BASE, which provides information about the TOKYO BEAST token TBZ and its unique economy; FARM, which allows users to learn about NFT ownership by growing BEAST; and TRIALS, a feature that challenges users to defend their hopes, aspirations, and romance. The second stage will introduce additional utility and module projects, expanding TOKYO BEAST’s horizons.

How can I participate in TOKYO BEAST’s celebration campaigns?

To participate in TOKYO BEAST’s celebration campaigns, follow the official TOKYO BEAST X account. There are three early entry campaigns:

  1. Follow Me Campaign: Users who follow the official TOKYO BEAST X account have a chance to win rare Mystery Boxes.
  2. Weekly Prediction: Participants who follow the official X account and participate in the weekly prediction quiz can enter a lottery for high-rarity Mystery Boxes.
  3. Early Bird Promotion (Strike Jackpot): The official X account will conduct drawings for jackpot prizes as livestream viewers and followers increase. If the jackpot remains unclaimed, it carries over to the next drawing, providing opportunities for randomly selected followers to win.

Join these campaigns to potentially win TOKYO BEAST tokens and NFTs!

TOKYO BEAST FZCO Vision: Revolutionizing Crypto Entertainment Through TOKYO BEAST

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TOKYO BEAST FZCO Vision: Revolutionizing Crypto Entertainment Through TOKYO BEAST

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TOKYO BEAST FZCO Vision: Revolutionizing Crypto Entertainment Through TOKYO BEAST