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Ubisoft Launches Rabbids NFTs

Ubisoft Launches Rabbids NFTs

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Ubisoft Launches its Rabbids NFTs in the Sandbox Blockchain Game

Ubisoft, the creators behind Assasin Creed, continues to experiment in Web3. The major traditional video game publisher recently introduced Rabbids NFT avatars in the Sandbox blockchain game. It is one of several Ubisoft moves in Web3 and it is one of the leading publishers to do so. In December 2021, Ubisoft became the first major video game publisher to introduce in-game NFTs with the release of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The move received a mixed reaction from its fanbase, but the company is persistent in the Web3 domain. Now, its most recent venture involves the launch of Rabbids NFT avatars for The Sandbox, an Ethereum metaverse game.

Ubisoft Web3 Push

Ubisoft and its support for Web3 is not new as previously it lauded Axie Infinity and Nine Chronicles. Moreover, the publisher is also actively investing in Web3 companies like Animoca Brands and Horizon. It also launched its own NFT project in Ghost Recon making a massive entry in Web3. However, it wasn’t well-received by traditional gamers. For many, it was a sign that Ubisoft was pulling out of Web3, but Rabbid’s introduction in the Sandbox tells a different story.

It took Ubisoft almost a year after the announcement of Rabbid NFTs, which originated from the classic Rayman game franchise. Finally, the Rabbids have made it to The Sandbox, after a year’s wait. The sale is now available to users on the allow list, and it will be available to the general public on Wednesday.

Rabbids Up for Sale

Ubisoft is making 2,066 Rabbid avatars available through Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network. Each NFT is priced at 100 SAND, which is currently valued at approximately $78. The release is inspired by the Lunar New Year, as 2023 is the year of the rabbit. The Rabbids will be on display in different styles that will be shown to buyers on Friday.

Ubisoft Launches Rabbids NFTs
Ubisoft Launches Rabbids NFTs

Rabbids Game World

On February 28, a Rabbids game world will be added to The Sandbox’s open alpha test, which is still going on. This world will offer a few limited playable experiences. So, better to grab a Rabbid Avatar, as it will carry importance in the Sandbox metaverse. Moreover, The Rabbids’ avatars are considered to be important “keys to future utility” within The Sandbox, and will likely provide access to future drops.

Last September, we saw the Sandbox rolling out Rabbids characters to its NFT Institute experience. The NFTs were in a museum-like setting in the game. The company also released NFT items and accessories featuring the Rabbids theme. However, today’s release marks the first time players can buy Rabbids avatars for use within the game.

Ubisoft NFT Push in the Past

Ubisoft, the studio behind popular series like Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance, was one of the first big video game publishers to recognize Web3 and start taking action about NFTs. In 2018, the company developed HashCraft, an NFT game prototype inspired by Minecraft, but the project was ultimately abandoned. However, Ubisoft continued to delve deeper into the crypto industry.

In 2020, Ubisoft came up with an NFT experiment featuring Rabbids that came in support of a UNICEF charity. The experiment allowed users to gather Rabbids and even snatch them from other owners. The next year, Ubisoft teamed up with Sorare, a Web3 fantasy sports startup, to create One Shot League, a Sorare derivative that utilized the company’s current Ethereum NFT soccer player cards.

Ubisoft has also shown support for NFT game projects such as Axie Infinity and Nine Chronicles, as well as investing in companies such as Animoca Brands, a metaverse investment firm, and Horizon, a game developer.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the Backlash

Ubisoft’s introduction of Tezos-based NFTs for the PC version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint was pivotal for the company’s Web3 endeavors. It integrated the assets into an existing, conventional video game that lacked NFT functionality upon release. The NFTs, dubbed “Quartz” by Ubisoft, enabled players to acquire and exchange distinctive weapons and equipment for the squad-based shooter game.

The launch of NFTs by Ubisoft proved to be a contentious issue among gamers. Many players have been openly against NFTs due to scams prevalent in the crypto space, exorbitant prices for some assets, and the perception that game publishers are seeking yet another means of extracting money from players.

The Ghost Recon NFT implementation was relatively superficial, and Ubisoft distributed the NFTs for free, but they failed to generate significant demand in the secondary market. Ubisoft ended its broader post-launch support for the game in April 2022. However, it has stated that it intends to use the Quartz platform for future games, but has not yet announced any additional Quartz NFT initiatives.

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Ubisoft Launches Rabbids NFTs

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Ubisoft Launches Rabbids NFTs

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