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Ultra Games CEO, Nicolas Gilot – Exclusive Interview Part 1

Ultra Games CEO, Nicolas Gilot – Exclusive Interview Part 1

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Nicolas Gilot, CEO of Ultra Games, talks about the Ultra Ecosystem, Web3 Games, and the challenges that are clear to see (Part 1).

We spoke with Ultra Games CEO Nicolas Gilot about the company, web3 gaming, and the future of this promising web3 games platform.

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, one visionary stands at the forefront, driving an industry-wide revolution. Meet Nicolas Gilot, the strategist and decision-maker instrumental in shaping the destiny of Ultra, a groundbreaking company on a mission to transform the PC gaming landscape. With a wealth of experience in founding and directing gaming ventures in China, Nicolas brings a profound understanding of what it takes to create immersive game experiences and assemble high-performing teams. In 2017, he joined forces with David Hanson to establish Ultra, and since then, their combined expertise has fueled the company’s vision to revolutionize the way we play.

Ultra Games Ecosystem

Anchored by Ultra Games, a cutting-edge PC games store, the Ultra ecosystem seamlessly bridges the gap between web2 and web3 gaming, setting a new standard for the industry. Crafted by an exceptional team comprising talent from industry titans like Ubisoft, Wargaming, Playstation, and Nintendo, Ultra offers an all-in-one platform that encompasses an extensive array of services for game developers and players. From a rich catalog of web2 and web3 titles to pioneering features such as an in-built wallet and marketplace, the ecosystem token ($UOS), game reselling, and a competitive gaming platform, Ultra has set out to redefine gaming as we know it. Join us as we delve into the extraordinary world of Nicolas Gilot and discover how Ultra is shaping the future of gaming.

PlaytoEarnGames: Can you provide insights into Ultra and the motivation behind creating a platform in the web3 gaming space? What is Ultra’s mission within the industry?

Nicolas Gilot: If you think about the games industry as a whole it has experienced a lot of problems. Like, it is hard to find games, the limited lifetime attached to them, and once you finish it is gone. Also, we experienced that it was hard to find great services where players only get to have a tiny part of the gaming experience. That is simply because players do not know what else exists, and things are not streamline that well.

So, we have experience making games in the past with multiple game studios on mobile, and PC. We also created monetization strategy companies to enhance the business of games. We also had a game console company. So, we really went around the clock from being hardcore gamers to making the games, distributing the games, and monetizing the games. Basically, we saw the opportunity and we have been there since 2010 and it’s been 13 years now. What we needed was to be able to create a cohesive ecosystem that allows gamers to have a full fledge and seamless experience.

Additionally, leverage this space for more benefits for players. So, games are more easily discoverable. Influencers can jump in to promote content, create a new community, a new game, launch a new game, and more. It is all a bit complicated and here we enter to facilitate all that is contributing to the ecosystem. Whether you make a game, promote a game, whether you are a player or a brand, basically each of these actors using Ultra has a much better experience and it has something for everyone at the same time. So, that’s really the aim that we wanted to create this simple easy-to-use ecosystem that is dedicated to the games industry, not only for web3 but for the entire industry. And obviously, we do help in transitioning web2 to web3 games as well.

PlaytoEarngames: In terms of reaching mainstream audiences, where do you believe web3 games currently stand? What obstacles have been overcome, and what are your aspirations for further mainstream adoption in 2024?

Nicolas Gilot: There are mainly two main problems nowadays when it comes to Web3 game mass adoption. One is the perception in the games industry which is quite negative. And it is not mainly the problem because when we start something initially we encounter challenges. For example, when free-to-play started you had a lot of pay-to-win games which was deemed as the way to go and do business in the gaming world but it is not.

Web3 games are in the discovery phase where it caught the eyes of many investors and indeed we saw a lot of money coming in. But it was not sustainable i.e. the play-to-earn model. That was where we came from and started off, but now, where we are today, we are getting more experienced in the web3 space. We are getting to know what works and what does not, well, mainly what doesn’t. We don’t really have the key solution in front of us.

Additionally, getting into a web3 game is a bit challenging as you require a wallet, a passphrase, and some crypto to pay the gas fee, you don’t need to tell that to a gamer, he doesn’t care, a gamer only needs to get into the game and play, that is all. To get access to the mass market that is what is needed and that is where Ultra Games comes in. It makes sure that people don’t know that it is a web3 game rather than just a game. Just play the game. Though there are some cool advantages comes with it.

So for the next year, what is going to make a big difference is the accessibility and the game quality. The game quality is increasing a lot and also the experience for the players. Hopefully, next year is going to get there in terms of web3 games. But there are still some missing pieces that are necessary for a perfect gaming experience. Ultra Games as a platform is making it all seamless so that players don’t know its a web3 game when it is fully integrated into the Ultra Games platform.

PlaytoEarnGames: Scams and rug pulls are a challenge in Web3 projects. How does Ultra Games handle the curation and quality control of games on the platform? What measures are in place to prevent low-quality or scam projects from being published?

Nicolas Gilot: We have a dedicated team to discuss these things with the developers. We try to filter as much as possible which games we accept on board. And, we have a stance now, having people raw building the game further in the process before bringing them on board. Cause initially a lot of people try but they lack experience in making games. A lot of developers don’t know what it takes to make the game. It is not easy. So, we have a sort of a program for game developers so we help them from the start till the finish and beyond. We have seen great developers, and amazing artists but they don’t have any idea how to market a game. So we have tools to help developers develop games, everything that you can imagine will help you develop the game we provide it.

Additionally, the blockchain elements, if you want to integrate the blockchain elements into the game, it is simple. It is not a lot of work that you have to do, like a new language. And also we help them to promote the content and guide them as well on the best practices. And at the same time the fact that they are using all of our tools you don’t need to worry about the game’s distribution, its build, updating it, downloading, and similar tasks. All of these things are embedded into the Ultra ecosystem and it helps in the organic growth of the game. At Ultra that is what we aim for, we are helping game developers to reach a wide market.

Ultra Games CEO, Nicolas Gilot - Exclusive Interview Part 1
Ultra Games CEO, Nicolas Gilot – Exclusive Interview Part 1

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Ultra Games CEO, Nicolas Gilot – Exclusive Interview Part 1

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The Zeedz Mission

At its core, Zeedz aims to shed light on the urgent issues of global warming and climate change while uniting a global community and generating financial support for impactful initiatives. The game provides an accessible platform for players to take meaningful climate action, setting the stage for a new era of purpose-driven gaming. Within the virtual realm of Zeedz, participants engage in the battle against carbon emissions by nurturing blockchain-based flora and fauna, mirroring real-world weather patterns. The progress made by players directly contributes to carefully assessed nonprofit projects dedicated to reducing global CO2 emissions, transforming in-game achievements into tangible environmental impact.

The Storyline

Zeedz unfolds in a world at a critical crossroads, where an unexpected adversary, Evil Lord C.O. the 2nd, residing on the enigmatic Disposable Islands, declares war on the planet due to sheer boredom. Isolated from conventional entertainment, this malevolent Lord now champions the cause of environmental preservation. In this pivotal moment, a group of charming and valiant creatures known as the Zeedles emerges as the last hope for the world. Their mission: to rapidly grow in strength and unity to thwart the Evil Lord and his destructive intentions. The success of the Zeedles depends on collective effort and unwavering determination.

Gameplay Mechanics

Players begin their Zeedz journey by acquiring a bundle of seeds, aptly named “Zeedz.” These initial purchases, along with subsequent in-game acquisitions dedicated to nurturing these seeds, translate directly into financial support for environmental initiatives within the Zeedz project pool, with a current emphasis on projects endorsed by sustainability partner Gold Standard. Players engage with the game by selecting real-world map locations for planting, weaving gameplay seamlessly with environmental objectives. As each Zeed type thrives in specific conditions, players delve into in-game resources to master the intricacies of Earth’s climate zones. Additionally, they promote their Zeed’s transformation into plant-inspired creatures, known as “Zeedles.”

Educational materials are delivered to users, offering practical tips for individual contributions to global emission reduction. Once hatched, Zeedles’ growth takes various forms based on real-time weather conditions and user care levels. Players must continuously monitor local weather, tend to their Zeedles, and respond to weather alerts to ensure their prosperity. Collaboration is encouraged through the ability to combine Zeedles’ strengths, reducing individual growth costs and fostering community building. This interconnectedness promotes discussions and unites players worldwide under a common environmental purpose, enhancing the game’s accessibility and impact.

Tokenomics: $Fruiz

$Fruiz serves as the digital currency driving Zeedz with a triple-pronged mission. Firstly, it advances environmental causes by levying a 1% fee on each transaction, directing these funds towards the Zeedz project pool. Secondly, $Fruiz aims to curtail financial speculation, fostering stability and reliability within its ecosystem. Lastly, it seeks to incentivize and reward steadfast, long-term supporters, reinforcing a sustainable commitment to its core principles.

Community Response

Zeedz has garnered a diverse range of responses from its community, with players and enthusiasts expressing both curiosity and enthusiasm for the game. Some users remain on the fence, unsure of what to expect, while others are intrigued by the incorporation of character NFTs within the game and the multiple avenues for earning rewards. The game’s promotional video has also received positive feedback, generating excitement and anticipation among potential players.

In conclusion, Zeedz represents a transformative shift in the gaming industry by harnessing the power of play-for-purpose, blockchain technology, and education to address critical environmental issues. It stands as a beacon of hope in a world grappling with climate change, offering an immersive gaming experience that not only entertains but also inspires and contributes to a more sustainable future. As the inaugural game of its kind, Zeedz paves the way for a new era of purpose-driven gaming, where players become champions of meaningful change.

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Ultra Games CEO, Nicolas Gilot – Exclusive Interview Part 1

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