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US Laws Halted MechaFightClub NFT Game

US Laws Halted MechaFightClub NFT Game

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Due to problems with regulations in the US, the unique cockfighting game MechaFightClub, which is based on NFT, has been put on hold for good. Irreverent Labs had been working hard for more than a year to make a cockfighting game that was unlike any other. The web3 gaming industry is in shock, which is a shame because passionate gamers and NFT holders were looking forward to Irreverent Labs’ groundbreaking release.

Irreverent Labs Secured $40M Funding in May 2022

Even though the US developer of MechaFightClub NFT got $40 million in funding last year, work on the game was suddenly stopped. The lack of clarity in US regulatory law was given as the reason. It’s surprising to hear that the NFT-based game has been put on hold, with the developers calling it a “indefinite hibernation” after showing off such a great presentation and gameplay.

Rahul Sood, CEO and co-founder of Irreverent Labs, talked about why they decided to stop making things. “We don’t see a clear way to get the U.S. economy going in the right direction.”

“Moving it to another country would mean that most of the senior team would have to leave the United States for a while,” he said.

In MechaFightClub (MFC), an AI-powered computer game about cockfighting, robot roosters fight each other in a “Cocktagon.” Sood says that Irreverent decided to close after thinking about a number of important things. They won’t sell the MFC brand, though, because it is “too close to the soul of our company.”

He then said that the game had reached “alpha” status, which usually means that it works and has all of its features, but it may be missing some important parts and polish. Sood says that MechaFightClub could “come back in a different way” in the future, but the team hasn’t decided yet.

A few days ago, the company said that it was going to stop making MechaFightClub. They decided to buy back any mechabot NFTs that were left for 18 SOL, which is about $365.

Before the news, the NFTs were selling on the NFT market Magic Eden for around 7 SOL, which is less than half the price. Since then, Magic Eden has taken the MechaFightClub NFTs off sale.

Irrevrent Labs to Buy Back the MechaFightClub NFTs

“Good news: we’re announcing SOL 4 Cocks,” Irreverent Labs wrote. A program that lets you buy back any Genesis mint MFC NFT. For 18 SOL, your mechabots will be bought back.

But this is bad news because people who invested or bought NFTs did so because they wanted to play this game for a longer time and buy more NFTs as the game went on. Irreverent Labs said it was a hard choice, but they had to make it for reasons they will explain later.

In an open letter, Irreverent Labs said that the game was “trapped in regulatory challenges.” In recent months, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States has been cracking down harder on cryptocurrency companies and platforms in the country. The SEC says this is because securities laws are often broken.

Over the last two years, there have been big changes in how cryptocurrency is regulated and used in the United States. Without a doubt, the United States helped blockchain and web3 projects do well in the market. But the way things are now is hard to understand and will cause serious web3 problems in the US.

Irrevrent Labs justified the decision to Shut Down MechaFightClub by saying:

“We are an American company, and because there isn’t enough clarity, it’s hard for blockchain companies to do business in the US.” We couldn’t create an in-game economy in the current regulatory environment without worrying about the regulatory repercussions.

Sood told Irreverent Labs that they should focus on making AI now that MechaFightClub is closing. The CEO of Irreverent Labs said that the company made a “significant breakthrough” in its AI model. It can take photos and turn them into short video clips. The studio is going to change it and put it out later this year.

A year ago, the company announced a $40 million funding round led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Solana Ventures, CAA founder Michael Ovitz, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, Infinity Ventures founder Brian Lu, and other well-known web3 players.

In a story post, Arianna Simpson, who is a general partner at the venture capital firm, said that the game “sounded weird” at first. She decided to invest in the team in the end because she thought they were “serious” and “capable.” They worked hard on making games and had a strong community on their Discord server.

Interesting enough, MechaFightClub’s official YouTube channel stopped posting gameplay videos. However, the audience was kept interested on their Twitter account, where they kept promoting the game with AI-generated images. It says that Irreverent Labs stopped doing business and making new games before it was made public. The company has stopped working on MechaFightClub and is now focusing on machine learning to make “short-form videos from images.”

MechaFightClub NFT Game Stalled Due to US Regulatory Challenges
MechaFightClub NFT Game Stalled Due to US Regulatory Challenges

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US Laws Halted MechaFightClub NFT Game

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US Laws Halted MechaFightClub NFT Game

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