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Web3 Gaming News: NFT Collectibles and Virtual Worlds Thrive with New Releases

Web3 Gaming News: NFT Collectibles and Virtual Worlds Thrive with New Releases

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With another busy and fun week, Web3 gaming keeps getting better and better. With the latest addition of official Assassin’s Creed digital collectibles, more and more big names from Web2 are joining Web3. Others are also slowly looking into the possibility of web3 technology, and the co-founder of Sandbox is still optimistic about the metaverse. This week, also gave its players millions of BONK tokens. Nemesis has started giving out NFTs for land sales, Eternal Dragons has added leaderboards for both PvP and PvE, and Mobox is now cross-chain with MoDragons.

  • Millions of Bonk tokens in
  • Assassin’s Creed NFTs
  • Sandbox Metaverse Bullish, Says Co-Founder
  • Eternal Dragons New Update
  • Nemesis Metaverse Land Sale NFTs
  • Mobox Introduces MoDragons, Jumps into Web3
  • Vulcan Forged Introduces Metascapes

Millions of Bonk tokens in Web3 Game

The first-person shooter game has a new update that players are very excited about. The game now lets players earn millions of Solana’s Bonk meme tokens, but there’s a catch. Players can only take advantage of this chance if they have a character with a certain NFT skin. The game has digital collectibles with the Bonk meme logo on them, and a teaser video just gave players a sneak peek at the action. So, players can get more tokens for beating enemies if they wear the Bonk NFT skin. is a “play to earn” game that gives NFT holders SOL tokens for every kill. If players want to earn more cryptocurrency, they can buy the Bonk NFT skins and join the action-packed world of

Assassin’s Creed Digital Souls NFTs

Assassin’s Creed uses blockchain technology in its Smart Collectibles, which are physical cubes that can be leveled up and played with. On June 6, you’ll be able to buy these one-of-a-kind collectibles at the mint. It will give a limited number of people access to special drops and a unique Digital Soul. Even though these collectibles don’t have anything to do with the game, collectors like them. Also, the minting of Passes has been moved to June 6, and only 1500 Passes will be for sale at that time.

With the Soul Customizer, you can now make changes to Digital Souls, which are digital copies of characters from the Assassin’s Creed series. This feature lets them change their clothes, weapons, poses, and more. Rarer Souls have more options because they can change more things. The owners can then order their matching Smart Collectible, which is a 3D-printed cube with an NFC tag that is linked to the same blockchain as the Digital Soul. By scanning the chip and using the companion app, owners can interact with their characters in the real world. They can also reach milestones, level up their accounts, and unlock new customization items and recipes. Also, the app makes it easy for users to see, track, and manage their Smart Collectibles.

Sandbox Metaverse Bullish, Says Co-Founder

The founder of Sandbox, Sebastian Borget, says that investors are now more interested in artificial intelligence (AI) than in the metaverse, which was once the most popular investment idea. Borget knows that the metaverse industry faces problems, but he is still hopeful because he thinks AI can help it grow. Even though the rapid rise of AI has made some investors less interested in the metaverse, Borget thinks it will continue to make a lot of money as industries like education and retail realize its potential. Borget thinks that AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which let people make avatars and virtual worlds, will help the metaverse grow by double digits. Activision Blizzard, a big game company, is already using generative AI to speed up the design and development of games, which shows a big change in how they work.

Web3 Game Eternal Dragons New Update

In Eternal Dragons, an alpha game, there are new ways to earn money by playing. There are weekly PvE Quests and a Daily PvP leaderboard. Players can get USDC, Dragon Eggs, and Eternium tokens. Also, the top 100 players in the weekly PvE quest event get USDC tokens, and the top 10 players in the daily PvP leaderboard get USDC tokens. At Eternal Dragons, there are also tournaments that last longer and have bigger prize pools. Even though it is in alpha, the Web3 game is free to play on both the web and Android. On July 1, there will be a fan convention in Hamburg, Germany.

Nemesis Metaverse Land Sale NFTs

Nemesis Metaverse’s launch of Land Sale NFTs is a big step forward for the first virtual world platform. Nemesis Metaverse changes the way we think about virtual reality by giving people endless ways to be creative, exciting things to do, and ways to make money. Each Land is made by a random algorithm. Each Land has 3D Sets that can be changed, different land layouts, and Miners that make COINS. The official payment token, NEMS, can be used to buy Lands, and Miners can be used to make extra money in the metaverse. By combining different surface textures and materials, users of virtual real estate can make immersive digital environments that show off their creativity.

Mobox Introduces MoDragons, Jumps into Web3 Gaming

Mobox adds MoDragons, a simulation of collecting and breeding dragons, to its Web3 gaming platform. This is the first time the game has been released on Arbitrum. As a result of this cross-chain expansion, Mobox gets new NFTs, competitions, and a way to rank talent. Players can collect and breed dragons to try to get to the top of the daily and weekly leaderboards. There are limits on breeding, which makes the game more interesting. The competitions for the leaderboard start on June 1, and there are more events planned for the rest of the month. MoDragons is Mobox’s first app on the Arbitrum chain, which shows how committed the company is to integrating across chains.

Vulcan Forged Introduces Metascapes

Metascapes, a virtual world builder from Vulcan Forged that can be customized, is another game that has been added to the web3 gaming space. The alpha version of Metascapes is now available for download. Players can use a single Avatar to explore and make things in a number of virtual worlds. Vulcan Forged plans to work with VR, which will let players have more immersive experiences. The game makes use of AI help by giving the player a natural-language AI assistant to help build the world. The demo shows how useful this AI assistant could be, and users are eager to try it out for themselves to see how it works in the real world.

Evolution of web3 gaming continues with, Assassin's Creed's digital souls NFTs, Mobox's MoDragons, Vulcan Forged, updates on metaverses.
Evolution of web3 gaming continues with, Assassin’s Creed’s digital souls NFTs, Mobox’s MoDragons, Vulcan Forged, updates on metaverses.

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Web3 Gaming News: NFT Collectibles and Virtual Worlds Thrive with New Releases

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Alien Worlds is a NFT card game where you explore new planets in search of new lifeforms. Find out about the Play-to-Earn game Alien Worlds on the WAX Blockchain! Explore six different worlds, each of which has 500 plots of land owned by the NFT. Trilium can be earned in-game, sent to Binance Smart Chain, and bet on for even better benefits. This book tells you everything you need to know to get started in the Alien Worlds metaverse. Are you ready to start your Play-to-Earn journey in Alien Worlds and see what it has to offer? This guide will teach you how to play Alien Worlds and how to get Trilium tokens by mining on land plots owned by other players, getting NFT points, and joining Syndicates to vote on plans. The game play in Alien Worlds is easy but exciting. Players can mine on land plots with their Shovel or other mining-related NFTs and get a small number of Trilium pieces in return. At the same time, miners get NFT points every time they mine. These points can be used to buy a rotating collection of NFTs, such as Land Plots, Tools, Minions, Avatars, and Weapons, which all live on the WAX blockchain. In Alien Worlds, a person owns each piece of land. That player gets a share of the Trilium mined on their land. On top of all of this are the Syndicates, which are player-run planetary governments that can submit and vote on ideas for their planet’s Alien Worlds environment. This makes the game even more strategic and involves the whole group. Alien Worlds is one of the older WAX games, and since it was first announced in July 2020, it has changed all the time. In October, they sold several NFTs, and in December of that same year, they sold their first and only piece of land. Soon after the land was sold, people could start mining on land plots. Since then, the team has been slowly and steadily improving their website and adding new features. Alien Worlds is part of the Blockchain Games Alliance, a group of game creators and players who want to see more blockchain-based games made and played.

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Web3 Gaming News: NFT Collectibles and Virtual Worlds Thrive with New Releases

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