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Whack the Demon- Best Blockchain Game

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Whack the Demon- Best Blockchain Game

Whack the Demon is a point and click / action survival game being developed by Whack It games. It will be the biggest, most brutal and bloody game yet in the series with both story mode (traditional mode) and endless nightmare mode (survival mode) with Play to Earn.

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Whack the Demon- Best Blockchain Game

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In the dynamic world of web3 gaming, several major players have recently made significant strides, offering exciting developments and updates. Here’s an extensive summary of the latest news from Animoca Brands, Krafton, Yuga Labs, Wreck League, and other notable web3 gaming entities:

Animoca Brands Mocaverse Funding Round:
Animoca Brands Corporation Limited has secured substantial support for its ambitious metaverse project, Mocaverse. This endeavor aims to accelerate the development of Mocaverse, a pivotal component of Animoca Brands’ web3 ecosystem. To achieve this, the company issued new shares at a rate of A$4.50 each, resulting in a remarkable $20 million in funding. Investors in this round were also granted utility token warrants on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Leading this funding round was CMCC Global, with participation from prominent blockchain investors such as Kingsway Capital, Liberty City Ventures, and GameFi Ventures, along with Animoca Brands’ executive chairman, Yat Siu. Mocaverse introduces Moca ID, a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) designed to establish unique blockchain credentials. The project envisions creating a decentralized loyalty system within the Mocaverse platform, encouraging broader integration of web3 technologies into everyday life.

Krafton’s Overdare NFT Metaverse Game:
Renowned for its highly popular PUBG battle royale game, Krafton has ventured into web3 gaming with the announcement of Overdare, an NFT-driven metaverse mobile game set to revolutionize user-generated content on the Settlus blockchain. Overdare is set to have a soft launch in December, with a full release planned between the first and second quarters of 2024. Comparable to Roblox, Overdare empowers users to create content, and it leverages Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 and AI generative tools, offering extensive gameplay options. Players can create games across various genres, interact with other users, customize avatars, and explore a vast open world, featuring virtual concerts. This partnership between Krafton and Naver Z aims to establish a “create-to-earn” gaming economy, enabling players to trade in-game assets as NFTs for transparent and secure transactions, pushing the boundaries of traditional gaming experiences.

Wreck League’s Debut Tournament:
Wreck League has launched its inaugural leaderboard tournament, inviting Mech enthusiasts to participate. With 1.4 quadrillion potential combinations of Mech parts, each fighter’s Mech becomes unique, ensuring every battle is distinct. Players can assemble Mechs and engage in player-versus-player (PvP) battles. Dubbed “Mez’i’s Mayhem,” this tournament commenced on September 14 and will continue until September 28. The scoring system awards one point for a victory and none for a loss, emphasizing skill and consistency. Prizes are allocated to the top 17,000 players, ranging from common parts for those ranked 10,000th and above, exclusive Iconic Holoscopes for the top three (granting future ownership of an Arena NFT), fully assembled Koda Mechs for ranks four through ten, and Legendary parts for ranks eleven through twenty-five.

Yuga Labs’ HV-MTL Forge Update:
Yuga Labs has introduced a new phase called “The Hunt” to HV-MTL Forge, enhancing both the world and gameplay. In this update, players embark on a dungeon-crawling adventure in The Rift, reminiscent of roguelike games. They search for crafting materials and special items to improve their Heavy Vehicles (HVs). Players can choose from four different biomes and set the game’s difficulty level, with energy consumption varying accordingly. Furthermore, players must decide whether to be explorers, fighters, or craftsmen, each possessing distinct stats and abilities. HVs have a battery level serving as both their health and an exploration resource. If an HV runs out of battery before reaching the exit, the player loses half of their collected items.

Eternal Dragons Web3 Game Update:
Eternal Dragons returns with an updated version designed to enhance the NFT gaming experience for Dragoneers and web3 gamers. Notable features of this update include unit attack animations, creating more fluid and exciting battles, simplified PvP room creation for improved connectivity, and the addition of a PvP AI opponent to facilitate gameplay for players in different time zones. The introduction of class stacking, rather than skills, offers strategic depth by allowing players to enhance combat skills by deploying more units of the same class. Improved NFT coupling emphasizes player feedback and introduces new ways to combine classes and affinities, adding dynamism and intrigue to every battle. These changes are aimed at immersing players deeper into the world of Eternal Dragons and making the game more enjoyable.

These developments highlight the vibrant and rapidly evolving landscape of web3 gaming, with Animoca Brands, Krafton, Yuga Labs, Wreck League, and Eternal Dragons leading the way in innovation and creating engaging experiences for players and enthusiasts in the metaverse.

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P2E News, short for “Play-to-Earn News,” is a category of updates and information within the broader spectrum of Crypto News, Web3 News, NFT News, and Blockchain News. These terms are all interconnected and represent various facets of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a gaming model that has gained immense popularity within the crypto and blockchain communities. In P2E games, players can earn cryptocurrencies or NFTs by participating in the game, often through activities like completing quests, collecting items, or trading assets. P2E News covers developments, announcements, and trends related to these innovative gaming experiences that allow players to monetize their in-game efforts.

Crypto News, on the other hand, focuses on the broader world of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a multitude of altcoins. This category encompasses news about market trends, regulatory changes, new blockchain technologies, and updates related to various tokens. Crypto News is a fundamental aspect of the blockchain ecosystem, as cryptocurrencies serve as the primary means of value transfer and exchange within the Web3 space.

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NFT News focuses on Non-Fungible Tokens, unique digital assets that are indivisible and represent ownership of a specific item, artwork, or collectible. NFTs have gained prominence in the art world, gaming industry, and entertainment sector. NFT News keeps enthusiasts informed about NFT sales, new projects, and partnerships within the NFT space.

Blockchain News pertains to the foundational technology behind cryptocurrencies and Web3 applications. Blockchains are decentralized ledgers that record transactions across a network of computers, ensuring transparency and security. Updates in this category might include innovations in blockchain consensus mechanisms, interoperability between different blockchain networks, and industry applications beyond cryptocurrencies.

In summary, P2E News is a niche subset of Crypto News, Web3 News, NFT News, and Blockchain News. It focuses on gaming experiences where players can earn cryptocurrencies or NFTs, while the other categories encompass a broader range of topics within the decentralized digital landscape, including cryptocurrencies, web3 technologies, NFTs, and blockchain advancements. Collectively, these categories shape the landscape of the digital economy, offering insights into how technology is revolutionizing various aspects of our lives.