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Xai: Web3 Gaming On Arbitrum Via Dedicated Layer-3 Network

Xai: Web3 Gaming On Arbitrum Via Dedicated Layer-3 Network

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Xai: Empowering Web3 Games with a Dedicated Layer-3 Network on Arbitrum.

The gaming industry is going through a big change because Web3 technology and blockchain are being used together. Since Ethereum’s mainnet has trouble scaling, layer-2 scaling networks like Arbitrum and Immutable X have sprung up to meet the need for faster and cheaper transactions. But later this year, there will be a new player. Xai is a layer-3 scaling network built on top of Arbitrum. It was made especially for game developers. Xai wants to change the gaming industry by making it easier to scale, giving users a better experience, and getting more people to use it. He plans to do this with the help of Offchain Labs, the company that made Arbitrum, and game developer Ex Populus.

By having Offchain Labs, which made Arbitrum, work on Xai, a strong technological foundation was set up. Arbitrum Orbit is a set of technologies that can be used without asking for permission. They make it possible to set up custom networks on Arbitrum. The infrastructure and settings of Xai will be able to be changed to meet the needs of web3 games. Because Xai and Offchain Labs work together, Xai gets support and maintenance, which keeps the network running smoothly and reliably.

AnyTrust technology, which is a key part of the Arbitrum Nitro stack, is the key to Xai’s ability to grow. With this technology, Xai can handle a lot of transactions at a low cost for each one. It’s a good choice for both game developers and players because of this. Xai also gives strong security guarantees a lot of attention, making sure that assets in games are kept safe.

Xai is a good infrastructure for Web3 games because it can handle a lot of in-game asset trades safely. Also, since Xai works with the larger Arbitrum and Ethereum ecosystems, users can use their in-game assets in a number of different apps. Also, the landscape of blockchain games gives them more freedom and flexibility than ever before. Users can try new things and see how decentralized gaming can make things better by using Xai.

Xai Empowering Web3 Games

When you think about how good crypto-based video games are, it’s easy to see how valuable Xai is. Former Populus CEO Tobias Batton talks about how important a smooth user experience is. He also said that it was very important to keep the technical details of blockchain technology secret. It plans to do this by separating accounts, which will make the blockchain-related parts of the game less obvious and give traditional gamers a familiar gaming experience. By making transactions cheaper and faster, Xai improves the whole gaming experience. This makes the game run more smoothly, without any delays or breaks that you can see. Because of this focus on the user, more people will be able to play games that are powered by Xai. They could attract both early adopters and people who aren’t sure about playing complicated crypto games.

The layer-2 network is built on top of which Xai’s layer-3 architecture is built. It makes the network more scalable, efficient, and cost-effective by using parallel processing and other improvements. Even though Arbitrum’s layer-2 solution already makes transactions faster and cheaper than Ethereum’s mainnet, it goes one step further by adding another layer of optimization. With dedicated chains like Xai, game developers can tweak parameters and make the network work best for their games. With public chains, this is not possible. Xai can keep up with the growing need for blockspace with this customized approach. It makes sure the network works well and can keep up with what web3 gamers all over the world want.

Ex Populus Leading the Way

Ex Populus is an important part of making games for the Xai network and putting them online. Ex Populus has a lot of knowledge and experience in the gaming business, so they know what gamers want and need. The first game to come out on Xai will be Final Form, a fully on-chain digital card-based “auto-battler.” Final Form is a new way to play games that Xai’s infrastructure makes possible. It does this by linking up existing collections like Mike Tyson’s Iron Pigeons and Decentralized Autonomous GigaUnits. LAMOverse is another game that Ex Populus is making. It’s an online shooter that uses NFT avatars and is connected to the LAMO brand of toys. These new ideas for games show how the platform could change how games are played and give players more ways to use crypto in games.

The way web3 gaming works is about to change because of a new network called Xai, which is built on Arbitrum. Xai is a great environment for both game developers and players because it combines the scalability and efficiency of Arbitrum’s layer-2 with custom optimizations and improvements to the user experience. Ex Populus uses its experience in the industry to make new and interesting games for the Xai platform, and Offchain Labs makes sure the network is strong and well-supported. When Xai comes out later this year, it will have games that work well together, can be changed, and are very immersive. This will show what crypto-based games can really do and help the gaming industry adopt Web3 technology.

Xai Empowering Web3 Games with a Dedicated Layer-3 Network on Arbitrum
Xai Empowering Web3 Games with a Dedicated Layer-3 Network on Arbitrum

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Xai: Web3 Gaming On Arbitrum Via Dedicated Layer-3 Network

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After the Inclision event, the world transformed into a dreamlike realm, defying the laws of physics, time, and space. Players arriving in this altered reality sought allies and navigated a landscape filled with uncertainty, uncovering a complex tapestry of truths and deceptions, guided by enigmatic beings, some of whom were surviving Ancients.

Gameplay in “Dreams Quest” involves creating characters and selecting factions to guide them through an adventurous realm. Character progression relies on gaining experience and acquiring formidable items. Each character’s origin grants two introductory decks. Quests take players to diverse territories, seeking treasures for trading in the marketplace and challenging dragons for rewards and rankings. Cooperative play allows friends to join forces on these quests. As players advance, they collect cards to expand their strategies, earned through quests, tournaments, and events. Cards can be forged, upgraded, or traded. The game also features a PvP mode, enabling thrilling battles using NFT cards and items, where outcomes shape the cards’ attributes. Every card is a dynamic NFT, influenced by in-game scenarios, evolving with each play and outcome, making every card’s journey unique.

In terms of the game’s tokenomics, $DREAMS will serve as the in-game currency for governance and utility factors, contributing to the in-game economy and community participation.

The enthusiastic community response to “Dreams Quest” is evident in the comments provided, with players expressing excitement about the game’s magical and enchanting elements, the quality of graphics, and the anticipation for its launch. “Dreams Quest” seems poised to deliver an innovative and immersive gaming experience that has garnered significant attention and excitement within the gaming community.

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Xai: Web3 Gaming On Arbitrum Via Dedicated Layer-3 Network

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