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Yield Guild Games: Empowering Web3 Community through Summits, Initiatives, and Innovation

Yield Guild Games: Empowering Web3 Community through Summits, Initiatives, and Innovation

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Yield Guild Games’ community were able to try out upcoming Web3 games and now waiting for Web3 Games Summit 2023 for more blockchain projects

The recent Web3 Community Summit hosted by Yield Guild Games featured game demonstrations and competitions, training seminars, and insightful discussions to expand, strengthen, and empower the country’s succeeding Web3 family. 

Yield Guild Games Web3 Community Summit

At the Web3 Community Summit, over a thousand people from YGG’s community were able to try out upcoming Web3 games like Gensokishi, Metacene, Mighty Action Heroes, SingSing, and the layer one platform XPLA. The event was co-presented by Globe, the Official Connectivity Partner, and GCrypto, the Official Crypto Offramp Partner. Web3 Jobs Asia was also present to help attendees apply to the more than a hundred open positions within Web3. 

Gabby Dizon, co-founder of Yield Guild Games, believes the community’s excitement for Web3 throughout the summit demonstrates their unwavering dedication to the technology despite market fluctuations.

“Despite the bear market, many builders in the space are continuing to foster community engagement. The hope is that by the time the bull market comes around, you have an empowered and well-informed core community. It can teach and mentor others that are looking at coming into the space,” he explained.

YGG Giving Opportunities to Community Members

Since its start in 2020, Yield Guild Games has worked to help local Web3 groups grow and get better. People in the community know more about Web3 now than they did before. Also, as time has gone on, the tools needed to make the most of opportunities in the metaverse have grown. Web3 Metaversity, YGG’s education and skill-building program, is very important to the growth of its residents.

Dizon says that Filipinos who first used Web3 to play games are now some of YGG’s most loyal users. He was also hopeful about the future, saying that he was looking forward to new Web3 games and experiments with tokens and rewards.

With programs like the Guild Advancement Program, where members can earn tokens and badges for their on-chain resumes by taking part in the guild’s different activities, YGG has been making it easier for core community members to get involved and grow. They just put out SuperQuests, which is a way to learn about Web3 games by playing them.

Yield Guild Games to Host Web3 Games Summit

In November, YGG will host the Web3 Games Summit for a whole week. At the summit, there will be a hackathon, an esports competition, a two-day conference, and more. This Summit will be attended by founders, game developers, investors, community leaders, and content creators from all over the world. This will make it one of the Web3 events that people are looking forward to the most.

Dizon says that these programs and events will make Filipinos more well-known in the Web3 industry. He also added, “The Philippines has some of the best Web3 players in the world, and we’re excited about it.”

Yield Guild Games says that there will also be a hackathon and other events before and after the main event.

Industry leaders, innovators, and experts will talk about the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the web3 gaming field in keynote speeches, panel discussions, and hands-on seminars at the event.

About Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games is the biggest decentralized network of gaming guilds when it comes to blockchain games and web3 education. YGG helps its members improve their chances of being successful in the open Metaverse through programs like the Web3 Metaversity. It runs alongside the Nas Academy, and the Guild Advancement Programme, which is a token distribution protocol based on community. YGG also thinks that the competitive Web3 esports scene will grow. The company has a top-tier esports team called YGG Elite, which is winning all over the world.

From its start in the Philippines to its current state as a global network of subDAOs and partnerships with more than 80 blockchain games and infrastructure projects working to build the web3 ecosystem, YGG serves a growing community of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

The Guild Advancement Plan is just one way that Yield Guild Games is showing that it is a leader in the ecosystem by making improvements and adding new features to a product that has already been successful. YGG has become a leader in the web3 community to show that they have significant progress in the first half of the year, even when the market isn’t doing well. The Guild is optimistic about the future and is looking forward to many new and exciting things happening in 2023.


Yield Guild Games: Empowering Web3 Community through Summits, Initiatives, and Innovation

Yield Guild Games empowers Web3 gaming community through events and programs. Web3 Games Summit 2023 to accelerate growth and innovation

Yield Guild Games recently held the Web3 Community Summit, where upcoming Web3 games were shown and people were encouraged to play. The event drew a lot of people and showed that YGG is still committed to Web3 technology, even though the market is changing. The YGG project Web3 Metaversity has given the community more power, and the Guild Advancement Program encourages people to take part. The Web3 Games Summit will happen in November. It will be a week of hackathons, esports, and talks about how to help Filipinos become more successful in the Web3 space. YGG is a leader in the changing Web3 landscape because of its global reach, partnerships, and new ideas. Even though there are problems, YGG stays positive and sees a bright future.

Yield Guild Games: Empowering Web3 Community through Summits, Initiatives, and Innovation
Yield Guild Games: Empowering Web3 Community through Summits, Initiatives, and Innovation

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Yield Guild Games: Empowering Web3 Community through Summits, Initiatives, and Innovation

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Yield Guild Games: Empowering Web3 Community through Summits, Initiatives, and Innovation

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