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ZTX Raises $13M for Web3 Revolution – Unlocking ZEPETO’s Potential

ZTX Raises $13M for Web3 Revolution – Unlocking ZEPETO’s Potential

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Jump Crypto’s funding catapults ZTX’s Web3 impact, utilizing ZEPETO’s reach. $13M raised for innovative 3D environments.

ZTX, a Web3 virtual world, and creator framework, has strengthened its reputation gradually in the cryptocurrency market. The startup was able to raise $13 million in seed funding. Jump Crypto was the driving force behind this massive inflow of capital. ZTX is ready to put its substantial user and partnership network into action to accelerate Web3’s global adoption. The platform is working to release its Genesis Home Mint, which will feature four thousand individual 3D District Homes.

ZTX Secures $13 Million in Recent Funding Round

Notable investors such as Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, and Everest Ventures Group took part to make this round a success. ZTX has uplifted its expertise in the digital world. It managed to capitalize on the potential of its long-running Web 2.0 company, ZEPETO, which has grabbed 400 million lifetime users incredibly. ZEPETO is the fourth largest metaverse platform after Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

Its extensive list of collaborators includes both well-known fashion houses like Gucci and music superstars like K-Pop’s BLACKPINK. These properties grant its owners access to exclusive ZTX content, such as drops, events, and membership in one of four districts (Arts, Finance, Fashion, Games).

The question is, what exactly is their long-term goal? The ZTX team intends to utilize its substantial user base and collaborations to accelerate the adoption of web3 technology around the world. Experienced professionals from companies like Apple and Roblox, and even Web3 ecosystems like Cosmos and Solana, make up their team. 

Chris Jang, co-CEO of ZTX, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We’re thrilled to share news about our fundraising round. With our token launch coming up in a few months, we want to highlight the dedication that our investors and team have toward our aim to provide an infrastructure layer to creators, which we have been quietly developing for over a year.

According to Yuki Kanayama, General Partner of MZ Web3 Fund, “We feel that ZTX can create a unique world. Web3 allows for the seamless creation and trade of digital assets in the metaverse, which is quite exciting. We have great faith in the ZTX team because of their extensive knowledge of the metaverse and Web3.

ZEPETO: Asia’s Largest Web2 Platform

The mobile-first platform Zepeto has a valuation of over one billion dollars. It has been recognized as Asia’s largest “Web2” metaverse community by active user statistics. It is also ranked as the fourth-largest metaverse platform worldwide, after the prominent video game platforms Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Additionally, Zepeto plans to capitalize on its achievements by expanding into the world of NFTs. It will further make the platform more competitive with other metaverse platforms and games such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Otherside, all of which have provided users with access to virtual land.

Jump Crypto, the most prominent investor in the seed round. The platform was also the driving force behind the seed fundraising of $5 million in the Chinese Bitcoin wallet Xverse. Additionally, it has made investments in the financial technology company FOMO Pay as well as the decentralized exchange AscendEX.

Stephen McKeon, a partner at Collab+Currency, had a perspective very similar to what was just stated. He said, “As a cryptocurrency-focused venture fund, we back visionary teams who are using decentralized technology to shape the next wave of consumer products.” We are ecstatic to be a part of this round. It will allow us to support ZTX’s remarkable team and the outstanding advantages they possess. With its creator-focused tooling, ZTX can provide a separate infrastructure layer for a variety of NFT projects and Web3 builders. We are excited to assist ZTX in achieving its ambitious aim and look forward to doing so.

About ZTX

ZTX was founded back to the year 2022 when Jump Crypto and ZEPETO came up with the idea. ZTX has always been an industry leader in cutting-edge technology.

The company announced the first Playtest, a beta test for its upcoming 3D open-world platform, just last month. They showcased their commitment by launching the ZTX Partner Wearables program in collaboration with Dust Labs.

Wrapping Up

With this massive funding support and extensive collaboration, ZTX is all set to accomplish its goal of improving the web3 infrastructure and moving toward the creation of unique 3D environments. This noble funding will open doors for endless opportunities and will allow the platform to benefit from its substantial consumer base. Undoubtedly, it wouldn’t have been possible without the extended support from the gaming community and dedication to broadening the web3 gaming industry. 

ZTX Raises $13M for Web3 Revolution - Unlocking ZEPETO's Potential Jump Crypto's funding catapults ZTX's Web3 impact, utilizing ZEPETO's reach. $13M raised for innovative 3D environments. Jump Crypto gave ZTX, a Web3 virtual world and creator framework, a lot of money, which let it explore new areas in the Web3 world and use the potential of ZEPETO. ZTX has raised $13 million in seed funding, which was led by Jump Crypto. With its strong network of users and partnerships, ZTX is ready to speed up the adoption of Web3 around the world. A lot of people are looking forward to ZTX's upcoming Genesis Home Mint, which will have 4,000 3D District Homes. ZTX is backed by big investors like Collab+Currency and Everest Ventures Group, and its ties to ZEPETO, which has 400 million users, show its potential in the metaverse landscape. The team of industry experts at ZTX is committed to shaping the future of Web3.
ZTX Raises $13M for Web3 Revolution – Unlocking ZEPETO’s PotentialJump Crypto’s funding catapults ZTX’s Web3 impact, utilizing ZEPETO’s reach. $13M raised for innovative 3D environments.Jump Crypto gave ZTX, a Web3 virtual world and creator framework, a lot of money, which let it explore new areas in the Web3 world and use the potential of ZEPETO. ZTX has raised $13 million in seed funding, which was led by Jump Crypto. With its strong network of users and partnerships, ZTX is ready to speed up the adoption of Web3 around the world. A lot of people are looking forward to ZTX’s upcoming Genesis Home Mint, which will have 4,000 3D District Homes. ZTX is backed by big investors like Collab+Currency and Everest Ventures Group, and its ties to ZEPETO, which has 400 million users, show its potential in the metaverse landscape. The team of industry experts at ZTX is committed to shaping the future of Web3.

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ZTX Raises $13M for Web3 Revolution – Unlocking ZEPETO’s Potential

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ZTX Raises $13M for Web3 Revolution – Unlocking ZEPETO’s Potential

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